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Nov 11, 2017
Jun 11, 2004
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Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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Nov 11, 2017
  • About

    Audio/Stereo,,Photography,,Camping,,Fishing,,Shooting,,Kites,,Guns,,Computers,,Ham/CB Radio.......et
    Buyer/Seller Feedback: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f12/drag0n-buyer-seller-feedback-254846/
    Ebay: pjo1964 and paul_inthebeginning

    My Possible Wish List:


    Meier Corda 3Move amp
    Woo Audio 2
    HeadAmp AE 2
    RSA SR71/SR71a
    Lisa lll dbl 9v model black
    Go-Vibe Petite

    I want everything...lol


    Sennheiser 600
    Grado PS1000/RS1
    Koss 950 Electrostatic
    HiFiMan HE5


    Signal Cable
    DIY my own(Canare/Mogami)
    Volex power cables


    Zune 120 (black)
    Prima Luna CD Player
    Cowan Iaudio 7 16gb
    Meier Stage Dac

    Paradigm Studio 20v5
    Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference lll
    SVS PB12+ Sub (12" sub with 525w amp)
    Paradigm DSP3200

    Ill be driving these with my Bryston Amp.

    Magnum Dynalab

    And probably many other toys....i want everything!!!
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado - SR80
    Grado - SR225
    Grado - igrado
    Sennheiser - PMX100
    Sennheiser - PX100
    Sennheiser - PMX200 (SOLD)
    Sennheiser HD650
    Koss - KTX Pro1/ RadioShack Pro35
    Koss - KSC75 stock,and a pair Cat5 recabled
    Koss - KSC55
    Koss - The Plug (ewww!!!)
    Koss- UR-40
    Fostex - T20RP vintage early 1980's
    MB Quart QP55x
    MB Quart QP45x
    Sony - EX71 (White)
    Sony - MD 301
    Sony- MDR EX55LP
    Sony -MDR NC6 Noise-Cancelling Headphones
    Sony- MDR V500
    Philips - EarBuds SHE2610
    Ultimate Ears - Super Fi 3 (Red)
    Ultrasone - Icans
    SkullCandy - Smokin' Buds Ink'd - $9.99 Clearance at FYE, Had to try it..lol
    M-Audio Q40
    Motorola HT820 Bluetooth Sportstyle Headset
    Monster Turbine Pro Gold Edition
    Yuin G2A Earclips
    AKG - K26P (SOLD)

    Other Ear Buds that came with Ipod,Zune,etc.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    C&C Box + (Black)
    Shellbrook Audio Lab - MiniMoy (Silver)
    Shellbrook Audio Lab - Maxi Moy (Black)
    Z-Audio - Mu (Silver)
    Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed with switches (Black)
    Portaphile V2 2005 version, no switches (Silver)
    RadioShack Boosteroo (Black)
    T&D - XTRA- X1-Pro (Black)
    RDS Starving Student On A Saturday Night Mini Millet Hybrid Amp ....Love It!!! :)
    RSA Tomahawk (Black w/Gold Knob)
    Fiio E3
    Fiio E5

    Alien DAC built by RDS in a cigarette box-sized Hammond case

    Lexicon Omega PC Based Studio/Mixer/Dac
    Source Inventory:
    Sony D-cj01 Portable CD Player
    Sony D-EJ017CK
    Sony MD
    Zune 30 (Black)
    Zune 30 (White)
    Centon 1 gb
    Ipod Nano Red 4gb 2nd gen.
    Sansa m240 1gb
    Sansa e260 4gb -x2 (one is RockBoxed + 4gb sdhc)
    Sansa Clip (black) 2gb
    TMobile/ HTC Wing
    Garmin GPS (makes a nice player!)
    Pioneer XMP3i XM/Sirius Portable Radio
    Cable Inventory:
    RnB Audio - Sky Blue w/right angle connectors
    C&C - Crystal cable (with the white flex cover over it)
    Canare -Star Quad
    RadioShack - Grey 12"
    Monster cable
    AR Cables
    Tara Labs Cables
    Signal Cable
    DIY RCA's Silver-Coated Copper
    Power-Related Components:
    Furman Power Conditioner, AR conditioner, Radioshack copy of Monster conditioner, others...
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Bryston,Rotel, Carver,Sony, Lineaum,Rockford Fosgate, Adcom, Coustic, Denon, (Home stereo stuff).

    Home Stereo Stuff:
    Bryston 3bst
    Adcom GTP-400 preamp
    Carver 2000 rcvr
    Realistic STA-2100 rcvr
    Realistc STA-2100D rcvr
    Pioneer SX-1300 rcvr
    Pioneer VSX 305 Audio/Video Reciever
    Coustic EQ
    Realistic EQ
    Samsung DVD
    Optimus SCT-89 Dual Cassette HTX-Pro
    Sony CDP361 CD Player
    Denon DCD-615 CD Player
    Rotel RCD975 CD Player

    Linaeum Bookshelves (4) w/center chan spkr

    Modded Realistic sub 10" 120w with Rockford Fosgate driver (Rockford Fosgate Punch Z RFZ 3810) 150w/400w @8 ohm

    Minimus 7w
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    German Acoustics feet,cedar blocks,super balls,Marble tiles ,etc.
    Music Preferences:
    Most types...Eclectic


    Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEMs - http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/480665/review-monster-turbine-pro-gold-iem
    GPS , Computers, Metal Detectors, Musical Equipment, Watches, Pens, Cell Phones, All kinds of Gadgets.

    The differences in opinion are amazing! Like,"OMG! These headphones sound awesome!" And,"Those headphones absolutely suck!!!"

    *-{Team Zune/Sansa/Portaphile }- Run Ipod! Run!!! [?]

    *Celebrating the joy of music through the best audio equipment i could afford!
    If you follow suit,then im sorry about your wallet! :)

    My Monster Turbine Pro Gold Review - http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/480665/review-monster-turbine-pro-gold-iems

    Monster Turbine Pro Coppers Review: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/500227/review-monster-turbine-pro-copper-ear-speakers

    *Every new toy is the greatest thing in the world until the novelty wears off......then its on to a new toy :D

    *FeedBack: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f12/drag0n-buyer-seller-feedback-254846/

    *Funny Head-Fi Thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f11/head-fis-own-version-classic-abbott-costello-routine-290683/

    *Equipment i own or sold is in my profile.
    Love Stereo,read Stereophile magazine. Still building my systems,(Does it ever end?).


    The rest of My Signature Is In My Profile!!!
    Dont keep switching headphones.....just buy tinny ones with good bass...blast them till your ears tune to how you want them, then lower the volume

    I accept free CDs and equipment ... Just mail them to me!
    P.O.Box 394 East Moriches, NY 11940-0394 USA ...
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