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Kogan 8GB MP4 - The Player That Came From Nowhere:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Aug 16, 2014.
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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    This is something we've been keeping behind closed doors for a little while now, today I'm going to let it out into the public.

                                      Kogan 8GB MP4 Player


    I came across this MP4 player made by a company based in Melbourne Australia called Kogan, maybe you guys have heard about it? Anyway, they had this MP4 player for sale for $29 shipped, I read it supports FLAC, MP3, WMA, APE, battery life is good for 15 hours a charge with music (3 hours for video). Becoming quite interested in it's FLAC support I then googled "is Kogan a good brand" and got hits from Whirlpool where people were talking about Kogan's TV's.

    Link for reference: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1109116

    Later on in the very same thread I was reading the owner of Kogan joined in explaining their company use the same parts as big brands. Hand picking the parts himself he does not settle for anything less than the same (and hopefully) more than the quality products they offer, but much cheaper. After reading the thread some more I felt content he was being pretty legit in his words then ordered one of his MP4 players. It's an 8GB player (8GB micro sd card already installed, no internal memory), a USB data cable and stock (bud) earphones. We have tested the unit with 32GB - 64GB cards working fine (maybe just some slight lag with 64GB)

    When the player arrived I really wasn't expecting much and bought it just to muck around. Though to my surprise when I loaded up some FLAC files it sounds really decent, more than decent. I kid you not it sounds very generous compared to a Clip, iPod or any Cowon I have tried, with exceptional detailing levels, the unit ran no problem soon as I put my sd card in and although the UI is not on the level of Apple it does appear to be a quality functioning /  sounding unit.

    To give you a point of reference and some reassurance I'm going to copy and paste the sources I have tried since joining Head-fi. I'm more than aware there are cheap Chinese MP3 players out there on eBay and Deal Extreme that are absolute garbage, ones that go flat in an hour or simply break down by looking at them. So far Kogan is not one of those players, in it's usability and especially Its sound.


    Kogan MP4 Player (8GB + 32GB SD Card)
    Creative Zen (4GB + 32GB SD Card) 
    iBasso DX90 (Audition)
    iPod Video (30GB / Rockbox)
    Hifiman HM-700 (sold)
    iPod Touch 5G - 16GB
    Sansa Clip Zip (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
    Stoner Acoustics UD110 v2 (USB DAC) (sold)
    Sony NWZ-F806 32GB Black
    FiiO X5 (Audition)
    Studio V 3RD ANV (4GB + 23GB SD Card) (sold)
    iPod Touch 4G - 8GB
    iBasso DX50 (8GB + 32GB SD Card) 
    Xuelin IHIFI 760 (8GB+ 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Cowon J3 (16GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Studio V 2nd Edition (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
    iPod Video 5.5 Generation Black 80GB (sold)
    Hisound Rocco BA (4GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Sansa Fuze v2 (4GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Hifiman HM-601 (8GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Colorfly CK4+ (8GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Colourlfy C3 (4GB + 32GB SD Card)
    Cowon C2 (16GB + 32GB SD Card) (sold)
    Cowon D2+ (16GB + 32GB SD card) (sold)
    4GB SanDisk Fuze+ (16GB SD Card) (sold)
    Cowon S9 (32GB) (V-2.53) (sold)
    2GB SanDisk Sansa Clip+ (64GB SD CARD) (Rockbox 3.13)
    iPod Nano 1G - 2GB (Rockbox 3.10)
    iPod Mini 1G - 4GB (Rockbox 3.10)
    iPod Mini 2G - 8GB CF Mod (Rockbox 3.11) (sold)
    iPod Touch 2G - 8GB (sold)
    Sony Media Player Walkman NWZ-A828 - 8GB (sold)
    Creative MuVu - V100 2GB
    Sony MD Walkman MZ-R501


    I'd like to think with more than a few sources under my belt I'd know the difference between mediocre, cheap or poor sounding DAP's, I can assure you Kogan is none of those despite its $29 price tag. So much so I really don't want to say just how detailed this unit is in fear people won't believe me, though to stay on the safe side I will state Kogan is quite a bit more detailed than the $100 Colorfly C3 I have here beside me.

    Rather than prattle on I'm going to give you some quick photo's of the user interface and start up screen then answer any questions people may ask.

    Firstly, some quick pics of the front and rear of the unit.



    Keeping in mind the player has a camera on the back, Kogan supports these menu options for the 2.4" screen.

    Pictures (JPG, BMP)
    Movies (AVI)
    Music (
    FLAC, MP3, WMA, APE)
    Video Recorder
    File navigation,
    Tools > Stop Watch,  Calculator, PC Camera, Calander 

    Pushing that aside there's just too much to go through in each menu, so I'm going to focus on what Head-fi is about, the sound. Oh, did I mention it's only $29? 

    (please keep in mind my cameras were struggling to pick up the images with the screen on. (Please zoom in to make out the pictures better)


    Start up Screen


    Inside the music menu you have:

    All Music

    My music list
    Dir list (folder sorting)
    Record list

    Star level
    Tag list

    As you can see that's a lot of options.


    You can see here I've chosen the directory list and the screen is asking me to select the internal or external memory.


    Inside my micro sd card from the external memory, nice big 2.4" screen to see many folders at once.


    Now playing screen: Shows the track name, album name, genre, track duration, track number.

    There's even a little equalizer that goes in time with the music.


