H320 fell down the toilet (2)
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May 3, 2005
I'm not the first, but I might be the last person to drop their H320 down the toilet. It was in my pocket and slipped out when I stood up, plunging into the toilet and taking a full (not-very-clean) bath.

I disassembled it, dabbed it with a paper towel, and let it dry out completely for 24 hours. After reassembly, can't power on.

I will likely go through all the steps listed in thread one to attempt to revive my iRiver, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a replacement. What I liked and used most about my H320:
  1. built-in microphone
  2. line recording
  3. Rockbox (Last.fm and Ogg Vorbis)

I considered buying an iPod Touch for the wi-fi, but honestly I'd rather have most of the three features listed above. I used these features many times and was actually headed down to use the microphone and line-in right as I was standing up from the toilet

Are there any modern "upgrades" from the H320?
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Could you not buy another? As was suggested in the other thread.
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Originally Posted by RedSky0 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Gives poignant new meaning to the term 'laying a brick'.

It was horrible... you don't even know. I was standing up because someone before me used all the toilet paper.

The worst part is that "taking the plunge" to try and save it didn't work.
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Some turds end up bieng better just flushed away - and it was such a great DAP,........
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Indeed, it's a sad day.

I think I will hold off and wait for a slate-style mobile internet device that has full HD playback. There should be a bunch of them coming this summer. Meanwhile, I'll go back to using casette tapes
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I dont know how anyone can find out there is no toilet paper "after" they sat down and dumped, but anyway....blow dry it some, and leave it buried in a bucket of rice for a week, then try it. Really id throw it away. I wouldnt save anything from a dirty toilet, but to each his own i guess.
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as a last, desperate resort, try using some WD-40 and then let it dry for several hours...
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WD-40! Try Johnsen's Electronic Cleaner.
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I knew that the idea of the WD40 seems weird, but in the current case - player that was immersed in water - it might do the trick in removing all the humidity.
As long as you have traces of water/humidity, I don't know if the electronic cleaners will do much.

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