1. GoodListener611

    Portable AMP DAC for AKG K612

    I have recently decided on buying the AKG k612 so now i need to find a worthy amp. So could you guys suggest a good amp/dac less than 100$ preferably portable. I know it's a tall order, but it'd be great if you could help me out. Thanks!
  2. serman005

    Best open cans for $225 US

    Hi, all. Interested in people's feedback on this thread. I listen to rock, country, bluegrass, edm, opera, and jazz--in roughly equivalent doses. I am not a basshead. I have several other cans, but none that fits in this precise niche. I appreciate the assistance very much!
  3. thelonious58

    AKG K612 - better than Sennheiser HD598?

    I've read a lot of really good things about the AKG K612 on head-fi and elsewhere, even suggestions that it is well on the way to the SQ of a Sennheiser HD600. I am very pleased with my recently acquired HD598 and find it hard to believe that an HP costing under £100 can be as good - the 612's...
  4. SchmoopyJr

    Clear, balanced open-back headphones for under $300

    I don't expect headphones of the gods for under $300, but what are the clearest well balanced open-backs I can get for the budget? I suppose I can stretch just a little.
  5. Lucagt9

    best headphones under 200$

    what are in your opinion the best headphones under or about 200$? i'm searching for great sound quality and deep clear bass for electronic but also pop music. i can also buy an amplifier if it could help
  6. kashim

    best positional audio for hard core fps gamer (headphone + soundcard)

    hi guys i m italian fps player,i m played for many years with siberia frost blue v2 usb headset with good result,but now i wanna spend more for great soundcard + headphone combo...i m looking for a 3d soundcard emulation  5.1 and a great stereo headphone open back with awesome positional...
  7. brassmonkey

    The never-advertised, always coveted headphones built and sold in Brooklyn

    Don't know if anyone on here reads Ars Technica much, but they just dropped a decent size article on Grado. I think most on here know most of Grado, but there may be a few n00bs. Maybe some new stuff the vets don't know too. I found it a good read.  ...
  8. Velorium

    What headphones out there have a v-shaped signature, but an even better soundstage than the DT990?

    I love the v-shaped signature of the DT990 but I want more height out of the soundstage. A few weeks ago I was able to listen to the AKG K612 with an Aune T1 with the E88CC Golden Lion tube. The soundstage was great and I could actually hear sounds coming from below ear level, basically from the...
  9. IceTea

    Best Single Driver IEM

    What is the best single driver iem?   Can be either BA or Dynamic or Moving Armature. For me, it doesn't really matter, but I genuinely prefer the Bass and Treble response of a good dynamic driver, coupled with the detail and accuracy (but not too much) of a good BA driver. I do not have...
  10. GustavMahler

    Does every company have their particular sound?

    If i have heard an AKG headphones and i liked their sound, will the sound of their other products will be somewhat identical? (I am talking about all companies, In particular i know to know about AKG, Audio technica, Shure and more if possible)
  11. 1haxor

    New Headphones don't sound any different?

    Just bought myself a pair of NEW AKG K612 Pros (just arrived 10 mins ago) and i can't hear the difference between these and my old Philips SHP2700. I am using the SupremeFX III on my mobo to drive them (i assume it's good enough, or so i was told by a headphone collector). Is something wrong...
  12. Tugainuk

    Need help upgrading sound setup,

    Hello new here, looking to upgrade my sound system on my pc , mainly gaming and some music.   I currently own a Soundblaster Z and i use a pair of Turtlebeach PX5's from my old 360, not bad sound but im no expert, plus i neva listened to a decent pair of headsets to know any different.   Im...
  13. drummerben04

    Best Headphones one can buy for $300 to listen to high resolution music files

    Most of my Music Files I have turned into AIFF (CD Quality) Files. Right now I own the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's. Love the sound quality from those but was curious if I was missing anything, from lets say the DT990'S or the fairly new 3-D Printed Mr Speakers Mad Dogs I am considering...
  14. vinland029

    [REVIEW] AKG K612 - the underpriced underdog

    I myself haven’t been extremely well-versed in writing reviews - but this is an attempt to provide the community with a review on a less well-known headphone, the AKG K612. I settled on this decision since I was looking to experiment more with the open-back sound (most of my cans have been...
  15. lsamod

    akg k612 vs Q701

  16. Saraya

    What output + gain is best /safe (612s - Asus - O2)

    I have a pair of AKG 612 being fed audio from an Asus DG sound card with it's own amp(three levels) and an O2 external amp. Up until now, I have been running the sound card at lowest output and using the high gain feature of the O2.   I did a brief test with the Asus card set to maximum and...
  17. Danseph

    Mixamp + HD598 + Modmic for a PS4

    Please, allow me to run this by you for comment and criticism.   After research, here's my envisioned setup for gaming on a PS4: Astro Mixamp Pro 2013 Sennheiser HD598 Antlion Modmic   I was considering the HD650 at one point, but decided against it because I believe the Mixamp won't...
  18. Tostapane

    how to open akg K612???

    i try to open my k612 looking a guide for one k7xx.. but probably have another opening system..someone of you has already opened and can help me? thanks
  19. SpartanX58

    HiFiMAN EF-2A vs Schiit Vali

    Hi guys, I've recently bought an AKG K612 PRO and I'm looking for an Amp to drive it. I want to know the differences and similarities between the HiFiMAN EF-2A and the Schiit Vali, their pros and cons and wich one best synergyses with my K612. Metal and Industrial are my musical tastes.
  20. Yethal

    AKG 612 or Sennheiser HD598

    Hi guys, I want to make a transition to the full time audiophile headphones. They will be mainly used for Dolby Headphone gaming (Mixamp), but also for music. As for now I've narrowed my choices to these two pairs ( after reading few other threads and Mad Lust Envy's guide). As for the amping...
  21. MrDeath

    Ok, so i want in to the Audiophile Master Race. First purchase i want to make is the best headphones with the best soundstage. Ive been looking at the ATH-AD900X vs AKG Q 701 for gaming?

    So im lookin gto spend around 200.   The ATH-AD900X vs AKG Q 701 which one is better? Unless there is another i missed?
  22. SpartanX58

    AKG K612 PRO on Creative X-FI Titanium

    Hi guys, I'm new in this forum and I'm having a serious issue. Recently I have bought a AKG K612 and I'm not sure if my X-FI Titanium has enought power to amp these headphones, since those are some very hard to amp. Can the X-FI Titanium handle the K612 well or do I need to buy an external...
  23. Mad Lust Envy

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (8/18/2022: iFi GO Blu Review Added)

    Youtube Instagram Latest Updates 8/18/2022 iFi GO Blu review added (CLICK HERE FOR FULL REVIEW PAGE) 1/10/2022 Koss KPH40 Utility Review added (CLICK HERE to go to review page!) 8/14/2021 Creative Sound Blaster GC7 Dac/Amp Review Added (CLICK HERE TO OPEN FULL REVIEW). The Creative GC7...
  24. Zephead

    How can something so small be so good! (this could get expensive)

    Just got a Sansa clip zip (refurb for £20), first thing I did was stick K T Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope on the internal memory (got 13.5Gb copying to memory card) and pressed play.   WOW!   Coming from a PC running as Asus Xonar DS sound card into some creative speakers that have...
  25. Musok

    AKG K240 MKII vs AKG K612 vs Sennheiser HD558

    Hey guys,   Just sold my Sony V700 because they lack comfort and I'm now looking for some new headphones that are comfortable, with a good sound and extra-light.   From my search, I loved the full-size and open concept. Tried some Sennheiser HD555 and loved the way this kind of phone sounds...