1. mugabuga

    Question about the Soundmagic E10s

    I just got my first pair of decent headphones, the Soundmagic E10s after I they were recommended here. I bought them because of their reputation for good bass while still retaining a clear sound. However, it seems like there's no bass at all unless I use the bass boost effect on my Nexus 4 or...
  2. lorriman

    HD681 with Ipod Nano 2gen. Output impedance?

    Does anyone know the output impedance of the 2nd Gen Ipod Nano? I am looking to get a friend the HD681 headphones but their impedance is a mere 32 ohms which means that if the 2nd gen nano has a high output impedance, and I expect it does, then the audio will be affected. I've tried searching...
  3. sgraphics

    Portable bass.

    I would like to know what would be the best portable bass headphone out there. I love bass and I will get the DT770 one day but right now I need something portable. My sister has the ksc-35's that I bought her and they are really nice and thumpy. But maybe there are portable phones that have...
  4. unclematerial

    Headphones for - a-hem - mature acoustic/semi-acoustic music?

    I hope this is an okay question, being almost kind of personal but that would hopefully invoke some of the good people here's knowledge and experience. I could seek out places to listen and will, but some thoughts to chew on first would be good.   These are the headphones I've got and a...
  5. Russell Tan

    Apple Earpods Review

    The Apple Earpods are packaged wonderfully. A step up from the cheap plastic wrap that Apple used to use. These are packaged in a wonderful plastic box, expertly wound to exhibit all of the plastic craftsmanship and quirky design. These definitely are better than the old Apple earbuds. For...
  6. BobbusSupremus

    Amp for Sennheiser hd 598?

    Hi, So I recently just got into this audiophile hobby :D And I just recently picked up a sennheiser hd 598 on sale. I'm worried that my computers on board sound won't do my headphones justice. Will an amp or sound card improve my headphones sound? I will probably getting my stuff online as I...
  7. Senryu

    Best portable amp for me?

    Hi! I'm new of this forum :)   I'm not necessarely an audiophile, but I care of what I listen to... so...   I have a Cowon iAudio 10, I listen all flac audio (and a bunch of mp3 and wma) with a pair of Skullcandy Aviator headphones and a pair of Sennheiser CX300 earphones (I use them...
  8. Newbie2013

    Worth getting Fiio E5/6?

    Hi all! Posted this in the wrong forum, so here goes: I was wondering if getting the e5/6 for my android HTC phone would offer any marked improvements over any eq apps available in the app store? I have a pair of Sennheiser eh150. Is it even worth getting it or am I simply going to waste money...
  9. renji1337

    Soundcard/AMP Volume question

    I intend to hook up a schiit magni to a xonar dx which has a 100ohm 3.5mm ouput, i would go from 3.5mm to dual rca's into the amp     Do i put windows volume at 100% like with digital to send a full signal? or do i have to lower windows volume
  10. noxa

    Fiio E5 for HD650?

    Hello all I am new to full size cans and amplication. I have various IEM"s and a fiio E3 amp but i would like to get some HD650 to use with my iphone 3G but have no clue as to whether it will work or which amp is best for my needs. Thanks for the help.
  11. rehban

    Fiio E5 - Crackling/Static when charging

    It's been mentioned sporadically from what I've searched but is this a problem for most owners thus far? Reason being is I'd like to get an exchange before time runs out if it isn't. When charging through usb (red light comes on), I'll get random crackling, static, sometimes a faint hum...
  12. subver

    Will a FiiO E5 improve Sennheiser 205HD's?

    Just wondering if the FiiO E5 would improve the sound quality of Sennhesier 205HD's played from an iPod. I believe they're 32ohms. I was hoping to get my girlfriend something to get better quality sound and a good bass boost. If there is something better for a good price like the E5 I'm all...
  13. Erico9001

    New amp needed for Superlux Hd668B?

