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need replacement to cowon 7.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by avaddon, Jun 23, 2012.
  1. avaddon
    important: equal or higher sound quality.
    50+hours of playing. in fact.
    direct copying \ usb drive functionality.
    mp3\flac\wav support. (ogg\ape is optional)
    size about 75x35x20mm. (~3x1.4x0.8 inches)
    16gb. (or less if sd support)
    any suggestion?
    i looked to teclast x19hd.. but low playing time and only 8gb..
  2. stevenswall
    Cowon J3 or S9 should work well enough... for everything but size that is. Perhaps you could try the iAudio9? I hear the interface is terrible, but can personally vouch for the slick and quick UI's for the Cowon S9. Volume control and track switching in pocket with the screen off is also a huge plus.
  3. avaddon
    still not replaced..
    and with current tendencies i almost have no hope for..
    (if i not be too lazy and microelectronics dumb i may be start a kickstarter project for this.. :)
  4. JWolf
    Have you thought about the Fiio X3? It doesn't have the battery life of the Cowon J3, but it does have a micro SD slot and plays 24-bit audio and is only about $199.
  5. avaddon
    way too big, and ~10hrs. playback is ridiculous small..
    suddenly find new sony e585.. 
    still too big, but if it have enough power output and can work as flash-drive..
    and fiio x1 may be the answer. if final design will not look like a ipod clone.. :\
  6. batteraziiz
    Why not just replace the cowon you lost? Was it an iaudio 7 or an X7?
  7. heatofamatch
    I'm sure he meant the iAudio 7, because that fits with the rebuttal he's given to suggestions above.
    What I want to say is, the OP's requirement of "size" is an illusion!
    You think the Sony is bigger than the iAudio 7, but it's NOT. Sony E-seris and S-series players are usually between 50-60g in weight. The iAudio 7 also weighs 54g. It's the same "amount" of hardware, just shaped differently.
    The Sony E585 is the only option on the market now that's got similar battery life to the iAudio 7.
    Do not touch the Teclast X19, HD or non-HD - the sound quality is not adequate IMO and the firmware is not user-friendly.
  8. avaddon
    "weight is not matter.."  (~q) 5element. :)
    if say it another way, i can easily put cowon7 in jeans "clock" pocket or small front pocket in running shorts.. 
    (and don't provoke passing by ladys to think i really happy to see them :)
    sony? i doubt..
  9. clubberkamar
    I understand your frustration, mate. I'm on the same boat. I'm contemplating on cowon C2 but it's too thick, while iAudio9+ is very thin yet too big. Drooling over ak100 but the premium price tag is just not on my reach yet. I know there are lots of choices if I can bear with screenless (or 2-3lines of screen) DAP, yet somehow an album art helps my imagination to better understand the message the musician is conveying in the music i'm listening. Hahaha, it may sounds weird, but well, it's just me I guess. So what did you choose at the end?
  10. batteraziiz
    Had the C2 previously, it's not that thick... 2/3 the thickness of the X3 for sure.
  11. clubberkamar
    whoa, really? thanks, batteraziz! will give C2 another look. how do you like the C2 sound? and what are you using now?
  12. batteraziiz
    The sound was great, especially if you're into tweaking with EQs. Also, the battery life is phenomenal.... After a few months, I sold my C2 to my brother and got a cowon X9 thinking it would be better, but instead it was just MUCH larger, with the exact same sound. Should have stuck with the C2. It was much more portable.
    These days I just use a Rockboxed Ipod 5g though. My Cowon and Sansa are collecting dust in a drawer.

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