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Nov 21, 2008
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General Worker

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    General Worker
    Testing DAP and earbuds
    Sleep :)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Earbuds (now):
    BLOX M2C/ Yuin PK3/ Crossroads HR1/ Radius Woody/sony E818/E811/ Sennheiser MX90VC/Samsung EP340-390/Panasonic hrv152/ she7600/LG/Lenox V3/Appraizer/Creative Ep-480/ Sony E804/ Sennheiser mx400/Philips she7850/Kenwood/Creative(unknown model) / B&O A8 / Nokia hs450/ Soundmagic PH10 / V-Moda m-class /Iriver IDP-550 / Yuin Ok3 / Sunrise AS-Charm / etc....

    Earbuds (Past):
    Blox TM5/ ATH CM700/ Sennheiser MX460/Yuin Ok1 / Crossroads HR2/Sony E848 / dBE HF10/Samsung ya-ef310/ ATH CM100/ AKG K319/ Hisound PAA-1/ Sennheiser MX760/ Sennheiser MX400/ Davids Formula DF B190/ Onda T92/ Cresyn E800/ AKG K12p

    Earbuds (have tested):
    pk1/ok2/mx360/dbe pr10/ibuds/Philips Nike Pursue/Philips 2xxx/Philips 1xxx/Beyer Mipro E8E/BB onyx/Kost/etc...
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E3 ?? :D LOL.
    Source Inventory:
    Have / had owned more than 70 DAPs
    My Digital Audio Players:
    Iriver ihp-120
    ipod touch 1G
    Samsung U2
    Archos jukebox Recorder v1
    Archos 605
    Cowon X5L
    Hippo Player
    B&O Beosound 6
    Ipod Shuffle 2G Clone
    Samsung Z5
    QLS WAV QA350
    Sansa Clip
    Ibasso DX100
    Sansa Clip Zip
    ipod nano 6th gen

    Samsung Galaxy 4.0 / G1
    Archos 32
    Kenwood HD20GA7
    Hisound Amp-M (Mini)
    Iriver K1
    Hifiman HM-801
    Cowon J3
    Ipod Touch 3G
    JVC Victor Alneo XA-V80
    Creative Zen X-fi2
    Philips Gogear Muse Touch
    Teclast T51
    Simbadda Deo 2
    Rio Karma
    Hisound Rocoo-B
    Mintpad Mintpass
    Trekstor i.beat Rock
    Hisound Amp3.V1 Pro
    Hippo Gumstick
    Samsung M1
    Iriver Clix2 Red Line
    Zune HD
    Ipod touch 2G
    Archos 3 Vision
    Iriver Spinn
    Nationite Nanite N1
    Hisound Rocoo-A (x2)
    Cowon U5
    Sony S740
    Creative Zen Vision M 60gb
    Samsung U5
    Sony X1050 japan version
    Cowon S9
    Samsung P3
    Sansa M200
    Creative Muvo Vidz
    Samsung Q2
    Cowon Motz Arcorn
    Cowon D2
    Sony A726
    Philips SA6025
    Sony E016
    Ipod Video 5.5G
    Creative Zen
    Meizu 6SL
    Kenwood M2GD50
    Samsung P2
    Sansa Express
    Sun MP3 player
    Sunny clone player (x2)
    Ipod shuffle 1st gen 512mb x2
    Zune 30
    Samsung R1
    Samsung S5
    Sansa Clip+
    Ipod shuffle 1st Gen Refurbish 1gb (x2)
    Cable Inventory:
    Canare Starquad
    Canare 805 Japan
    Jaben Crystal Piccolino
    Crystal Cable Piccolo
    Cable Ian Troopers
    Cryo Elite TWag LOD
    Cryo Elite TWag Mini to Mini
    Jena Labs Cable
    Jena + Teflon Silver Wire
    SCSCag RCA to mini
    SCSCag mini to mini
    Beat Audio Cable
    Threestones DA20
    Power-Related Components:
    Power Conditioner Richard Gray's Power Company 400S
    Other Audio Equipment:
    MVN Buffer (passive)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Grado Sr80 Woody Mark I
    Alessandro MS1 Woody Mark II
    APS er4p
    Music Preferences:
    Techno, Pop Audiophile
    NDS, Galaxy Tab
    DAP hunter and Earbuds Lover
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