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Cowon S9 + FiiO E6 + Shure SE210: Good Combo?

  1. blindperipheral
    I've been using a Cowon S9 and Shure SE210 for several months now, and then decided to also buy a FiiO E6 headphone amp. 
    Was this a good decision? Any advice which EQ would give it the best sound?
  2. natty15d
    Cowon S9 has a pretty good internal amp.
    Ive tried my Fiio E6 & S9 combo with Soundmagic PL50, Creative Aurvana headphones and Alessandro MS2i.
    Prefer the sound straight from the S9, the E6 just compressed the sound.
    I like using the "rock" setting, works for most types of music.
    Im wanting to try the S9 with a 3 channel CMOY to see if thats a better combination, especially with the MS2i

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