1. zeitfliesst

    Earsonics SM3 v2 availability in Canada?

    I've decided to get a refund for my defective UM3x (RC), and probably jump to the SM3 v2. I see that Sound Earphones is the only retailer in the U.S. that sells these, but I want to know if anyone from Canada has been able to get them from this website. I've sent them an email, but wasn't...
  2. Wraist

    UE 4 Pro or 1964 Ears Quad (1964-Q), Please help ... A poor noobie tread :(

    Hi guys, I am currently looking to buy out some custom In-Ear monitors and I was wondering wich of theses two models were the best choice I could make, I know for sure that UE has alredy a great reputation where 1964 Ears is a starting company. I read the review of both theses ears and the UE 4...
  3. prspctvs

    Shure se535 vs. Westone UM3x for a person with small ears?

    Hi,   I am relatively new to sound, but recently there is nothing I think about more than headphones. Although I have been stalking threads on this forum for sometime, this is my first post. I found that more often than not, someone had already posted on a subject I was looking for, and I...
  4. ebudaj

    UM3X w/ iPhone -- phone call isues

    I just got the Westone UM3X recently. I like the phones, but this isn't post isn't about them.   I've been having a problem with phone calls. When I plug any other headphones into my iPhone 3G, I can still make phone calls -- that is, I can hear the other party to the call through the...
  5. charlie0904

    Some Issues with custom IEM

    hi guys, "recently" i got a JH13 remould by UM.   the right side seems doesn't seem to fit properly after refit, not much change. somehow my left side seems to be very good.   now the third time I got it back, the right side no sound when I "touch" the connector. /headspins anyone...
  6. buddymydog


    OK, I am curious, what is your #1 favorite Universal IEM? and why?
  7. Jolly Bodger

    Custom Sleeves for Westone UM3x

    Decided to treat myself to some custom sleeves for my Westone UM3x. Had a look at the ACS site and noted that the Westones are not listed so I e-mailed them and apparrently they only do the iems listed.   Any suggestions?   JB
  8. stang

    Which eartip to use with Westone UM3X?

    I have owned my Westone UM3X for a couple of months now, maybe 3, can't remember :P Anyway, I have almost gone through both pairs of SMALL foam grey (gray) tips and was wondering a more cost effective option to this. Are the Tri-flange tips comfortable? Do they provide good isolation compared to...
  9. tianqi

    Cowon s9 pairing phones.... UM3x or W3 or Ortofon e-Q7?

    I'd like to know what ear phone would pair to make the sound quality of the S9 even better? I am currently thinking of Westone um3x or Westone 3 or Ortofon e-Q7? Would they work well with S9?     Thanks for the input.
  10. echo-oche

    Westone UM2's compared to UM3X. Is it worth the upgrade?

    Hi Everyone, I own the Westone UM2's in clear and am considering the upgrade to the UM3X.  And while I consider the UM3X should I look at the Shure SE535's?   Primarily I am interested in hearing descriptions of the sound difference between the UM2 and UM3X and if it's drastic enough to...
  11. joplin

    Westone UM3X on Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

    Is anybody using the Westone UM-3X on the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant? If so tell me what you think of the sound or any other feedback you have.   Thanks Greg
  12. mvw2

    Brother and Sister - The UM3X and CK100

    Introduction:   I started out picking up a couple of my favorites, the UM3X and Triple.Fi 10 after managing to get a hold of the CK100 earphone.  I have used the CK10 and CK90Pro in the past, so my curiosity with Audio Technica products are automatically high.  They just makes very good...
  13. ProjectDenz

    Westone UM3 or UMX3

    Hey there guys. I currently have a Sennheiser IE8 and want something that can complement this headphone out of the two mentioned in the title - in other words - I don't really want something that sounds the very close to or the same as the IE8. I also have and love the RE0 if that means...
  14. okachi_1987

    Assistance needed to choose tips :)

    hi, i'm new into audio equipment and would like to ask if anyone may explain to me what's the difference between the etymotics tri-flange and the tri-flange that comes with the westone 1, 2 and 3s..i noticed the etymotics one doesn't have a "stem" as compared to the westone triflange will that...
  15. TJHatchMusic

    Wireles System for IEM Frequency response

    Hey Guys,   I'm currently looking for a wireless system (transmitter & belt pack, receiver) to be used on stage. I can't seem to find one that has the frequency response to compliment the UM3Xs I've decided on buying.   As a bass player in an rnb/soul/funk band, I need to hear a solid...
  16. ThEvil0nE

    Which IE to be "balanced" in the $300-$400 range???

    Looking to purchase an IE which would be balanced for use with the Protector.  I'm into Dave Matthews type genre and love's John Scofield. I'm looking at the UM3X with detachable cable.   Additional comments and other suggestions would highly be appreciated... thanx :)
  17. twylight

    um3x to jh16 - anyone done it?

    Im pretty happy with the um3x, but I have a bad case of upgraditis.  I currently also have um56 custom tips...if anyone has made this move - how big an upgrade was it?  Would you do it again? Regret it?     Thanks for the feedback.   PS I am speaking of the current revision IEMs - not...
  18. theturtle

    OCD Question Regarding Durability..

    Okay, guys, i know this is gonna sound really bad. Its just that this is my first real expensive IEM so i want to keep it in tip top shape. I bought some UM3x from earphone solutions a couple of days ago and i was wondering if they're really durable. After school yesterday i came home and threw...
  19. dirkph

    Weston UM3X... Rattling?

    I just ordered these UM3X's from EBay (brand new) and they arrived less than a week ago.  At first, they sounded great... but just today the 'high's' on the left earphone disappeared entirely. Plus it's the left earphone isn't as loud as the right side now (yes, I double checked that it wasn't...
  20. superduperme

    UM3X problem

    Hi all. I've just gotten my UM3X detachable cable 2 weeks ago, its now having the problem of one side louder than the other.     For my case, its the left that is louder than the right. I've tried replacing the cable and source, but its still the same. Also, I tried shaking the right...
  21. PhoneLover94

    Need advice for new IEM

    Hello again all =) I have been thoroughly enjoying my AD700's. I can not listen to them enough =) I love their huge soundstage and clarity. I started school back up, so I am taking my earphones (standard Apple Buds) to listen to. I have a few complaints about these buds:   1) They do not...
  22. mike1123

    Shure E4 ----> W3 or UM3X?

    So long story short, one of the wires on my E4's has a short (haha), and I am way out of warranty.  I'm considering either the Westone 3 or UM3X; I'm hesitant to go with Shure again due to the cable problem, even if the new SE535 has a detachable cable...   Anyway, I've searched a lot on...
  23. Vergex2

    Am I crazy? Stock iBuds have a nice midrange, treble, and rendition of female vocals?

    I believe these came with an iTouch (64GB if it matters).   I'm running them out of my uDac and they're surprisingly nice with the midrange, treble and have a pretty good rendition of female vocals. Yeah, the bass and drum sounds atrocious and screws it all up, and it is unresolving and...
  24. Del Griffith

    I'm giving the ER4P another go round.

    I have had these in the past when I was younger and more into bass heavy music and ended up selling them. Well Buy,com sent me a nice coupon (for anything when using paypal) so I decided to give these another try. My current quest for detail instead of pounding bass has me interested. First off...
  25. knopi

    which customs Earsonics or Westone?

    Hello,   I am starting miss in-ears. I had UM3X and then JH13. I used UM3X with shure black foams, it was only one tips I have found acceptable as regards sound and comfort. Sound was very seductive mainly mids, I was very happy with them. I sold UM3X and I wanted to try JH13 due to the...