1. antistate

    New Here

    Ok I stumbled upon this site after researching the Dr. Dre Beat headphones. Needless to say, I won't be buying them. I'm looking for the best headphones I can get for $250, $300 if I have no other choice. I mainly listen to rap, so earphones that specialize in that genre is what I'm interested...
  2. 1audioz

    How do you stop Windows from installing the Sflo2?

    Hi   I'm currently trying to change my Sflo2's firmware to 2.3.   I can't get to the stage where I can actually manually choose what driver I want installed for my device.   The moment I plug it in, it's recognised as a Nationite SFlo2 and it installs, thus preventing me from getting...
  3. streetcar

    ew sony s series walkman

    The new nwz s755 has just been released in UK, does this model still suffers from the low volume issue?   Is it better than the s639 or s739?
  4. 1audioz

    iPod Video 5.5G vs. S:flo2 ??!

    My portable rig at the moment consists of an sflo2 set up - but I also want to carry around my entire music collection of ~44GB (at times) and be able to access it easily.    I have the sixth-generation iPod Classic 80GB but the SQ just quite never gets there. My D2+ sounds a little better...
  5. danielghofrani

    s:flo2 or Sansa Clip + ??

    Hi there everybody a while ago I posted a thread and asked about a portable music player which delivers the best sound for my budget (around 500$) almost everybody agreed that I should buy a sansa clip+ and rockbox it. I was almost ready to get one but now I am reading these reviews saying...
  6. poliact

    Inline volume control question.

    Hi guys, there has been something troubling me lately. I got my westone 3 recently, which came with a nifty inline volume control together. My source, is the sflo2. My question is, is it better to listen to the sflo2 via the lineout using the inline volume control, or is it better to listen via...
  7. kiteki

    Best IEM's for alternative-rock, female-vocals, electronica. $150~$250

      Pairing will be with an S:Flo 2 / Teclast T51.   Looking for clarity, lifelike sound and and speed so they can keep up with fast-paced highly detailed riffs. Do not care about bass response much, and do not want deep insertion so no ety's.     This audio search is getting out of...
  8. vidsan

    Input on possible new rig - Stax + S:flo 2

    First post here!   I'm currently looking to buy a decent portable rig.   So far I'm pretty sure I'll get the Stax SR-001MK2 iems. They're within budget and the reviews I've seen here, sound promising. I'm not really interested in anything else than iems as I don't like wearing headphones...
  9. Vhaara

    Still a little confused on which player to buy, help me out?

    Hello everyone, i have been reading around on the forum and checking out different players but i am still unsure as to which one to get.   At first i was looking at the P3, then the Sansa's, then the Cowon's, and lastly at the S:Flo2. But i cannot seem to find where to buy the S:Flo2. The...
  10. kiteki

    which DAP to get? -> S:Flo 2, Hippo Gumstick, Cube C30, RoCoo-A?

      Hello I'm buying new IEM's this week and a DAP too, I need a little help deciding.   First of all, I'm ruling out HiFiMan, a little expensive and I don't need a DAC.   Second, I'm ruling out Cowon S9, I've already had one and I'm one of the few people that didn't like the Cowon S9, I...
  11. 1

    I need a replacement for my Nationite S:Flo 2

    Hi I currently have the Nationite S:Flo 2, which I use portably with my Pioneer HDJ-2000. I am looking for a replacement for this as while the sound quality is decent (and it was good value for money) a few things bother me:   No lock function, I have to wait a minimum of 6 seconds for...
  12. ricedemon

    Help! I wanna cheat on my girlfriend! But her sister is on to me..

    Hello Head-Fiers Hope you guys can help me ;D   So I'm always with her.. sometimes over 10 hours at a time.. she does everything for me.. its just.. shes not very good at it :/ recently, I've been secretly looking into dumping her for someone less exciting, but fits my needs better. This...
  13. sphynx

    Source Woes

      This is my first post, and my first step into hi-fi so any & all advice is appreciated.     I'm trying to decide which to buy between three DAPs, Cowon's S9, iPod Touch, and Nationite S:flo2.  I've been reading what head-fi'ers have had to say about the Cowon S9 over the past couple...
  14. xPro_MetheuSx

    Cowon D2+ vs. S:Flo2 is it an upgrade?

