1. techfreakazoid

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    Over the past several weeks, I've been getting acquainted with these players' features and sound signatures. I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on their strengths and weaknesses. A/B testing was with the E500 listening primarily to hip hop, electro, freestyle, euro, trance, R&B, and...
  2. ablahblah

    Trying to zero in on a compact MP3 solution

    Hi all, I'm still relatively new to the audio scene, moving past itunes/zune/youtube and into the realm of ripping lossless tracks and such, and I'm trying to figure out whether it'll be worth it getting a lossless player or not.   I know Zune (which i use, with the Zune Pass subscription...
  3. GuruTech

    S9 Headphones ?

    Hey ! Atlast i am going to get S9...Please let me know the headphones that best suite S9....I can buy headphone of any range just don't care about my wallet :) Thankyou
  4. tianqi

    Cowon s9 pairing phones.... UM3x or W3 or Ortofon e-Q7?

    I'd like to know what ear phone would pair to make the sound quality of the S9 even better? I am currently thinking of Westone um3x or Westone 3 or Ortofon e-Q7? Would they work well with S9?     Thanks for the input.
  5. Ashwin

    If you have a good set of earphones, does the player matter in terms of the overall sound quality heard?

      Hi,    I was wanting to ask if the audio player mattered as much if you've a really good / decent set of earphones to go along? (not considering FLAC files or lossless of course, more like MP3s, where its already been highly compressed and lossy)   More specifically would the...
  6. FuzzyLlama

    Sansa Clip+ or Cowon i9 or iPod Nano or Sansa Fuze+ or...? (Need a replacenent for my iRiver iFP)

    Hi all, I've been using an iRiver iFP-899 for nearly 6 years. It was a perfect little DAP,with unbeliviable SQ, powered with simple AA battery (so I could still play my tunes while hiking in some God forsaken mountains, provided that I have a backpack filled with AA batteries), easy to use...
  7. BoogieWoogie


    I'm looking for good sound quality and I have narrowed it down to Cowon i9 and D2+. These have buttons to operate it in the dark right. Which you think would be a better choice and why ?
  8. jaykarnik

    PMP with lyrics playback

    Hi,   Do you know of any PMP which can display synchronized lyrics embedded in the MP3 files?
  9. faisal2003456

    Cowon S9 Impressions

    I know that this product is old, but I am trying to get a feel for writing these kinds of articles, so here I go.   This is probably the best DAP I have ever owned. After doing some research on Head-Fi it seamed like the way to go, was Cowon (if you wanted video playback at least). I was...
  10. yliu

    Help choosing a new mp3 player!?

    I have the iPod classic 160GB (late 2009 version) and after I heard my friends Cowon S9, so I decided to get a new one. After some research, I narrowed my list to the Cowon S9, iAudio 9, Sony A84x, or the Walkman S-series.
  11. idvsego

    S9 vs J3 vs Zune HD

    Need a new DAP with good video playback options and decent SQ for music.  I think I have narrowed it to these 3 but cant seem to break the tie.  Here are my thoughts.  Maybe someone can add something I have missed   all players have a nice screen and about the same storage capacity.   ...
  12. TheRH

    Cowon i9..... a good upgrade?

    Hello,   I have been looking at current audio players to replace my Sony NWZ-E344. Reason being the screen is getting very scratched.   There are a few questions I have about eh i9:   How durable is the screen   Is the sounds quality on par with other Cowon devices   Is the...
  13. authistic

    Order by sound quality

    Hey guys..   I know this is a quiet .. stupid thread but I am quiet new to mobile sources.. I need to get a good overview..   So I would love to know which players are "omg-damn-nice" and which are the "bah-dat-sux" =) So could anyone please order the following players by sound...
  14. sphynx

    Source Woes

      This is my first post, and my first step into hi-fi so any & all advice is appreciated.     I'm trying to decide which to buy between three DAPs, Cowon's S9, iPod Touch, and Nationite S:flo2.  I've been reading what head-fi'ers have had to say about the Cowon S9 over the past couple...
  15. tianqi

    Would S9 and 10 Benefit From An Amp?

    Anyone have any suggestions for Amps that would work wonders with Ultimate ears 10 pro? Within reasonable price range? So less or equal to the price of 10?
  16. mralexosborn

    How much of an improvement is the Cowon S9 over the Droid?

    I got my SR-225i's today and now need a decent source. My Droid has only 16GB of space, the headphone jack wobbles and lacks built in FLAC support. So I was wondering would the S9 be worth $200 as an upgrade? Or should I just get a uDac to use with my PC. I will be using it at home mostly but...
  17. R0ck43

    iRiver P7

    Hi, have you any experince with this player ? Any comparison with a cowon D2 or S9 ? I thinking about this player, but i am not sure if that so good like cowon ?
  18. oak3x

    Cowon S9 (Jet Audio) and a new Mac Pro OSX...question

    Hello   Being an owner of a Cowon S9, I recently changed operating systems to a Mac OSX.    I noticed that Jet Audio does not run on Mac OSX...  What is your suggestion to importing my CD's via FLAC with a Mac?   Thanks   Dave
  19. oak3x

    COWON DAP Owners...Which application(s) do you use to RIP / Burn your music

    Hello,   Which Music Manager Software do you use to import your music into your Cowon DAP?   Being an owner of both a Cowon S9 and iAudio 7, I have always used Easy CD Extractor...then dropped the files into Jet Audio...when importing in FLAC format.   Do most Cowon owners simply use...
  20. artistofdivine

    Cowon S9 headphone jack

    Is said headphone jack very strong? I keep accidentally dropping my PMP through various ways and it winds up dangling from my Earphone cable and i'm worried that's screwing up my headphone jack.
  21. jaykarnik

    Can you really hear the difference??

    Hi All,   Here is an interesting thing I came across. I was trying to decide a new MP3 player as my old iPod(classic 5th generation) just died. I consider sound quality is most important part of an mp3 player as I have a smartphone for everything else. After reading a lot of reviews i had...
  22. natty15d

    Fiio E5 or E7 with a Cowon S9 + Soundmagic PL50...... a good combination?

    I use a Cowon S9 + Soundmagic PL50 and for the most part love the sound combination. Unfortunately i do find that this combination doesnt always have enough bass or warmth for certain types of music. Would adding an amp add a bit of warmth back into the mix? The E5 or E7 sounds as if it...
  23. wicked.ludicrous

    Portable players recommendations

    I'm asking for any recommendations anybody would give for portable mp3 players. I've read that the Clip+ has great sound, but nothing about anything else. The Sony E34x and S54x players also came to mind, as it's something I'm looking for. So yeah, I'm looking to get a rather small player that...
  24. slag

    H320 fell down the toilet (2)

    I'm not the first, but I might be the last person to drop their H320 down the toilet. It was in my pocket and slipped out when I stood up, plunging into the toilet and taking a full (not-very-clean) bath. I disassembled it, dabbed it with a paper towel, and let it dry out completely for 24...
  25. Aaron5604

    Cowon S9 or Apple I-Pod Touch G2

    I'm torn between these two players, as I am now closing in on a purchase. I've already decided on the IEM's, and plan to get the Shure SE530PTH. So, which ever DAP suits these phones, is probably best in helping me make a final decision. After having read a review, apparently the SE530's are...