COWON DAP Owners...Which application(s) do you use to RIP / Burn your music
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Dec 28, 2006
Which Music Manager Software do you use to import your music into your Cowon DAP?
Being an owner of both a Cowon S9 and iAudio 7, I have always used Easy CD Extractor...then dropped the files into Jet Audio...when importing in FLAC format.
Do most Cowon owners simply use the Jet Audio application by itself...or does anyone use two programs like I referenced above?
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Under Linux, Morituri, an easy command line ripper using Musicbrainz for metadatas and  AccurateRip for verification, Easytag for fixing, editing tags, grsync for synchronizing the music directory on computer with music directory on iAudio 9.
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In my opinion Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is one of the best ripping programs for Windows out there.
If you do decide to use it I HIGHLY recommend you follow this guide to set it up.
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BonkEnc: It's free and encodes to the latest version of LAME. It rips CD's, and it re-encodes FLAC as well.

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