    Having recently moved into the world of high quality sound, I could use some clarification on some few details. I want to make sure that I am using the 668B's at or near their true potential with the Fiio E5 amp that I am using.   So amps – there use... From what I understand it is that high...
  14. skept1k

    FiiO e5 or FiiO e6

    I have a pair of Ultimate Ears 600 (UE 600 if you will) and while the headphones sounds truly phenomenal, they do lack a bit of punchy bass. The bass and low frequencies are still clearly there, but the bass is just not punchy. So, for overall sound quality and performance, which amp would be...
  15. GrampsNubian

    Fiio E5

    My headphone jack broke inside the Fiio F5 output socket; i successfully disassembled the unit but can't dislodge broken piece stuck inside channel; HELP from anyone familiar with this problem is welcomed
  16. burtontrail

    DJ Audio Interfaces vs. audiophile DACs

    Hi folks,   I was wondering why people spend so much money on their DAC for a headphone while DJs fill clubs with sound using audio interfaces. Generally, they seem to cost more, but there are audio interfaces for 600 bucks that give you 10 channels. So on the price, the DJ audio interfaces...
  17. oleskool

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1 + Fiio E07k Andes????

    Hello everyone I have been using my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 to listen to music. I am not a super complicated guy. I can settle for good sound. I don't need outstanding sound just yet. Been using AKG K44. They have been taken over by my niece who prefers them to ear buds. So I was thinking I may as...
  18. skept1k

    Ultimate Ears 600, pair them with the FiiO e5 or FiiO e6 amps?

    First post here :) Question is in title. I have heard the UE 600's have great sound but lack a bit of bass (still very present just not what they're "praised" for) and I have seen that the e5 and e6 amps offer bass boosting and sound quality as a whole. Problem is, some say the e5 has better...
  19. meagainstyou

    Best IN-ear headphones for bass

    Hey so I owned beats by dre tour and really enjoyed the bass in them but unfortunetly they broke. I've been on monster turbine copper pro ever since with an e5 amplifier and I just put some ****ty philips(she3575) in my ear and they have waaaay better bass. I was looking for a really good in ear...
  20. Hata

    [Suggestions more than welcome!] J-pop & J-rock - KRK KNS6400 & Koss ProDJ100+FiiO E5 / ~$100 budget

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to read/check up on my thread! Hopefully I'll receive some helpful advice and finally make my decision regarding this.   This will be my first time getting a pair of "real" headphones, to say, and of course I'm slightly unsure as to where to start...
  21. kevincnh

    Fiio E6 vs Fiio E11

    would anyone help me please. im thinking which of the two Amplifiers should i buy. Fiio E6   and  Fiio E11 See i have a Samson G-Track condenser microphone. it outputs 1 monitor built in to the...
  22. simpleme

    Will a low-end portable amp boost the sound quality of my noise cancelling headphones in passivem mode?

    Hi All,   First off, I am not an audiophile. I like good music and I fly a lot. Therefore I decided to buy headphones with active NC (I have done my research and know I sacrifice some sounds quality for the NC). So I have bought the ATHC-AND7b (price/quality better than the bose QC imho)...
  23. muxenle

    which amp to get? fiio e5 vs fiio e1

    okay, I'm consdering either getting a fiio e5  (possibley with a LOD cable) or a fii0 e1.   head phones I'm looking to amp is a pair of JH 5 pros   I've read that over all the e1 is a bit better than the e5, but I also do a fair amount of listening on my laptop. My other main source, as...
  24. gunhound45

    FiiO E5 questions

    I plan on using this with my computer. Using some HD558's and a Xonar DX soundcard.   1. will I notice any difference? 2. can I power it solely by USB? 3. are there better amps for the same price?
  25. bkchurch

    Best universal IEM for $100-$150 to be paired with Pandora/MOG/Spotify and amped by a Fiio E5

    Pretty much what the title says. I've no interest in carrying a pair of headphones around with me when I'm on the go but I'd still like something that sounds good and isolates well. My primary source of mobile music these days is Pandora and MOG (MOG is apt to be replaced by Spotify when it...