1. abearing

    looking for new IE's under $125

    I've been following the threads for many months. And really enjoy most of the comments. I'm looking for new IE's under $125. My Panasonic HJE 900's have finally died. And replacement cables don't help.  I like a round upfront mid-range and accurate, not emphasized bass. My hearing is not what...
  2. nsunshin

    Replacing Zune HD

    I am replacing a dying Zune HD and have four major criteria: -I'd like to keep comparable sound quality -Bluetooth capability (for background, I know it hurts quality) -I don't want Android, I have a phone for that. -I need at least 32GB storage, but anything with a MicroSD slot works as well...
  3. JK1

    Pocket sized HD radio?

    I have been waiting years for a decent one. I don't want a Zune HD or an Insignia one. I want something decent that gets long battery life on a AA battery, and that will run on an nimh rechargeable. The Zune HD is expensive. It has a built in battery.  It also requires using the Zune software to...
  4. Poetic

    A good DAP that sounds better than the Zune HD.

    Hey everyone im currently using my Zune HD, with my AKGq701, on the Fiio e9. But I realised i Need a much better source, than this Zune HD. I was looking at the Cowon j3 and the Cowon s9. Is there difference in Sound Quality or something? Also would this be a good source for my setup. If any of...
  5. dimmockg

    New player options, some pointers would be appreciated, requirements inside

    as per title, i'm exploring the avenue of a new audio/pmp device   I currently have an iphone4 with fiio e11 and sennheiser hd25 1 ii's   I find there are positives and negatives to having the iphone as an all in one device and have no objection to getting 2 seperate devices (pmp/phone)...
  6. sandaz93

    Zune HD + Koss Porta Pro

    Recently, I purchased a Zune HD 16gb. While I love the UI and build of the zune, the volume feels far too weak. Previously, I was using a iPod Classic 5th generation + Koss Porta Pros, which, while sounding a bit muddy at times, were always loud enough using maybe less than a quarter of the...
  7. iconic

    Recommend me a pair of headphones for at most $150?

    I've been tired of going through multiple ear buds. I've gone through Panasonic, Sony, and various other brands that I can't even begin to list. Simply put, it just feels soo useless to go through that many ear buds once more. I've started reading about a few days ago and came across this forum...
  8. jago

    Seeking advice on My First Desktop Set-Up

    Hi, I'm curretnly looking into my first desktop set up at the minute and have been doing a fair amount of reading around for what would suit my tastes the best!   (First a little background for you: I've just recently sold my IEMS to fund a pair of headphones and have always been intrigued...
  9. Megazine

    Which gives a better sound, iPhone 4 or Zune HD?

    Is their even a difference that we would notice or it's very close? I heard Zune HD gives you a better sound? I'm a iPhone 4 user.
  10. dhyu99

    MS-2i or RS-2i

    Hello.   I'm new to the forum. I've been using MS-1i, but I just got extra budget and wanted an upgrade. I mostly listen to hard rock/metal, but also listen to many other music like blues, k-pop, j-pop. I know that just a pair of headphones can't match all those genres, but considering...
  11. Klesk

    AKG K 701 with Zune HD - Would I need an amp?

    Hey Head-Fi, i'm new here! I've recently ordered a pair of the AKG 701s after my Creative Aurvana Live! broke. I'm wondering if the Zune HD can power the 701s enough to listen, or if I should purchase a portable amp. I've been thinking about getting the FiiO E11, but i'd like some opinions.
  12. superson!c

    Zune HD and headphone amp

    Just purchased a Zune HD refurb for cheap before I realized that it doesn't support LOD  xD   The headphone out does sound pretty **** good as is, but am wondering if it's wise or necessary to add a headphone amp if your cans don't need the extra power? (Denon ADH-2000) If it may sound...
  13. jtaylor991

    Beyerdynamic DT 1350 Unamped

    I have a Samsung Focus and Zune HD and I want to get the Beyer DT 1350. Will they be OK unamped being 70 or 80ohm? And don't they have better isolation than the DT770/80 Pro? I want to use them for mowing lawns as well, so I need good isolation for that. Are they good for hip hop and rock?
  14. jums

    Best Headphone ~$200?

