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Sep 15, 2010
This is my first post, and my first step into hi-fi so any & all advice is appreciated.  
I'm trying to decide which to buy between three DAPs, Cowon's S9, iPod Touch, and Nationite S:flo2.  I've been reading what head-fi'ers have had to say about the Cowon S9 over the past couple days, and although most people say the Cowon has excellent SQ, it's apparently inferior or comparable to the ipod touch + lod + amp combo.  Apparently the Cowon + amp sounds good too but the fact that there's no LOD for the Cowon means being unable to bypass the internal amp, which in my understanding, is kind of the point of buying an awesome portable amp.  This is where the S:flo2 comes in, it has a 3.5mm line out (same as ipod LO or better?)  I'm guessing that's going to make better use of the amp I'll be buying than the Cowon or ipod.
I also love the fact that the S:flo2 has an SDHC slot & the fact that it supports VOB, MPEG & H.264 video formats.
So am I misunderstanding something about the way these LODs & amps work or do I have it right in thinking the S:flo2 will get me the most out of my amp & therefore, my music.
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Someone who knows more about this will chime in later I'm sure, but I think a line out is a line out; meaning the line out from the nationite would be pretty much the same as the LOD from the apple.  I can't really help you out on the double amping issue if you go Cowon because most of my research for DAPs focuses on the best sounding players while going ampless, that way I can focus the bulk of my cash on a home rig.
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s:flo2's UI is not ready for prime time yet. I think any PMP without a lock function is pretty much trash.
If you don't mind spending a little more, J3 is also a good choice. 
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The Sflo sound great, and you get a choice of heaphone out and line out. You are NOT bypassing an amp in either case though, just using different ones.
The Sflo's UI is, as already said, very crude. Slow to find songs,  Almost embarassing given how good it otherwise sounds.
The J3 is a pretty incredible player.  Smooth, deep UI, with only a small learning curve to overcome. 
The Touch is a wholey different device.  The current model is still suffering a high incidence of flaws from production, and might be worth waiting a month or two for while Apple works out  the kinks.  It's a pocket PC, and only does music as a side show. JMHO.

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