1. callmehyde

    Did I make the right choice?

    Hey everyone, been following these forums for a few weeks trying to get my bearings on everything.   Anyway, down to it. I was looking for a pair of headphones that would be used at home (movies/music), at the library (no leakage), and traveling by plane (isolation). With the occasional walk...
  2. Thetwinmeister

    A quandary over DJ headphones

    Greetings,   As an audiophile and as a college student I've had quite the experience in mixing sound systems with dorm rooms. ...Even buying studio foam to fix room acoustics didn't drive me to replace my full range speakers with headphones. But meh, I'll admit that was mostly due to...
  3. redfly7

    hello, i have some trouble with my new sony ...

    hello all, i have buy an mp3 player three days ago ... its a sony NW-E015F thats the link for see it anyway i have tried it with my big computer headphones and then my mp3 player's sound isnt good quality enoughf ... this link for see my head...
  4. chococya96

    I need help buying a new amp

    Hi guys :P I'm new to this site and recently I was searching up this site to buy a new headphone. And I finally decided which model to buy and that model is: AKG K701,pcp_id,165,pid,1,_psmand,1.html&:K%20701. Pretty good headphone and the price is good (I'm at Japan...
  5. vassilli0s

    The Monster Turbine Debacle: Alternatives?

    I saw the Monster Turbines on sale for $60 and grabbed them.    Unfortunately the pair that came in the mail was defective, so i paid 15 bucks to send them back to monster for a replacement pair. A month later i got another defective pair.   By then i realized that i could do the same...
  6. Moonwalker1982

    Good alternative for Monsters Beat by Dr.Dre Tour?(and a few questions)

    Hey guys, i got a question.   Recently i tried out the Monster Beats by Dr.Dre , Tour version. I tried it on my Iriver H10 , Ipod Touch, and Sony laptop. And i loved them, i tried out alot of Michael Jackson songs and some rap, and i absolutely loved the bass at the start of 'Smooth...
  7. EhteeUser

    Etymotic ER-4B vs. Etymotic ER-4P

    Hello.   I have a dilemma here: I'm not sure whether, for my Samsung P3, I should acquire a pair of ER-4Bs or ER-4Ps. I've seen reviews of both, but I don't understand if the ER-4Bs can actually do well on a portable device (I know the 4Ps can...), but I've read that they have even more...
  8. matto

    B&O A8

    Okay I know there's lots of threads on these but they're realllly old... So thought I'd create a new one.   I had a listen to these today and was blown away by the clarity... It just sounded so smooth? like everything was right listened to john legend's songs through iphone 4 lossless at the...
  9. pjs42

    Newbie Question.

                                                                                                   I'm thinking about buying the shure srh440.I am considering using them with and without an amp.What i would like to know is how they would sound out of a portable cd player.i would like to hear your...
  10. CyberAthlete

    What amp to get for the Ultimate Ear Triple Fi.10

    So I was one of the lucky ones to be able to purchase the UE Triple Fi Today. I will be using them with my iRiver H-140  portable Mp3 player (have had it for 7 years now). People say that they sound great straight through an Mp3 player.   Any how, any suggestions and recommendations for an...
  11. mmamanx

    Now that I got my re0s should I get an mp3 player?

    My main music player is my phone (samsung captivate) and I was thinking should I get a dedicated mp3 player? Perhaps it will sound better. So any suggestions? Please no touch screens or anything like that just plain ol button mp3 player, I was looking into some sony sones, not sure though. Also...
  12. Boerta

    Looking for a replacement for my old Grado SR80's

    I'm looking for suggestions for a replacement for my aging SR80s. I use them primarily with my mp3 player (a cowon d2 at the moment, the third mp3 player in my SR80's lifetime). I've been very happy with how the SR80s sound, but I've had to do a lot of patchwork repairs through the years, and...
  13. EvodreamerX

    Sennheisers and Ipods

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy either the HD428 or HD448 and was wondering whether my Ipod nano (3rd gen) will be able to power them without the use of an amp?  The packaging said that they were "optimized for Ipods and Mp3 players" but I cant seem to find threads that answer my question...
  14. deepfear33

    ZEN X-Fi with Wireless LAN 16GB

    Hi all,   Was thinking of getting this player. What do u guys think of it in terms of sound quality?   I had a creative muvo mp3 player a while ago and i enjoyed it quite well.   Is there any creative mp3 players you suggest or other good ones? My budget is 150 the max.   Im...
  15. danielghofrani

    REVIEW: Sylvania SMP 2012 mp3 player (Updated)

    Hey guys. I am NOT an audio expert, I am an instrumentalist. What I am stating about the device is only my opinion. please pardon my N00bness   I used to have an 8GB ipod nano and I was pretty happy with it but it got stolen. I decided to buy a cheap mp3 player for now and I decided...
  16. batphink

    BARGAIN ALERT: Zune HD 32gb half price at Wal-Mart

    Wal-Mart is selling the Zune HD 32gb for $179   and it comes with a free Zune HD Premium Car Pack!
  17. Audiophile1811

    Best pair with Headstage Arrow Amp

    Hello. If I buy the Headphonia/Headstage Arrow portable headphone amplifier, what Music Player/MP3 should I pair it with? A Cowon J3, Nationite S:flow2, etc.? Thanks, A1811 
  18. 864646

    Need Some Advice on Upgrading

    So I currently own a pair of Denon AH D1001's (have had it for about a year) and am thinking of upgrading to a D2000. I'm just wondering if its worth the upgrade? I will be using these headphones with my iphone on the go.  Also, if i get a portable amp (Fiio e7) will that make a big difference...
  19. Audiophile1811

    Favorite Portable Setup

    Hi. I personally don't have a setup of my own but what's yours?  Now, I'd like to know what your favorite choices of MP3 player(s), Portable Amplifier(s), and of course, headphones are for all your personal use outside home or for traveling. Rank them please. Thanks, A1811  
  20. tarcalion

    Using the J3 with an amp

    Would using the J3 with a headphone amplifier make sense, even though it hasn't got a dedicated line-out? (I don't know much about these things.) If so, what would be a relatively high-quality, not too expensive portable headphone amplifier to pair it with? It doesn't have to be tiny to be portable.
  21. gaplessophile

    Do many mp3 players support 48khz? Do any "natively" support it?

    I'm a musician, and am currently re-evaluating what sample rate I should record / distribute my music in so that it will sound good on the majority of players.   I'm aware that most (all?) PC laptops with their internal soundcards operate at 48khz, and audio of any other sample rate is...
  22. Red Haze

    Could someone please verify this Sony MP3 player?

    Hey everyone, I was just having a flick through my saved head-fi photos and came across this Sony player, I was just curious on what model it is? Thanks in advance.