    Hi my dear friends. I have cowon d2+ and I'm using it with BBE+. Although I'm grateful with its sound quality, I'm looking for a new mp3 player. I have read about S:flo2, a lot of people say good things for it. Is it an upgrade from cowon d2+?(sound quality upgrade) Can u compare them only for...
  15. SpkrHead

    Questions about Akg k702 paired with Nationite S:flo2

    Hello there! I am waiting on an S:flo2 from and looking to buy some k702s   I am aware that they are demanding phones and need a good amp. I would like to ask some questions regarding the k702's SQ when paired with an S:flo2:         1. Would the audio technology in the...
  16. ext23

    help me choose my new mp3 player!

    hi all, first post.   my ipod nano has become really unstable so i wanna get something new.   i really don't care about video at all. i'm not gonna be watching videos on the move. photos, maybe, occassionally, but i have a smartphone for that.   after reading these forums a bit, i am...
  17. candc07

    best sq for under $300

    What portable player has the best sound quality for under $300?  I already have an iPod 5th diymod with internal elna silmic caps.  What would be better sq wise that i can use with an ibasso d2+ boa?
  18. tehort

    New gear: AMP+Player up to 350 bucks

    So, I currently have a um3x and a Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ which unfortunately is dying(screen fails sometimes).   Some players that got my attention:   Cowon J3: would've been perfect, if not for the bass roll-off with low ohms IEMs, as I plan on getting an SM3    S:FLO 2 + AMP: I've...
  19. suzuki

    Teclast T51 English manual and initial charging?

    Hi,   I just recieved my T51 from Ownta but the manual is in Chinese? Any english manual downloads?   I plugged it in to my laptop usb windows xp and it says pc has to shutdown to recognise player which it did and does recognise player. Then it starts to turn on and show it's charging...
  20. MPSchenck

    s:flo2 LO > Cardas IC > iBasso T3D > ???

    Ok so I gave my last iPod away a while back can kind of been putting off looking for something else. After researching here I quickly bought an s:flo2 16gb, which I haven't listened to yet, and got a good deal on an iBasso T3D.  I got the 6" Cardas 3.5 mini-to-mini interconnect coming from...
  21. rdnrvn

    Confused soul with some money..

    Hi,   I'm relatively new here. And after spending quite a while at these forums, I'm totally confused as to which direction I should take to improve my listening experience. I don't have crazy amount of money, so please go easy on me Budget is $150-200   I'm looking something for my...
  22. AndySPb

    Clip+ with Ety er-4p -> what sound?

    hi, folks! long time i just reading head-fi and not join to discussion, but now the time is come.   Since my Ipod video dead i tried to listen music through my HTC desire, sound was really bad, but when my "crazy-fun" westie ate my Ety er-6i i decide to find any new source (any exept ipod...
  23. musman

    Help with choosing AMP!

    I have Nationite S: flo2 and UE 10 help me with choose a good AMP I liked mini3 CORDA XXS and 3MOVE, Headstage Arrow 12HE  Ibasso d4 You advise? =)
  24. Tidus

    JH3A - How will you feed it?

    Hello,   I now have Hifiman and i want JH3A but i cant afford it. So i must sell Hifiman. Can people that plan or had buy JH3A give us idea how will feed JH3A?Or give us any idea. Can i use only JH3A system feed form computer by coaxial cable?   thanks for all tips
  25. sdotfire

    Help Deciding between full RWA iMod portable rig and HiFiMan HM-801, what is the ultimate rig basically?

    So it seems to be the general consensus that the HiFiMan is one of the best DAPs out there my only issue with it is it's size.  For around $500 I can get a RWA iMod 240G 5.5G, of course I will need to get a good LOD (probably ALO) and possibly an external portable VCap Dock (but that is a lot of...