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Cowon models help.........

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by olear, Jun 24, 2012.
  1. olear
    I am considering several models from Cowon:  What are the pros/cons of these models?
    I have a iphone so don't need an Android or many apps., in fact I don't use the EQ on my
    RB Clip+. 
    Would it be wiser to look at another brand (ie Sony) since I may not use any of the sophisticated EQ features that Cowon offers?  SQ, SD card capability and a relatively long battery life are my priorities.
    Thank you
  2. stevenswall
    I think you may find the EQ settings, especially ViVA and BBE MP to be worth your while. I came from a Rockboxed iPod Video 5.5g, and liked the sound of the Cowon S9 even more.

    While all have long battery life, the J3 is the longest. The D2+ and C2 have resistive screens, while the J3 and S9 have capacitive OLED screens, that look much nicer and are easier for touch navigation.

    The J3 is your best bet as far as long battery life and SD expansion. It supports some 64GB cards.

    I've seen no other player that has better battery life than the Cowon J3, and while a Sony player may suffice, I think you will be impressed with the EQ options on the Cowon players, after trying it out. The interface is also very customizable on the J3 and S9, and lets you install other GUI's for each function. Some support album gestures to play/pause prev/next and change volume by interacting with the album art, and others add playlist features and such.
  3. olear
    The D2+ at 52 hours of battery life, looks like a iPod Nano. I like its size.
    It seems J3 is the Cowons staple. 
  4. stevenswall
    ^The J3 is thinner, has better battery life, a better interface, better touch capabilities, better color, contrast, and blacks in its display... Like you said: It's their staple. It is that for a reason: It seems to be the best non-android experience they offer.
  5. tds101
    Is there still places the D2 plus is available? IMO the J3 or the C2 are the way to go. You just need to decide what features are the most important, then decide on what to purchase.
  6. olear
    I was reading some reviews on anythingbutipod re: J3 and C2 and it was clear to me the J3 for the win.
    What does android offer aside from wifi and apps that already comes with an iphone?
  7. stevenswall
    I just said 'best non-android' experience to differentiate. From the reviews I've seen of the Android devices they make, the experience is sub par.
  8. olear
    The only thing stopping me from ordering J3 is the lack of after sale support either by phone or email.
    Can anyone comment on this?
  9. tds101
    That's what iAudiophile.net is for,...all the help & support you'll ever need.
  10. stevenswall
    If you know how to drag and drop files, you don't need support. Also, I will personally help you out if you PM me, because I own the S9, which is close to the J3.

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