1. exe163

    Best sounding mp3 player?

    I am planning to buy a mp3 player, just wondering which are the top 5 best sounding mp3 players. thanks~ I am thinking about the yet to be release sansa clip 4gb. Good, bad, better choice?
  2. shigzeo

    IEM Warning

    hello everyone - again. i just wanted to mention something that may have relevence here. we all know about volume level and not to extend our listening sessions for too long but i think i may have another suggestion. firstly, may i preface this by saying that i am quite a close-sighted...
  3. lavinachtani

    Amp for Cowon D2 under $60

    I am using the Cowon D2 player since years and i am quite happy with the sound quality. Recently i bought a nexus 5. The sound quality on that is quite good but the volume is very low. So i have been thinking of buying a portable amplifier for that.    The headphones i use are Takstar Hifi...
  4. HiFiRE

    Headphone store in Bangkok?

    My k81dj broke (just the platic) while travelling through south east asia and I want to get a replacement when I get to Bangkok in a couple weeks. I doubt I'll find any high end headphones in Laos. Anyone know of a headphone store in Bangkok?
  5. H20Fidelity

    Cowon D2+ vs S9 Quick Impression (A Step Back in Time)

    This quick review has been removed
  6. borgia

    Surprisingly good: Logitech In-Ear-Phones - H165 Portable

    I was looking for a cheap and portble headset to use together with skype and bought this 20$ in-ear headset.   As they sounded quite good with Skype I was wondering how they would sound with music, so I decided to give it a try and plugged them into my D2 (and also in my Rockboxed Clip+). No...
  7. Bassboost

    Getting My 1st Rig: Need Your Suggestions

    Hi, I'm new here and I just need some advise in setting up my first rig. Any suggestions about which PMP, headphones, and amp should I get will be much appreciated. :)   Btw, I listen to bassy-type of music most of the time (R&B and club, not really into hip-hop :)), so I'm wondering if a...
  8. dorky24

    Best sounding Nontouchscreen PMP

    Hey all, i'm looking for a new PMP to buy. Sound quality is important to me, but so is drive space. I listen to a wide variety of music ranging from Indie to large bass trance and techno, to classical and other instrumentals.    I have been considering the Ipod Classic or Nano and the Cowon...
  9. Mooe

    Shure 750DJ (180$) vs ATH-M50 (238$)

    Greetings! I have been looking for headphones to replace my Steelseries Siberia V2 which I drive with my computer using the audio card Asus Xonar D1, and possibly my CAL! which I use for my Sansa Clip+ 8GB (I bought it after my Cowon D2 broke, but admittedly the Clip+ does not have the best AQ...
  10. jma790

    Yuin OK1’s, review and comparisons – Vs. Triple.Fi 10 Pro’s

    Hi friends, here is a little but pretty nice review that I hope you enjoy reading. I will be reviewing the Yuin OK1 earbuds, made by Yuin of China. I will first review them standalone, and then I will do some comparisons against any other headphone that I’ll cross with ; for now, it will be...
  11. Rimo

    Help a rookie - Triple-fi 10 vs Fischer Audio DBA 02 vs Head-Direct RE0 vs something?

    Hello guys!   I have a new MP3-player, Cowon D2+ and want a good IEM now. When I´m looking around and trying to get good recommendations I´m just looking around in a jungle full of options.   I have been recommended three items that looks great but need a final choice and maybe you can...
  12. alitomr

    HD595 first impressions.

    I've owned my HD555 for several years. They broke recently and repairing them would cost around 58usd, plus shipping outside the USA. I saw the HD595 was at a reduced price in and decided to buy them. They were (i think are)about 100usd less than the last time I checked, at 129.   ...
  13. Adu

    Shure SRH840 owners

     I need advice about these hedphones: Shure SRH840. These headphones are hard to drive by a tube headphone amplifier in class A? My headphones amplifier have two outputs: first 300 ohm deliver 2W in class A and second 32 ohm deliver 1W in class A. Thanks!
  14. Fernito

    Portable player for US$200

    Hi there!    Well, I want to buy a new audio player, and I count with a budget up to US$ 200. I will use unamped HiFiMAN RE0 phones and I'll be listening to lossless and high bitrate MP3 audio files. I'm aiming specially towards sound quality and expandability (i.e. memory card(s) support)...
  15. Starsky5000

    Volume Level on Mp3 player Playing At Different Levels on Different Songs?

    I've ripped some cds to my Cowon D2+ but i notice when i play the songs the volume level on some songs is louder than on some songs and lower on others. I always have to fiddle with the volume level to get a good volume.   Is their anyway to fix this?   Thank You All.
  16. Starsky5000

    Looking For An Accurate, Yet Lively Earphone.

    I want to hear accurate, if lively, presentation of my music. I want my music to come through with all the clarity and impact of the original cds.   I'm looking for the Audio Technica ATH-M50 but in an earphone form. Everything thing this folding semi-portable headphone can do i want it in...
  17. JezC

    Looking for advice on upgrading q-JAYS

    Apologies - please see post below.
  18. straden

    Anyone have Samsung Epic 4g?

    Few days ago, I had a chance to hear my friend's epic 4g with my se530 and I was amazed by its sound.   I only had few minutes of listening time, but it sounded fuller and had wider sound stage than my iphone 3g / cowon D2.    Does anyone else have experience with it?    I'm very...
  19. treal512

    RE0 coupled with 2 DAPs

    RE0 + Cowon D2+   and   RE0 + Sony E45   can anyone tell me how these IEMs will do? will either player drive them? or will something like a T4 be needed for either setup? the D2+ is mine and the E45 is a new player i just bought for my dad. he just cut his Sirius Radio subscription...
  20. Thedevilgamer

    A question about cowon d2 with Fiio E5

    Hi, Recently I received the AKG K518 headphones. I have a  COWON D2 mp4 which the headphones should be connected to, but I feel the sound is weaker than usual and sounds a bit "flat", but on the other hand when I try the headphones with my father's  headphones amplifier, tha Pro ject Head...
  21. Starsky5000

    Which Headphone Should I Get?

    I need your input on which headphone i should get. This will be perhaps my only headphone purchase for the next 10 years so it has to be an excellent one.   I'm using it for portable and home use so it must have folding abilities and be easily driven by an mp3 player. I'm currently using a...
  22. Elluzion

    Next Upgrade: Best Investment?

    Hey Everyone Currently I own the JH5's and a Cowon D2 portable DAP. I am not sure what is my best investment for my next purchase, I wanted to collect a few opinions. Options: -Amp/DAC -Upgrade Cable -New Source -Save For Better Headphone Let me know what you guys think. Thanks~
  23. wicked.ludicrous

    Portable players recommendations

    I'm asking for any recommendations anybody would give for portable mp3 players. I've read that the Clip+ has great sound, but nothing about anything else. The Sony E34x and S54x players also came to mind, as it's something I'm looking for. So yeah, I'm looking to get a rather small player that...
  24. Solrighal

    Best Practise?

    Hello everyone. I just bought my very first headphone amp, a Fiio E5. I know this is as basic as it gets but I wanted to test the waters before shelling out major money. Frankly, I'm amazed at how it's helping out my Shure SRH840's. The Shure's themselves are only a recent (last week) purchase...
  25. greenspot2807

    Cowon d2 > Sennheiser IE 8 unamped??

    Hi everybody! After doing research for about a week i decided for the D2+ 16 + 32 gb as my new player because of (if I summarize correctly...) -Audio quality -sd-slot -flac -capacity -tweakability..... Being a proud owner of a new set of IE 8's I am a little concerned about hissing...