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Still a little confused on which player to buy, help me out?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vhaara, Oct 18, 2010.
  1. Vhaara
    Hello everyone, i have been reading around on the forum and checking out different players but i am still unsure as to which one to get.
    At first i was looking at the P3, then the Sansa's, then the Cowon's, and lastly at the S:Flo2. But i cannot seem to find where to buy the S:Flo2. The cans i would be using would be some Beyerdynamic DT770's, and i would hopefully be getting a iBasso portable amp. The thing i liked about the S:Flo2 was that it had a dedicated line out, and you could add on with an SD card. But i just cannot seem to find where to buy one anywhere. So if someone could help clear things up, that would be great. As i am still confused as to what would sound/pair best with a portable amp. Most likely the iBasso D2. Also, would it be better to get the D2+ or just the D2?
    Thanks again! Oh, im still very new to all this Audio stuff as well, been readin' allot the past few weeks. [​IMG]
  2. Bokyung
    S:Flo2 is from mp4nation.
    Here's a link
  3. Vhaara
    Thank you very much!
    Does anyone recommend another player? Or is that pretty much the best player i could get to pair with a headphone amp?
  4. leblabbiy
  5. tds101
    The Cowon J3, it's fantastic, and it's the new premium player from Cowon. The D2/D2+ is/are discontinued BTW.​
    LINK>Cowon J3
  6. Vhaara
    Well then, i guess ill have to look at more headphone amps. Sorry wallet. 
    Also, could someone explain how a line out essentially works? And how i would use it with the J3, or others that dont have a Direct line out or LOD? Still extremely new to audio. [​IMG]
  7. GeorgeGoodman
    I have an S:Flo2 and it sounds amazing. A line out is a loud, clean signal fom the player that is not really meant to drive headphones because it bypasses the player's internal amp. The IBASSO D2+ Boa portable amp is still being made and is a good amp. It is the Cowon D2 and D2+ that is discontinued.
  8. Vhaara
    Oh! Ok thank you!
    So then, thats my basic understanding of a line out, but i start getting confused when using other players with amps that only have the headphone out. How does that work? Because then doesn't that just use the players amp causing a not as great sound as it could have?
  9. valeamk0
  10. Hero Kid
    First up why are you so keen on having a portable amp? Have you seriously considered the implications of carrying one around not to mention allocating budget towards it?
    I know it's common for new members to sign up and be amazed at the whole portable realm here. Amps, LODs, IEMs, blah blah. It all sounds very well and fancy but to be honest 80+% of the time people don't really benefit from it.
    Can I ask if your computer is Windows, Mac or some form of Linux? Are you happy yo drag and drop or would you prefer to have software sync your library? Do you want to be able to pocket it, possibly use it at the gym? Want a FM radio? Want FLAC (or other "obscure" formats) support? Want to be able to watch videos? Happy to accept ~10 hours battery life? There are countless variables between players and until you have a rough idea of what you do and don't want people really have no idea what they should be suggesting (and often spruke the same products whether they suit the OP or not).

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