1. notaris

    Review: Ortofon e-Q7 and e-Q5 earphones

    Review: Ortofon e-Q7 and e-Q5 earphones The next big thing?   Introduction   Ortofon is a high-tech company, having a history of 95 years, and specializing, among other things, into hi-fi products, in particular, cartridges, replacement stylus, tonearms, and, recently, earphones. The first...
  2. Genuwine

    IEM that covers it all budet 400$, 500$

    Hello everyone I need a top tier universal. I'm coming from the Re262, Vsonic Gr07 Mk II, and i want a new IEM that can present music in a different or maybe better way. IEM's i was looking at were are the Earsonics SM3, FX700, Sony MDR Ex1000, ortofon eq7, and possibly the Heir Audio 4.ai.
  3. PeterCheng

    $100-150 iem for pop, country and r&b

    I cant choose between dynamic drivers and balance armatures. Dynamic drivers have fuller body on the mids and bass where ba have better clarity and highs. Which kind of driver should i choose for these genres? Thanks =]
  4. O

    Best headphone/earphones for about £100 - £150

    Hi, i need some headphones or earphones for the price listed in the post title(about $150 - $220).   I mostly listen to music from the 80's such as Paul Simon and Nanci Griffith. i am driving it form my HTC one x and don't want an amp. they need to be portable to an extent but i don't really...
  5. coke

    DAC / Amp for Ortofon e-q7

    Currently using an ipod classic with apple lossless and ortofon e-q7 iems.   This is primarily used at work while sitting at my desk.   I'm looking for a DAC, amp, and possibly a dock if required.   These don't have to be portable.  An all in one unit would be nice due to the lack of...
  6. fonebone10

    Who can fix my Ortofon e-Q7?

    I got into the bad habit of wrapping up my earbuds around my devices and it has caused the cable to protrude out of the braided exterior as seen in this picture:     Are there any other services besides BTG (apparently they don't do their work on e-Q7's because of a lack of experience?)...
  7. gracky

    Ortofon E-Q7, filters and filter rings???

    Hi all,   Anyone knows where to find spare filters and filter rings for E-Q7? I've recently exchanged filters of my E-Q7 and I have no more filter rings, so it would be impossible to replace filters any more without some spare rings and filters. Tried to contact local distributor (in my...
  8. inhale

    Help with IEMs to pair with Cowon D2 and FiiO E17

    Greets from snowy Russia, folks.   I need your help in choosing IEMs under $300 (shipped) for my Cowon D2 and FiiO E17. Seacrch conditions are as follows:   1. Not-colored or low-colored super high-detail sound.  2. Solid contruction and strong cable. 3. High impendance(?). Since I'm...
  9. S

    Sennheiser IE80s vs. Utimate Ears UE900?

    Let me start off by saying I'm looking for a pair of headphones, did my research, and found the Sennheiser IE80s. They seem to defeat the competition IMO and for my requirements. Then, I found the Ultimate Ears UE900, which seems to fit my price range. Here is a little background on me:   -I...
  10. Johnnydead

    RE-262 vs E-Q7

    Has anyone listened to them both, if so what are the differences and similarties.I have the RE262 but im not satisfied with the bass and the treble is too laid back. I'm wondering if I should pay $300 dollars for the E-Q7 if they aren't even an upgrade to the RE-262. I need help people.
  11. HeroicPenguin

    Hi-end universal IEMs from Triple.Fis

    Hey guys,   This is going to be a long post, so hang in there. I've recently been getting into Head-Fi again, which is doing wonders for my wallet. Anyway, I'm looking for an improvement on my current IEMs, which are UE Triple.Fi 10s with Chris_Himself cables. I really do like these IEMs a...
  12. jpmilner

    EQ7s dead?

    My beloved EQ7s sound really weird today. I put them in and at first thought something was wrong with Pandora. All the vocals sounded like they were underwater. I tried every source in my house and it's all the same. I put on my fostex's and suddenly every source in the house sounds beautiful...
  13. disastermouse

    Best portables for an HD 650 lover?

