Fiio E5 or E7 with a Cowon S9 + Soundmagic PL50...... a good combination?
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Feb 9, 2009
I use a Cowon S9 + Soundmagic PL50 and for the most part love the sound combination.
Unfortunately i do find that this combination doesnt always have enough bass or warmth for certain types of music.
Would adding an amp add a bit of warmth back into the mix?
The E5 or E7 sounds as if it would do that but im just wondering if its worth getting as the cowon internal amp is supposed to be pretty good?
Would it better just to get new earphones with a warmer tone?
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maybe, if i was you id go with an amp as to get the same quality as the PL-50 out of a bassier IEM will cost you more than an E7 would.  however if you dont want to carry an amp you could try something bassier but nearly as good like the Radiopaq Jazz.  it really depends on if you only want to have one IEM, have a couple, make long torm use of an E5 amp, would the DAC on the E7 be of use etc etc.

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