    Hi All,   After deciding that purchasing a decent portable headphone was a bad idea as most cannot live up to the superb isolation of IEMs and the soundstage and depth of full size cans, I decided that I would stick with my a151's and take the plunge into the full sized can world. Ideally Im...
  15. fusedpro

    Best IEMs for around $30?

    Forgive me for making this thread as I imagine there are hundreds like it. That said, since there are so many, I'm having trouble consolidating all that information into something digestible.   I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs for $30 or under for my Zune HD. I'd be willing to spend...
  16. Maxis

    Ok.. I got my first pair of decent Headphones ... and im having a little problem..

        Frankly ... they sound like ass ..      Ok heres the background.. Ive been using IEM's for a couple of years ... and my daily IEM are UE Triple Fi 10 Pros .. which are arguably the most well rounded non custom  IEM around. The source is my Zune HD and they drive the IEMS ok. A few...
  17. Maxis

    Ok .. IEM user looking for Full Sized for June birthday present.

      Hello   I have been on this website for quite a while mostly in lurker status or usually to purchase IEMS or get advice on them. Right now i think its time to get my feet wet with a decent pair of full sized headphones.   So heres the deal   Presently my equipment is  ...
  18. Anderosai

    Best match of earbuds for Zune HD

    I have the Zune HD 32GB. I am not satisfied with the sound quality with any of the equalizer settings as well. Currently I am using Klipsch Image S4. They are nice but IMO they are not worth the $80 I spent on them. They are not as clear as I would like , the highs can sometimes "hurt" and...
  19. kakis

    nothing satisfies me. (Philips and pioneer, or n8 plus amp and pioneer)

    Hi guys, please help me. Non of my devices satisfy me. Recently I sold my old and faitful philips gogear mp3 player, it was three or more years old, but the SQ of it was amazing, well atleast for me, and for a few months I used psp 3000 as a player, both of them had quite vivid and live sound...
  20. Audiopotamus

    AKG K702 Upgrade?

    So I just bought a pair of AKG K702 and I was wondering if I should upgrade the cable and the cousins. I play them through my sound system with my Zune HD connected to my receiver and I can move around my room with the 3 meter cable length so that is not a problem. It would be awesome if anyone...
  21. 1974

    Denon AH-7000s, okay with a 30 ohm amp?

    I'm looking into getting a great pair of headphones to use with my RME Babyface usb interface:   http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_babyface.php   While the onboard DACs are top notch, the amp side only puts out 30 ohm, which would be a problem for some high ohm headphones. Luckily the...
  22. Dicetrain

    Earpads for Grados...

    So I got some 325is and it seems I have it worse than some others. It's not that the earpad is uncomfortable, but I have small ears so the pad doesn't even touch them. It's just my ears right on that inside surface! Ow!   The GS-1000 cushions look like they extend more so they would keep the...
  23. Dzhozef

    Sennheiser HD555 vs. Grado SR80i?

    Hey, guys. I am thinking about getting my first set of "decent" (using the term loosely here.) cans and I was wondering if you guys here could perhaps recommend a nice set within the $85-100 range. currently I'm thinking about the Sennheiser HD555's and the Grado SR80i's. I listen to a wide...
  24. Dobber

    windows phone 7 connector & Zune HD

    http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/hands-on-windows-phone-7-connector-for-mac-review-902191 As a Zune HD owner with a Mac, I would love for this to support the zune. I could delete the XP virtual machine from my drive and free up some space.
  25. Daniel_E

    Looking for a 24-32GB mp3 around 200$

    Hello, I'm a little bit out of date in the mp3's market and in a need for your good advice... I really liked the concept of all the creative X-FI (of course that i would have to expand them..), however i couldn't tell the diffrent between the models: X-FI, XFI2. MX. and there are price...