1. EnigmaticHipsta

    What to buy since Cowon is not doing so well

    my zune hd is on the fritz and i was looking to buy a cowon j3 32 gb but after a few mins of research  i found they have stopped production and that most cowon products are not doing well, i was almost about to buy an itouch and said f that.   all i need is   32gb+ (maybe an added sd slot...
  2. alex110394

    A new music player after a J3

    Hi everyone !   I have the Cowon J3 16Go + 64Go SD card, and, regrettably, the storage is nearly completely full.    So, I will soon buy a new music player, with a huge capacity of storage.    The Ipod Classic could be great, but is the sound bad ? How is the sound compared to the J3...
  3. Bart1981

    A new mp3 player with line-in record function

    A few days ago my girlfriend washed my sporting clothes, and with them my Cowon J3 32GB player  Tried to revive it after I let it dry on the heater for 2 days, but no luck.    So now I have to find an other MP3 player, but to be honest I do not have the money at this time to buy a mp3 player...
  4. mertovic


    Hello  I want to buy a Cowon mp3 player but i can't decide. I just want to listen to music not watch videos.So i want the best audio quality. I need the best audio quality.Price is not an important factor.You can suggest me other brands except Cowon. I wonder that what is the different...
  5. dannyd123

    Cowon iaudio10 on MAC

    so im planning to buy an iaudio 10 soon and i wonder if it bricks the same way as it does with the j3, i only have a mac, no other computer in the house, i want to know if there is a certain type of way to connect it and transfer music and videos to the i10. 
  6. fromthelane

    New player needed - fairly simple demands!

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking for a new portable audio player -- I'll be using it with one of my home audio systems as well as when I'm travelling. It's not for gym use - I have a sansa clip for that.    Requirements are simple:   - 32gb minimum, preferably 64gb - Audio quality is...
  7. frankrondaniel

    J3 Sound Quality a step down vs. X5L and iaudio 7?

    I've been a very happy long time owner of both the iaudio X5l and 7.  However, I've found that neither supports gapless and the battery life of the X5L is getting pretty bad (the 7 still runs forever on a charge - amazing).  So to obtain gapless support I purchased a J3 mainly based on reviews...
  8. psycomagic

    [ASK] Best Dap / mp3 player for Shure Se215 T___T

    Excusme, im new in here, and sry if this like a stupid question i just wanna know what the best dap for shure se215, i like all kinds of music, but maybe except metal now im using se215 + Rocoo P, but for me it is too bright there may be other suggestion from here..?? Thanks...
  9. Orel

    Cowon J3, where to buy?

    Asking this on behalf of a friend :P He lives in Israel, and wants to buy the Cowon J3 32GB version, perferably black. Problem is, no store here imports it anymore and eBay and Amazon don't sell the 32GB new anymore. Anyone knows where he can buy it? Thanks :)
  10. dimmockg

    New player options, some pointers would be appreciated, requirements inside

    as per title, i'm exploring the avenue of a new audio/pmp device   I currently have an iphone4 with fiio e11 and sennheiser hd25 1 ii's   I find there are positives and negatives to having the iphone as an all in one device and have no objection to getting 2 seperate devices (pmp/phone)...
  11. yuval15324

    new mp3 for me (sound quality and at least 50 gb)

    hello, sorry for my english. im looking for a mp3 player for me. i need a good sound quality, at least 50 gb and a touch screen i need it only for music, i dont need games wifi and stuff... i heard the cowon j3 is really good, but i cant find it anywhere, can you recommend an other...
  12. Bender1987

    Having a Cowon J3 isuue any help?

    Hey guys figured i would ask for some help here.   I just got my Cowon J3 and overall it seems to be working very well. However it seems to get hung up and freeze on certain FLAC's. From what i can tell i think it is the Bit-Rate of the FLAC's i have. Now most of these files on my hard...
  13. akkib89

    [resolved] Portable music @ 400$ , SQ being the main preference here.

