Cowon S9 Impressions
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Aug 5, 2010
I know that this product is old, but I am trying to get a feel for writing these kinds of articles, so here I go.
This is probably the best DAP I have ever owned. After doing some research on Head-Fi it seamed like the way to go, was Cowon (if you wanted video playback at least). I was going to get the J3, but then I saw that the S9 was $100 less for the 32GB model. I wasn't going to pay an extra $100 for a MicroSD card slot. I had also considered the Zune HD, but it didn't have an equalizer and that was the main reason that so many people recommend the S9.
File transfers are pretty slow on it and the UI is poor. I've dabbled in some UCI; mainly the J3 port, but it was to no avail. It didn't work properly. If anyone knows a good UCI, which works without a hitch please inform me! Another negative would be the complete plastic body. It makes it feel cheap, but it is lighter thanks to that.
Now onto the positive. The SQ is sublime, but when using BBE and Jet Effects it really shines! I haven't gotten a chance to make a user preset, but I plan on doing it soon. Another huge bonus is the Xvid playback. It plays back videos that are above its resolution flawlessly and that AMOLED screen is a thing of legend. Colors look so sharp on it. 
I hope to write a full review soon. Any constructive criticism is welcome!
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That's definitely a great place to get some good customization on your S9. When I had the D2+ I went there to get some flash skins and the S9 definitely has plenty to choose from. I enjoyed the ones by cassini but not sure how many S9 stuff he has.
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The EQ is excellent. I'm only using the presets for now, but they make a big difference. I'll experiment soon. The only problem is it hisses when the EQ is used. When music is playing the hiss is unnoticeable, but in times of silence on track it is there. It could have something to do with my IEMs, but I doubt it. When the EQ is off no hiss. I assume it has something to do with BBE.
The hiss is a minor problem though. I still recommend a purchase of a Cowon though. The EQ makes it a very unique DAP.
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Yes, the S9 is a great player.  If you find any aggravations about it you know why they followed it with the J3.  I have both, and only un-bury the S9 to answer questions about it.  My J3 sits atop my pile at the moment.

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