    Music menu options:

    AB Repeat
    Repeat (inside this setting are your shuffle options)
    Select EQ (Only Presets, but do not worry the player sounds more than fine set flat)
    Set Sound (this lets you adjust a fade in/out when the music stops / starts)

    Replay times
    Repeat intervals
    Variable Speed
    Lyric display (very handy for those who want to see their lyrics)
    Set star level
    Add Tag
    Add to my list
    Delete File

    Information (shows track info such as file format, kbps, name, title, year etc etc)


    Inside the track information menu.

    As you can see the player has an overabundance of options which all work fine, (that's just the music section) and the UI is rather smooth, there might be a little bit of lag if you try going very fast but the unit works great. There's also several other options like settings in the main menu for changing things, but what I'm here for is the sound. Kogan is very detailed, clean and crisp, it sounds if not better than the Sansa, iPods, or Cowons I have heard, every one of them.
    The downside to this thread however is I don't know anywhere worldwide members can purchase Kogan, far as I can tell it's only available on Australian eBay by Kogan and their website. I'm going to give the links so our Australian members can check it out, hopefully someone in the USA can source them.

    I can tell you now though this unit sounds very good for just $29.00

    Kogan Website: http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/mini-camera-and-mp4-player/

    eBay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171399223622?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

    Updated: Kogan Picture Quality Samples: Link (Click Here)

    Updated: Kogan Outdoor Picture Quality Samples: Link (Click Here)

    Updated: Kogan disassembled: Link (Click Here)



                  Members Testimonials





                                           Members Kogan Rigs

    DSCF7245.jpg        Koganrig1.jpg

    Koganrig3.jpg        Kogansnip.jpg

    Koganrig1.jpg        Koganrig2.jpg

    Koganrig4.jpg        Koganrig5.jpg

    Koganrig6.jpg        Koganrig7.jpg

    koganrig8.jpg       rig20.jpg

    Kogan7.jpg      Kogan9.jpg
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  2. suicidal_orange
    Thanks @H20Fidelity you've covered the most important part nicely (the sound) but now for the other important things in a DAP :)

    What's the build quality like? At this budget I assume it's all plastic and the lack of a huge touchscreen means it's going to take some abuse, but does it feel tough enough to throw in a bag and not worry about?

    "up to 15 hours" is going to be measured with compressed files, any chance you could test how long it lasts with lossless?

    Lastly (and of little interest to myself) the ebay ad states under USB "connect additional storage" - do you have a USB OTG cable to confirm? This isn't something you see on many DAPs let alone in this price bracket!
  3. svyr
    Mine shipped
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  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Yes, it's plastic all round (like Sansa) with that same piano (finger print magnet) gloss finish on the front, the back however is matte plastic. It looks fairly sturdy but what's going to blow you away is the weights under 45 grams, Kogan feels so light in the hand it's not funny. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing you be the judge. The DAP feels strong enough to place in a back pack and keep safe, though like anything I think a little loving care may help. The buttons seem to click firmly without any issue. It does come with a 12 month warranty from Kogan. But you must keep the packaging for transport if you ever need to send it back. (I've done a fair amount of reading)

    Weight on scales in grams. (the factory screen protector is still on in this photo)


    Regarding the battery time:

    On the first charge running nothing but lossless I've put 8 hours on the unit, it's just now toggling between 1-2 bars (4 bars total). The battery and run times were something we were rather concerned about before making it public as I know many cheaper players simply go flat in an hour or two or never take a charge, this was carefully checked. Another thing that was surprising is how quick the unit charged using a 1A - 5V wall adapter, I could have sworn it was charged in about an hour and half.

    Firstly I thought there's no way this is going to run for 15 hours, though it's living up the specs safely so far.

    I don't have an OTG cable with me though I am assuming that connect addition storage means the micro sd card.


    I see what you mean, I have ordered a cable to test for OTG storage:

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  5. nick n
    At first I thought it said "bogan" [​IMG] ( probably only Aus/NZ will know that one )
     There is an International site version. Though the player has yet to be listed there. It had better be!
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  6. Nonsensical
    Pulled the trigger on one for myself. Now eagerly awaiting for mine to be shipped (probably on Monday) and receiving it later on as well. H20 is an evil money spending encourager. My bank account hates you, but my ears don't.
  7. Wokei
    Subbed but so far only available in Aus only me think...sad
  8. svyr
    cant intl buyers get it off ebay's kogan shop?
  9. Nonsensical
    You'll notice that in the shipping section it only posts to Australia. Unfortunate for international buyers.
  10. Wokei
    Check the eBay site...only Aus and on their website only Aus NZ if me not wrong..feel free to correct me if I'm wrong
  11. Wokei
    Any pics to campare size with Clip Zip or other DAP player ...thanks H20Fidelity

    Wallet shivering in fears...lol
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor


    iPod Video > Kogan > Sansa Clip Zip > iPod Touch 4G.


    Colorfly C3 > Kogan > Studio V > Sony NWZ-F806.


    Kogans dimensions: 9.5 x 4.7 x 0.9 (cm)

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  13. Wokei
    Me liking the size...Me fingers over the zip clip is a pita...
  14. djvkool
    Yes again H20 came up with a superb discovery...you little bewdy...
  15. Wokei

    + he evil ...he bad ...he ...aaaaaaaaaah ....:mad:
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