    EDIT1:Will the 6gen Ipod nano do it or should I buy the J3 (because I don't want to compromise on audio quality). My budget can stretch a maximum upto 400 $ and that said, I will be grateful if head-fiers could provide me with other alternatives that I have failed to consider. Storage capacity...
  14. EricArcadia

    Is this Cowon J3 32 GB legit?

    This seems to be to good to be true. Is this a legit Cowon J3?
  15. TheKarakiri

    Ipod Classic or Cowon J3

    Hi,   I am currently planning on upgrading my portable music player. I'm pretty much stuck between these two devices (Ipod Classic & Cowon J3). I'm most likely going to amp the device with something like the RSA P-51 Mustang or the Pico Slim. Other suggestions for music players will also be...
  16. olear

    Cowon models help.........

    I am considering several models from Cowon:  What are the pros/cons of these models?   J3 D2+ S9 C2   I have a iphone so don't need an Android or many apps., in fact I don't use the EQ on my RB Clip+.    Would it be wiser to look at another brand (ie Sony) since I may not use...
  17. 9inth

    Need recommendation for a portable amp to be paired with Denon AH- D2000.

    I'm just taking a look at some options for Denon AH- D2000. My budget would cap at 200, but I'm kind of looking for something that doesn't cost too much. Thanks.
  18. Vlooienuker


    Hi Head-fiers.   So I was wondering which amp I should get, I have a Cowon J3 and a pair of Westone 3's.   My budget is 500 USD.   Personally I dont really like the W3s on the flat EQ and I increase the bass slightly and the highs slightly.   Portability is a huge factor. So is...
  19. Vlooienuker

    Best DAC/Amp Combo with a Cowon J3 and Westone 3?

    Hi all.   I'm looking for a great DAC/Amp combo to pair up with my Cowon J3 and my W3's.   My budget is 700 USD...   I know the W3's are a low impedance phone but I really want to "make the most of them" and get the best sound possible. I dont want just a "slight" difference I want a...
  20. DGriff0400

    J3 still kicking?

    hey im new to head-fi and i want a nice portable set-up.considering getting the z2 or the a5 which seem ok.but is the j3 still kicking?
  21. srcx13

    Cowon J3, Z2, D3, A5- your vote please!

    Hi Friends!   If money is not an issue, and based on pure sound quality, which one of these is the best buy? You may add other cowon players too.   Use with- high quality headphones and high quality lossless audio.   Votes, as many as possible, are invited!   Thank you!
  22. ads1107

    Which Android powered player for Westone um3x?

    Hey all   As title, looking to purchase a new player. Have started to use Spotify a bit so having offline playlists on it would be handy, since my Cowon J3 isnt compatible!   Main genres I listen to are Alternative and most types of EDM. Will be paired with um3x RC. Am very happy with it...
  23. Nielo TM

    DAP/DMP Recommendation.

    I am looking to replace my Sansa Clip Zip with a better DAP/DMP in few weeks. The Zip is an awesome little player but its soundstage is too narrow for my taste.  Wish I can easily mod the Zip to increase LR separation, but guess that’s not possible. So I just need a player that has wide...
  24. johnnyarks

    SGS or ipod+dac/amp to replace Cowon j3?

    Hello all...      So.. I just received my new se535 replacements, and started using my j3 again for the first time in a month and realized how crappy a UI/Syncing is (playlist/podcast issues)...I've had my j3 for 1yr+...and while it sounds fantastic paired w/ my shures...I long for the...
  25. Perplexed

    Where does the iPod 5G rank in 2012?

    So I bought me a 5G iPod, and due to weird circumstances with Amazon and eBay I'm now in possession of both a 30GB and 60GB.  Loving them both, but that's the issue - I can't decide whether to keep one, and if so, which one to keep.. :\ The 60 doesn't feel chunky, but the moment I pick up the...