1. dryvadeum

    WTB: Nationite S Flo 2 or Teclast T51

    As per the title, I'm looking for either a Nationite S Flo 2 or Teclast T51 in good condition and working order. Please PM me if you have one to sell.
  2. gitf03

    s:flo2 16GB SOLD

    Hi,   I'm selling my s:flo2 16GB. It was the 3rd batch and was shipped to me last summer. I only used it at home as my source until I've upgraded to a dedicated DAC now, so I have no use for it anymore.   The s:flo2 is in mint condition. It was never carried outside and always stored in...
  3. GeorgeGoodman

    SALE PENDING! FS/FT: gently used QLS QA350 with pics to come- Better sound than a S:Flo2!

    I have decided to let my QLS QA350 go even though it sounds so good. I had the S:Flo2, and yes, this does sound better. Make me any offer, I will consider anything. I would definietly consider trading for a good pair of IEMs, preferably dynamic ones, but send me offers for your BAs or anything...
  4. Inks

    16gb S:Flo2 [SOLD]

    Price is SOLD shipped via paypal gift or +3%. PM me for an international quote. Open to trade offers for IEMs.    The condition is solid, but not perfect. There are noticeable scratches in the back and one in the upper right hand side. There is also a very tiny chip in the volume wheel but...
  5. Nando1970

    L-shaped short cable to connect Nationite S:Flo2 and Leckerton UHA-4

    I need a short cable, L-shaped on both ends, to connect my Nationite S:Flo2 and Leckerton UHA-4. Any suggestion?   thx in advance
  6. edvardd


    Mine broke. 70 euro+shipping for the 8 gb version?   Ed
  7. sanity8me

    16GB S:Flo2 + Nationite Custom Leather Case

    I'm selling my 16GB S:Flo2 that I barely used.  It is pretty much in mint condition.  No cosmetic issues - only a few tiny inevitable scuffs on the back for the super picky. The front looks like it's never been touched.   Comes in original box and with charger.   I will also be including...
  8. throzen0303

    Nationite s:flo² or iPhone LOD > E11?

    Hey everything, I am thinking of upgrading my portable setup, I am currently running on iPhone HP out for my IEMs, SE215s, DUNU Ares and Hephaes.   I am interested to buy the Brainwavz B2, on the website, I came across the s:flo2, the specs are GREAT for the price, I read some about it, the...
  9. catchedge

    FS: Nationite S:Flo2 16GB

    Up for sale today is a Nationite S:Flo2 in 9/10 condition.  The one missing point is from being out of the box and having 2 battery charges on it.   This unit will come in the original box with the original charger along with a generic USB cable for it along with the aftermarket leather case...
  10. Leee

    16gb S:flo2 + 16gb SD

  11. floydfan33

    SOLD: Nationite s:flo2 16gb with case and 16gb micro SD Card IN BOX

    This is a Nationite s:flo2 in good condition, with case in the original box. I am the 2nd owner.   - I am including a Sandisk Micro SD 16GB card (with case and Sd adapter) - unit has a nick on the top (in the photo), and was received this way - I have updated it to the latest 2.3...
  12. Kanashimu

    Need a new DAP to replace S:FLO2

    Been a long time since I been on Head Fi. I 'killed' my previous account to curb my spending :p   I basically destroyed my S:FLO2 by dropping it a few hundred times. It still works great for audio playback, but its USB connectivity is giving out.   I'll be pairing it with the ATH ES10...
  13. faideelah

    Wanted: S:Flo2/Teclast T51

    I'm looking for a S:Flo2 or Teclast T51 in good-excellent condition. Box does not need to be included, but the USB cable must be.   Reply/PM with a price.  I prefer the seller to be in the USA so I won't have to wait 2 weeks for it.
  14. faideelah

    S:Flo2 16 GB

    The S:Flo2 is in good condition. It has a couple scuffs and dents, but it works just fine. There is some noise in the left channel, but it is normal according to mp4nation forums and inaudible when music is playing. Pics will be available on request. I bought this from another Head-Fi member but...
  15. cam94z28

    What is a worthy replacement for the S:Flo2?

    My S:Flo2 has always been my favorite player. There's just something about the sound quality that I haven't found in another player. My Fuze sounds good, but has more grating highs. I recently dropped it from about 3 feet, onto a tile floor in my bathroom. The glass screen splintered in 2...
  16. visia

    S:flo2 16GB

    I am selling my 2 year old S:flo2. Capacity 16Gb. Used very conservatively, no dents or scratches. Comes with screen protector and case. Looking for SOLD$ shipped ConUSA. My feedback:
  17. budgetboy

    Where's the S:flo2?

    I remember looking at mp4nation's site a few months ago and seeing a pre-order for the second batch of S:flo2s.  I checked back today and it doesn't seem to be listed at all.   Where'd it go?
  18. pcia

    Cowon J3 vs. T51/S:flo2 vs. iPod Classic

    Hi guys. Which one of these is the best of SQ, battery life, UI? All of them are long time on a market, so are there any successors?
  19. haesor

    Wanted: S:Flo2 8GB/16GB

    Hi,   I want to buy S:Flo2. Player must be in good condition. I'm waiting for offers.
  20. zerodoug

    Nationite S:Flo2/Teclast T51, Meizu M6 , Cowon J3 Comparison

      First time post: I have been looking for a great sounding lossless player for audio only. (Video features are fine but I won’t use them.) After spending a couple hours scrubbing through the reviews and threads here I have narrowed my search to these three players. Here is a rundown of the...
  21. Mortuus

    WTB:Teclast t51/s:flo2

    Looking for one in good condition. Prefer it to be in uk or europe.   Let me know if you have one, it's condition and storage etc.   Also, please note the price as well as I'm not looking to spend too much.   I'm in Birmingham, Uk.   my ebay history:
  22. fatmarley

    SOLD - Nationite S:flo2 MP3 player - SOLD

    Nationite S:flo2 MP3 player. Used but in very good condition. There is a small scratch that can be seen in the photos.   This player has hardly been used because the girlfriend moans as soon as I put the headphones on (apparently i'm an ignorant b*****d with headphones on)   Price...
  23. Sludig

    Nationite s:flo2/Teclast T51

    I'm looking for this player. I'm from Spain, so I need it can be ship to Europe at a rasonable price. If you are interested send me a pm with you offer. Best regards.
  24. etys rule

    I want a Teclast/Nationite s:flo2 T51...if you've got one I'll pay up to $200

     Depending on condition.  I've read that some models were considered lemons.  I think the blue screens are flaky.  So I am looking for one with a gray screen, unless you have a blue screen one that you can guarantee has no faults.   Shoot me a PM and I'll reply quickly.  Thanks in advance...
  25. haesor

    FS: Nationite S:Flo2 16GB + 16GB

    Hi,   I have for sale Nationite S:Flo2 16GB in perfect condition with memory card 16GB. Full set.   Price: 95GBP + ship. Only Paypal.