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Flac vs mp3 quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by fracocci9203, Nov 27, 2012.
  1. Fracocci9203
    I have an ipod classic 6g and a sansa clip +...do you think that the differences between flac and mp3 are very audible in this portable player?
  2. proton007
    Pls do a search before creating a new thread. There are already many threads about the same topic.
  3. AlanYWM
    Unless you have a very good system, a well converted (@ 320kbps) mp3 song will be very hard to tell apart from a flac file of the same song.
  4. KT66

    Yes. If the difference isn't obvious there is something wrong somewhere, I can spot it every time, either through my 20k 2 channel system or my sons clip+ with porta pros
  5. Brooko Contributor

    Here's something to get you started - http://www.head-fi.org/t/570621/flac-vs-320-mp3

    Be very careful picking your way through the BS when people claim massive differences between properly encoded lossy files and lossless (I'm talking about 256acc / mp3 320). You'll find most people who say they can easily tell them apart have never performed a properly volume matched abx test (and this is actually very easy to set-up - all you need is foobar 2000, the abx plugin, and a decent ripper and encoder).

    My advice - read some threads (search function is great), and rather than ask opinions, perform an abx yourself.

    You'll probably find you are like most of us - that aac256 / mp3 320 encoded properly is pretty much transparent when tested under controlled situation.
  6. tds101
    Download foobar2000, install the ABX compararator,...then decide for yourself.

    Too many will claim FLAC is better, ALAC is better, WAV is better, etc. Test for yourself, try to do a blind test, then DECIDE WHAT'S BEST FOR YOUR EARS. I think you'll notice that most people are not able to tell the difference. In a high end HOME setup it quite possibly will sound better,...maybe.

    Me, lossless is for archive purposes, and lossy is for portables.

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