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nothing satisfies me. (Philips and pioneer, or n8 plus amp and pioneer)

  1. kakis
    Hi guys, please help me. Non of my devices satisfy me. Recently I sold my old and faitful philips gogear mp3 player, it was three or more years old, but the SQ of it was amazing, well atleast for me, and for a few months I used psp 3000 as a player, both of them had quite vivid and live sound, bass was realy good, I was using some cheap TnB inear headphones, well 20 bucks for them. I loved it. My audiomaniac was fully satisfied. In the mean time i had them machines, i sometimes tried to use my se w950 for music, its a phone, I didnt liked it, something was not quite good. Recently i got for myself n8 nokia, somehow I thouth it would be better then my old philly, with stock headset it was ok, after a week or two the music stoped be enjoyable, so I decided to buy some expensive pair of inears, bought jvc fx35 ones ‘not so expensive‘ , tried to use with my phone, n8. It was ok, but I needed more live bass and higher volume. Then I bought Pioneer inear ones clx50jk, the responce is from 5 hz to 25khz, and to 106db. The sound is amazeing, bass very good, volume is about 30% higher, but still, something is wrong, the vocals of artists sounds kind of mechanic, now I‘m starting to think its not headset, but the player, still dont know why with my jvs ones, the voices of artists are ok, but everything else is crap, and the responce of them are much lower then pioneer. Maybe you guys have any tips about my situation? Or me just goin loco? Me mysefl graduated from music school in europe, so cant stand if bad SQ or when something is not quite right. By the way, on philips player I always used that ex concert sound smth. So help me. Please (sorry for my english, hope you guys will understand everything) Thanks
  2. dbdynsty25
    I have no idea what you are asking.  Do you want headphone advice, do you want a new mp3 player, what?
  3. kakis
    headphones sounds fine with laptop and eq studio. so probably player, but have no idea which to chose.
  4. dbdynsty25
    For an extremely nice sounding player, Sansa Fuse's are highly recommended around here as are most of the Cowon Products S9, J3, D2, etc.  I personally like the sound of the Zune HD, but it's not very tweakable if you need to.
  5. kakis
    but whats your opinion about philips thingies is there any good ones? Once I hade ipod nano 2gen, it gave me headaches. No apple stuff for me.

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