1. kakis

    nothing satisfies me. (Philips and pioneer, or n8 plus amp and pioneer)

    Hi guys, please help me. Non of my devices satisfy me. Recently I sold my old and faitful philips gogear mp3 player, it was three or more years old, but the SQ of it was amazing, well atleast for me, and for a few months I used psp 3000 as a player, both of them had quite vivid and live sound...
  2. rmp459

    RE0 Warranty Failed =(... What IEM next?

    As careful as I was with my RE0's over the past year, one of the wires in the earbuds pulled loose internally and when I RMA'd them, after nearly 3 weeks, a replacement was sent to me, but never made it to my house.  USPS tracking shows delivered, but with the snow it seems to have been sent to...
  3. Pm@c

    JVC HA-FX33 vx HA-FX34 vs HA-FX35

    All Ive ever used was the HA-FX33. I saw them on sale at a local retailer for like 10 bucks a piece in Canada here, and bought like 5 pairs of them. I use them to listen to music when I go to bed so these in ears don't last me more than 3-4 months a piece, and Im down to my last pair.   Been...
  4. JVC HA35 Traditional Lightweight Walkman Replacement Headphones

    JVC HA35 Traditional Lightweight Walkman Replacement Headphones

    JVC is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated audio, video and related software products. Building upon a wealth of technologies, exemplified by the JVC-developed VHS videocassette recorder, the Company is moving decisively to offer appropriate solutions for the...