1. Saint Henrik

    Help a newbie on portable amps

    Hi fellow headfiers. I recently bought Heir Audio's upgraded model of their iems which is called s and i also own Sony Xperia S and Sony Walkman Z. And now I'm planning to buy my first portable amp to improve the performance of the iems. But my problem is that I don't know much of...
  2. Jpfe8851

    Do I REALLY need a DAP?

    I'm struggling with a serious case of upgraditis! Over the past 18 months, I've spent some hard earned on upgrading IEMs. Starting with a couple cheaper V-Moda phones I've gone, Ety HF-3 > UE TripleFi 10 > Shure SE535 > Westone 4R > Shure SE535LE (red ones). I also have some Bose QC15s for...
  3. chuckle490

    Can anyone point me towards a good DAP for under $250?

    I need at least 30 GBs of memory. What player will give me the best SQ? I've been looking at the iPod classic 7th gen, but I've heard some people say it lacks good SQ, is that true? I'm willing to go a little higher on my budget if needed. Thank you!
  4. vitamax

    dont know what portable music player to buy

    hey guys , I wanna buy a portable music player but I dont know what to buy and I will have to buy it from the internet because I live in Egypt and its hard to find these kind of things almost impossible . first of all , I dont know anything about portable music players ( im a noob ) I...
  5. heliuscc

    Time for a new DAP, unsure what to buy, Cowon, Sony, Colorfly

    OK, I'm looking for some advice. I have a Sony X1060 and a pair of Westone UM3X, but am thinking of changing to a new DAP. In an ideal world it would have touchscreen, gapless playback, lossless (FLAC etc) and 32GB plus storage. It's not an ideal world though... So have looked at: 1...
  6. Audio-Omega

    Need a good portable player

    I could only think of iPod classic.   I need one with big memory and able to play Apple or Windows lossless files.  However the most important thing is excellent sound quality.  Thanks.
  7. Poetic

    A good DAP that sounds better than the Zune HD.

    Hey everyone im currently using my Zune HD, with my AKGq701, on the Fiio e9. But I realised i Need a much better source, than this Zune HD. I was looking at the Cowon j3 and the Cowon s9. Is there difference in Sound Quality or something? Also would this be a good source for my setup. If any of...
  8. AudioDwebe

    What portable players do wifi?

    Recently discovered MOG - very cool.    I've been using my phone, but am looking for something that's made for music playing that'll do wifi.  The only one that I'm aware of is iPod Touch.   Are there other players that have wifi capabilities?   Thanks.
  9. alamba78

    Samsung Galaxy 5 vs Sony Walkman Z1000??

    I'm looking at both of these DAPs as an alternative to an ipod.  I definitely would like an Android device as I already own an Android phone and am very familiar with the OS.  Also, my phone's battery and SQ definitely pale in comparison.  What I'm looking for advice on is the SQ, battery life...
  10. psycomagic

    [ASK] Best Dap / mp3 player for Shure Se215 T___T

    Excusme, im new in here, and sry if this like a stupid question i just wanna know what the best dap for shure se215, i like all kinds of music, but maybe except metal now im using se215 + Rocoo P, but for me it is too bright there may be other suggestion from here..?? Thanks...
  11. hima2809

    SONY's new 2012 Walkman Range!!

    Check it out in the link below
  12. owen241

    dilemma in choosing portable player - Rocoo P / HM601 slim

    Hi guys, i've been reading this forum for a few months already. Upgrading from Shure SE215 to a Full custom 6 driver (Coming soon). Now i need a new Portable player enough to drive the 6 drivers. Hope you guys could help me out.   After reading most of the threads, i narrowed my choices to...
  13. gattari

    Sony mdr ex 1000 / sony walkman z series

    I am oriented to buy the ex 1000. I have a japanese z walkman 64 gb Thanks if anyone with this combo share his impressions.
  14. underhysteria

    Another Hisoundaudio Studio-V Review: Small guy with a big sound

    STUDIO-V REVIEW     ·         Pre-Introduction (you may want to skip this) ·         Introduction ·         Package & Built Quality ·         Battery Life & User Interface                 ·         Sound Quality ·         Brief Comparisons with the Walkman NW-Z1070 & Ibasso DX100...
  15. Perplexed

    Where does the iPod 5G rank in 2012?

    So I bought me a 5G iPod, and due to weird circumstances with Amazon and eBay I'm now in possession of both a 30GB and 60GB.  Loving them both, but that's the issue - I can't decide whether to keep one, and if so, which one to keep.. :\ The 60 doesn't feel chunky, but the moment I pick up the...
  16. cklow01

    DAC of Sony Xperia S

    Hi everyone,   Does anyone know the DAC being used in the new Sony Xperia S phone? Has it got good sound quality? The design is nice and I am considering of getting one. Thanks.
  17. Espada77

    J3 or Z2 or something else?

    Hey, new here...sort of. I've been observing these forums for quite a while to help me choose my headphones, but now I need help choosing a new mp3 player. My zune is now dead so was thinking of getting either a cowon j3 or a z2. I'm aware the j3 is discontinued but is still favored by many. I...
  18. rt310

    When should you use an amp?

    Was just wondering if only some IEMS/Headphones need amps, or will all earphones benefit greatly from one? Recently purchased an Aurisonic ASG 1 (rev 1.2) and waiting for it to be delivered; what amp would be suitable?
  19. underhysteria

    (Audio) Samsung Galaxy S3 against the Walkman NW-Z1000

    Caution: Review should be taken with a pinch of salt. They are solely based on my ears with my customs.     Introduction   Hi guys, I have never thought of comparing the audio capabilities of a cellphone against a dedicated audio player ever in my life. It has been always the mobile...
  20. OK-Guy

    Sony Walkman 'Japanese Versions' – Help for Dummies thread

    This thread is for people ‘seeking help’ who own Japanese versions of Sony Walkman's.   It started with NW-Z1070 64gb (Japan Version), then onto the F807, F887 & the ZX1... see the latter part of the thread for the newer Walkman's... ask any question about any model & we'll try to help.  ...
  21. SONY Android WALKMAN NW-Z1070 (Japan Model)

    SONY Android WALKMAN NW-Z1070 (Japan Model)

    | IMPORTANT NOTICE | This Z-Series Walkman is made for Japan market. Manuals, MENU Display and X-App (requires Japanese Windows 7/Vista /XP ) are in Japanese only. Warranty: 1 year ( valid only in Japan)