1. Ekul61

    tube amp under $500

    I have the asgard2. It seems a little bright with the x5 He400 setup. From what ive read. Tube amps are a little less in your face treble. What is a good tube amp that I might like better than the asgard 2. Say under $500. Thx
  2. Zephead

    How can something so small be so good! (this could get expensive)

    Just got a Sansa clip zip (refurb for £20), first thing I did was stick K T Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope on the internal memory (got 13.5Gb copying to memory card) and pressed play.   WOW!   Coming from a PC running as Asus Xonar DS sound card into some creative speakers that have...
  3. IaHawkeye

    What accessory should I get to improve my audio experience?

    Hello all, I'm fairly new here, I think today I've finally decided I'm going to order the custom JH audio Roxanne's (non CF). I currently use my IPhone 5 as my primary audio source playing music purchases from ITunes. I am not sure what audio quality the iTunes music is, but have been trying to...
  4. Rednamalas1

    I have WOOD!! Review of ESW10JPN vs. AD2000

    AD2000 Vs. ESW10JPN review Equipments used: ATH-AD2000 with ~500hrs of use ATH-ESW10JPN with ~200hrs of use Gilmore Lite w/DPS Keces DA-151 Dell XPS M1210 (FLAC, foobar2000, Asio4All) iAudio X5L (FLAC) Build Quality, Fit and Design: ESW10, as we know, have wooden-lacquered...
  5. Malakei

    Cowon IAudio X5 and D2+ with SD card and Zune 120GB[parts] for your iPod

    Hey guys, much as I hate to do this, i'm tired of waiting for a good sound dock for non-apple products. Love the B&W Zeppelin so i've decided to go iPod for the dock alone. Will trade all 3 players for your ipod/imod classic or ipod touch and can add whatever cash is necessary to make the deal...
  6. Cecala

    Cowon X5 for SALE.

    X5 for sale. It is in mint condition(no scratches whatsoever) and with all original parts included. Has recently had a new battery installed and functions perfectly. $100.00ono + shipping and tracking(if required). It is the X5 model complete with power supply, dongle, USB cable, CD of...
  7. LammerOutsider

    Value of Cowon X5 60GB ?

    Hi,    I need to know how much value has my Cowon X5.   I am not a first owner, I am third. In the perfect condition, no scratches, harddisk or other hardware never been broken.  Its rockboxed and capacity is 60GB. Battery is about 1,5 year old. Perfect sound.   How much value do...
  8. Lcasei84

    WTB:Cowon iaudio x5

    As tittle says, I'm looking for an Iaudio x5, doesn't matter capacity or state, Instead not-working players are welcomed.
  9. youtoome

    Some help with source.

    Good evening. I think to make myself a little present and upgrade my portable pair Sansa Clip Zip + Aurvana 2. Merry christmas by they way! So i limited by 350-400$ budget and thinking about change source first. After some looking on our market i find such choices   HiSound RoCoo P...
  10. redkop

    Best sounding "old model" mp3 player

    I am wondering what "old" model mp3 player people would recommend for SQ. I am looking at Iriver H340 but would like any input from you guys. Don't care what it looks like or even amount of storage,just want good SQ mp3 player that can be got secondhand. Many Thanks
  11. Dutchi MerenGue

    Anyone know how to dualboot ROCKBOX and Original firmware on iaudio m3/x5?

    i know it can be done on the x5 but i dont find to much documentation on it online and nothing recent, since the x5 is basically the m3 with a screen i figured it could translate over reasonably easy, can someone who's done it help me out?
  12. DustyTill

    Best sounding and robust MP3 player with SD card slot (and not micro SD)

    Hi. I already have a Cowon X5, but it didn't last long...So i'm looking for a great sounding MP3 player which can accept SD cards (and not micro SD),enough robust live a long time and if possible not tactile ! My budget is around 150€. Thanks for your help !
  13. vrapan

    X5 or NWZ-F886

    I know that the X5 is not very widely available yet but I would like to put the comparison question out there see if anyone has come across the combo.   I am currently using my iPhone 5 as my portable source and when sat on a desk my MBA. The iPhone 5 is definitely lacking and not only on the...
  14. theJesus

    Cowon iAudio X5

    The iAUDIO 60 GB X5 Portable Black Multimedia player from Cowon allows you to play your music and video files on the go. With excellent quality sound output powered by a 5-band EQ and the BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround, and Pan sound effects, you’ll never want to take off your...