Cowon s9 pairing phones.... UM3x or W3 or Ortofon e-Q7?
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Jun 7, 2010
I'd like to know what ear phone would pair to make the sound quality of the S9 even better?
I am currently thinking of Westone um3x or Westone 3 or Ortofon e-Q7? Would they work well with S9?
Thanks for the input.
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Well the specific sound signature of the headphone is going to have a bigger impact on the sound rather than the sig of the player. What type of sound do you want? What genres of music do you listen to? 
They're all good phones but they slightly differ in their sound. 
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all the phones that he listed are warm type, i think its a good pair with S9 which is cold/bright.

Yea, cause I did some research and it was mentioned that S9 sounds a bit cold...
Would 10 work as well?

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