1. WilhelmPrice

    Does Fiio E5 help in volume?

    I recently bought a Nokia 5230 and I'm lovin it, the only problem is the output...just as widely known around the world, 5230,5530 and 5800 tend to hav lower volume then yeh my 5230 has lower volume than desired....its not really unbearable and I think the sound quality is kinda...
  2. Chillybawls

    Best amp for regular monster turbine

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if the monster turbine would benefit at all from a portable amp. Would it clean anything up a little? I've been looking at the fiio e5, something very cheap and portable.
  3. loganirado

    From Fiio E5 to PA2V2: is the upgrade worth it?

    Hello guys. I'm wondering whatever I should spend some money on a PA2V2 amp? Will I benefit from it, or should I save my money and purchase some iBasso amp later? Has any user actually experienced both amps by any chance?   I'm using ATH AD700's for now, but I'm planing to acquire a pair od...
  4. pinkllama

    advice on loud headphones for a quiet mp3 player

    hi all,   a bit of advice please.  i have just bought a new phone that i intended to use as my main mp3 player. unfortunately it is very quiet, even on full volume.  can anyone suggest some cheap in ear headphones that are loud/punchy? do i need to be looking at headphones with a low...
  5. lunatic86

    help picking an amp....for my AD700 to my xbox

    just brought the AD700 and i got no clue with this sorta stuff been reading alot of forums but still dint find an answer, 1st do i need an amp for my AD700 to my xbox? also what sort of amp should i be looking for,what i want is low budget and i only care for direction cue for gaming.. i see...
  6. Dubaddiction

    Headphone amp recommendations?

    I'm looking for a pretty low budget headphone amp to use for some bass boost. The only amp I've had was the Fiio E5, which was pretty good, but I'd like to find something better if I can. Thanks in advance for any help/recommendations
  7. DarkAura126

    Thinking of Amping my Brand-Spanking-New Audio-Technica M50s

    As the title states I'm thinking of amping my brand new M50s.... I dont even have em yet, but they're on their way.  I have a couple questions.   1) Is amping the M50s worth it? and, 2) What amp can I get for $30 and under(my budget)?   I've been looking at the E5 for an amp, should...
  8. MLTR

    Is FiiO E5 any good for my Grado/ PX100 / iM590

    Hi, its my first post here.   Being on a tight budget, i first bought a PX100 which i love because i couldnt take the stock buds of my player anymore!! Then a year later, someone gave me as a gift a brand new Grado SR60i and that was quite the upgade though the sound signatures are world...
  9. Rex81

    Fiio E5 vs BSG cMoy

    First let me state that I don't have a ton of headphone and amp experience, but I figure thats ok since a well established audiophile will probably not be interested in these amps in the way that a noob on a budget (like me ) will be. I compared these amps over a few hours with various types...
  10. abeeb

    The best headphones for under £100 ($150)

      I am looking for some portable (foldable) over ear headphones for under £100 ($100). They have to be closed as i will be using them at school and do not want too much sound leakage.   My main music tastes are Rock, Pop and Drum&Bass.   At school they will be driven by my iPod...
  11. usf09

    Fiio E5 light flashing?

    So I picked up one of these to try, but on the first time charging, the red light keeps flashing and won't stop. I know the red light is supposed to be completely off when it's done charging, so I'm wondering if I should return it or not, or if others have had the same problem. Thanks...  
  12. PhoneLover94

    AD700; To amp, or not to amp: that is the question.

    I am set on getting the AD700's. I know people say they don't have to be amped, but I also hear that they lack bass and some amps can help that. I will be running them straight from my headphone jack on my Ipod or my computer, but if you guys think it is worth the extra money for the quality, I...
  13. payroll

    e7 versus e5, line in amp (jack versus usb)

    hi i read the posts on the e7 and have questions   i have the fiio e5 amp and it works well on my sony mdr v-6. i am 43 years old but rather a newbie to audio etc.   is the e7 with usb input to be used only with a pc? do portable mp3 players have a usb out for audio? if so, what...
  14. natty15d

    Fiio E5 or E7 with a Cowon S9 + Soundmagic PL50...... a good combination?

