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Mar 23, 2010
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Chemical Engineer

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  • About

    Chemical Engineer
    Golf, Music and Golfing some more
    Work, Golf then Working some more
    Headphone Inventory:
    JH-16's recabled by WhipLash TWag balanced, Turbine Pro Gold's, Turbine Pro Miles Davis' Tributes, Turbine Pro Copper's, Beats by Dre Studio, Turbines, Hippo VB, Sennheiser IE8, Hippo Shroom-i, Westone 3, Westone UM3X. Have access to: Ety E4P, Shure SE530
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    RSA P51 Mustang, RSA Protector, AMB mini^3, Lisa III STD, TTVJ Slim (demo, thx Todd), New Arrow 12HE(on the way...still), PicoSlim (on the way still...), PPA
    Source Inventory:
    WhipMOD 240G, S:Flo2 (just ordered), iPhone 3G-S, iPod 160G, Alienware M17x, S:FLO2, iTouch 2G, a bunch of old iPods and Nanos, SOLD: DIYMod 5.5G 80G, DIYMod
    Cable Inventory:
    WhipLash TWag LOD, TWag BG-NX LOD, TWag cable balanced, ALO iMod v2 LOD, Twisted Cables "low-profile" LOD (on order), a ton of DIY LOD's both low-profile and normal prob 15...I experiment too much
    Music Preferences:
    EVERYTHING, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classical, Underground Hip-Hop, Country, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock.
    Engineer @ 3M, play golf when I'm not working and always listen to music.
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