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New player options, some pointers would be appreciated, requirements inside

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dimmockg, Jul 6, 2012.
  1. dimmockg
    as per title, i'm exploring the avenue of a new audio/pmp device
    I currently have an iphone4 with fiio e11 and sennheiser hd25 1 ii's
    I find there are positives and negatives to having the iphone as an all in one device and have no objection to getting 2 seperate devices (pmp/phone) if need's be.
    I have a liste of needs/requirements as follows:
    1) as great a sound quality as possible
    2) expandle memory by sd/micro sd
    3) very good colour screen of approx 3.5 inches or so
    4) great battery life
    5) touchscreen
    6) wifi
    having read a fair few threads and researched a little, i'm kind of angling toward these:
    Cowon J3 - don't think this has wifi? - £160 in the uk
    Cowon Z2 - seems to tick all the boxes - £260 in the uk
    Cowon A5 - seems to tick boxes, similar price to Z2
    Creative Zune HD
    Creative Egg ii
    Budget, is ideally around £250 absolute tops, and it would be at the top end
    Any suggestions, input or ideas welcomed and thanked for in advance :)

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