    I use a Cowon S9 + Soundmagic PL50 and for the most part love the sound combination. Unfortunately i do find that this combination doesnt always have enough bass or warmth for certain types of music. Would adding an amp add a bit of warmth back into the mix? The E5 or E7 sounds as if it...
  15. SoSpecial

    How bad would a Fiio E5 be compared to. . .

    A budget DIY amp?   Reason why I am asking is I don't have that strong of an oAMP on my soundcard or on my ipod, and I've heard any amp is better then no amp. I'm not above doing a DIY but I'd like to keep the price down, this will only be driving entry level 201's and RX700's currently and...
  16. Raines

    amp for less than 200 euros that is a step um from Fiio E5 and hippo amp

    Hi guys:D   I Have the following setup:   Hi -Fi   Arcam alpha 8 amp marantz mkii63 KI SIGNATURE CD B&W 603 speakers   HD 555    in the future the alessandro MS1-i and will test them against GOLDRING DR150 and AT MH50...       MP3   cowon i9 IPOD shuffle 1...
  17. Nadia

    FiiO E5 USB Interference?

    Hi all, I'm having a fairly annoying issue with my FiiO E5 - it hisses and almost squeals loudly while it's plugged into my USB port (charging) at the same time as I'm using it. As soon as I unplug it from the USB port and use it straight from its battery, it's practically silent between...
  18. MightyFine Shindig

    Amp for Re0 thread.

    I know that these threads are very common and as I type there are two other threads about pairing amps with the Re0. However, I don't want to hijack another persons thread so I'm making my own. Through searching and reading through numerous threads, I find that the most common suggestion is...
  19. luffy92

    Best Headphones for gaming & music around 200$

    Hi guys, I was wondering what some people would recommend for a good pair of headphones and maybe an amp for around 200$(I can go up to 250$) for both. I plan to use it for gaming and music. Mainly FPS like battlefield bad company 2 and I listen to rap, alternative, hip-hop, R&B. I was...
  20. Bennyboy71

    MiniBox E+ and ER4S synergy?

    Hi I'm in the market for an upgrade to my Fiio E5 amp for use with my ER4S and iPod Classic (6th gen) via line out. I've read a few reviews in here that indicate the MiniBox E+ is a good match with the Etys, but I'd value any thoughts you might have on that before I commit to easing my...
  21. imaaudiophiler

    HeLP needed! Recommend an upgrade from RE0!!!

    I have my Head Direct RE0 for a few months now. It sounds great, fine details etc etc. But my music interest lies in rock genres and RE0's mids are too laidback for me. Any recommendations for earphones around the same price range or slightly above if it is worth the money? (US79)
  22. andrew06

    from HD 201 to Koss PP

    recently, i bought Fiio E5 for my HD 201, and since ive caught upgradivitis, i think i need a pair of Koss portapro, i just wanna ask you guys if this upgrade (can i really consider it an upgrade considering the price difference) recommended? and i use Fiio e5 to adjust my volume, does the PP...
  23. mrbrad

    Is E5 worth it

    I am thinking of getting a fiio e5 to drive my RE0s from an iPod and give them a bit more bass. Will they do this or am I wasting my money?   Thanks. Brad.
  24. ClieOS

    [Pictorial + Impression] FiiO E5 *Sample vs. Final Product*

    Below is my impression of the *E5 Pre-production Sample*. Please score down to the last part of this post for my impression on the *E5 Final Product*. Just got the amp an hour ago from the postman, guess I'll post a few pictures while I am waiting for the amp to charge up. An early impression...
  25. jaker782

    RE0 amped, RE-Zero, or DBA-02???

    I am a longtime lurker who has become quite obsessed with this forum but haven't posted yet due to my "newbie" status.  I've just been sitting here behind the scenes like a sponge soaking up all the great info you all have to offer.   Anyway, I purchased the RE0 about 9 months ago and have...