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How can something so small be so good! (this could get expensive)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zephead, Feb 7, 2014.
  1. Zephead
    Just got a Sansa clip zip (refurb for £20), first thing I did was stick K T Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope on the internal memory (got 13.5Gb copying to memory card) and pressed play.
    Coming from a PC running as Asus Xonar DS sound card into some creative speakers that have headphone output on the volume control (so amp'ed by the creative kit) and my portable option being a Creative Zen x-fi 2 this little tiny thing is so much of an improvement (especially on the Zen) that I'm amazed.
    I've been planning for a little while on getting a Fiio X3 but may now wait for the X5 and I'm also considering a purchase from Epiphany Acoustics (EHP-02 Amp) so I can use the Fiio as a dac with my PC through the EHP-02 and probably into some AKG K612 phones (still to be decided).
    Next purchase is some new IEM's though, probably RHA MA750 as I like the descriptions of the sound. Currently listening through a pair of modded RP-HTX7's
    Reading all the comments on here about the Sansa Clip range I have to confess and had my doubts they could sound as good as people said but I'm now a believer.
    Just wondering whether to rockbox or not now.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    You should seriously consider pairing your new Clip Zip with the $200 Dunu DN -1000 hybrid. I own many DAPs like Studio V, Rocco BA, Colorfly C3, and regular members within the community know I'm not one to fan the Sansa units. However when you put these two together something magical happens. Seriously consider checking out the Dunu. I own RHA-MA750, not the same.


    It's one of those pairings that make you take a step back and have a good hard think about things.
  3. Zephead
    3 problems with the Dunu. I can't get them in UK. If I got them from abroad they could end up costing me almost twice what the MA750's are going for and lastly, the Sansa is a stop gap until I get an X3 or X5 later this year and the Dunu may not be as magical with that. I still appreciate the suggestion though.
    I'm still looking for the IEM that I will buy but the RHA is looking favourite at the moment. I considered also the Shure se215, Yamaha EPH-100, Audio Technica ATH-CKX9 or the Rock It Sounds R-50 which I can get for the same price as the RHA
  4. davidcotton
  5. Zephead
    They sell Dunu but not the DN-1000, although I've read good things about the I3CS that they do sell and at about the right price.
  6. JoeDoe
    The DN1000 really is a great IEM that pairs excellently with the Sansa. Have you checked pricing to UK from mp4nation? They usually offer free international priority shipping. Got mine shipped to the US for about $175 with a New Years promotion.
  7. Zephead
    It works out at £116 from mp4nation however  if it then got hit with VAT (20%) and also the UK carriers "handling charge" that they all seem to make when there is VAT to pay it would work out at about £147 which is considerably more than my maximum £100 budget. (I could stretch to £116 if that was going to be the landed on my doormat price).
    I've bought myself some Soundmagic E10's for now and I'll keep my eye out for DN1000's turning up on Ebay or on here for sale.

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