    Hey all,   My 'reference' for good headphones are my HD650s with a music streamer ii+ and a Fii0 E9 amp (not amazing, but the best I've ever heard).  I'm looking at the Senn HD-25-1-ii, the DT 1350, and the Vmoda M-80s as good, closed, headphones mostly for the gym.   I'd go with IEMs...
  14. vocalist

    Moving on from UM3X - what next?

    The UM3X is a great iem and I do find myself pretty enchanted by it's sound.  That said, I'm not head over heels for it so I'd like to move on and get my hands (ears?) on something else.  Small annoyances are the size of the jack as I have to use an adaptor when I use my iPhone 4S and the length...
  15. shigzeo

    Ortofon eQ5 in review - possibly the last earphone a man (or woman) could ever want in his (or her) collection. Approved by Lorretta, Judean People's Front

      It's years past now, so no reason to get excited over a review, or an 'old product', right? I borrowed the eQ5 from Musica Acoustics back in like February or March. It's dangerous game. I borrowed the Grado GR10 from someone else and now have the GR8. That's a lot of money to throw around...
  16. StereoHeadphone

    Final Audio Design Heaven IV

    Has anyone heard these?   http://final-audio-design.com/archives/1463
  17. J

    Earsonics SM3 v2. Fit, feel, soundstage are worth the price?

    Not being able to take my Lynn and Waferdales everywhere, I need a good pair of IEMs. A while ago I found the Q-Jays better than the Etymotics Er4P where I found the latter too clinical a sound.   I recently noticed high raves on the Earsonics SM3s and am interested in any reviews on the v2...
  18. InearConfusion

    IE80 vs FX700 vs Ortofon e-Q7

    I mainly listen to blues, rock, rap and some classical - run on an iPhone 4 and don't mind buying an amp/dac if necessary.    Ive been using atrio m5's and klipsch x10's and are looking for a more rich, full natural sound (I'm a noob so don't really know all the terms).    Is an amp/dac...
  19. AndrewG

    Will Westone 4 fit my needs?

    I want something with a strong beat, crispy drums that you can get into. I also like emotionally involving vocals where you feel the singer, but not too bright. Is westone 4 worth getting? so music comes alive out of them? Im considering UM3X but vocals werent the strong point on those.
  20. kamenal

    Upgrade path form ER 4P and Ortofone EQ7.

    Immensely enjoying both: Etys for travel and Orto for home. However the upgraditis is kiking in. Personally I prefer the Ortos for "jucier", more spacous sound. I listen to classical 90% of the time. Is the next step - customs? I would like to stay below $400 US. Thank you for your thoughts.  
  21. mvw2

    The earphone collection - The fact that we can never really settle on just one - Comment on your favorites

    Anyone else notice this?   As much as a try to find the "best," "most fitting," or otherwise "ideal" earphone out there, I keep finding myself wanting a range of products.  It's not so much that I prefer different products for different genres.  It's simply that no one product offers the...
  22. syed786

    Ortofon e-Q5 Impressions Thread

    I just recieved the new e-q5   just played for 15 minutes and the sound is in one word  ( Amazing )   It has Excellent Bass Extension and Transparency I used the Silicon Medium ear-tips that it came with    so the treble is just right meaning the way it suppose to sound  not sibilant...
  23. salsatom

    W4, UM3x, E-Q7 - which is better?

    Hi Mates,   I am thinking about buying the new sony A866 walkman and a new IEM, but not sure which to go after. These are under my current consideration: Westone 4, um3x, Ortofon e-q7   I listen to many different kind of music, mainly pop, rock, salsa and something else. Many...
  24. james444

    [Review] Impressions of the Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS versus the SM3, FX700 and e-Q7

    Tagline/Disclaimer: Don't read on or you may risk spending more money on a universal IEM than you ever imagined.   Let me start with saying thanks to takoyaki7 for his great review of the FI-BA-SS. Up to this point I had known about the FADs, but not taken them into serious consideration...
  25. Austin Morrow

    REDONE, REVISED, & UPDATED - Ortofon e-Q5: The Super Sweet IEM (Review)

    Updated review will be at the bottom.