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New Headphones don't sound any different?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by 1haxor, Jul 29, 2014.
  1. 1haxor
    Just bought myself a pair of NEW AKG K612 Pros (just arrived 10 mins ago) and i can't hear the difference between these and my old Philips SHP2700.
    I am using the SupremeFX III on my mobo to drive them (i assume it's good enough, or so i was told by a headphone collector).
    Is something wrong with my ears?
    On a side note: They also have a too big clamping pressure (for me at least) below the ears. Any way to fix this? 
    What i used to test: http://www.billboard...date=2014-08-02
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Your comparing well broken in Philips SHP2700 to brand new AKG K612 Pros
    (the SHP2700 are surprisingly good for low cost headphones).
    So the K612s might need a little break in time to improve (if you believe in headphone break in)
    I would assume the Supreme FX III built in audio hardware is not the what could bring out the best in the K612s
    What is the make and model of your motherboard?
    The Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card (SB1500), which sells for $83.99, might improve the K612 audio quality.
    Do you by any chance have access to a modern A/V receiver?
    Chances are it has more headphone output power, for driving 120-Ohm headphones (K612)
    and might put the K612s in a better light. 
  3. 1haxor
    Thanks for the reply :)
    I have the Aus ROG Crosshair Formula Z. I did some research and found out that the Supreme FX III can power up to 300 ohm headphones. If i do need an amp/dac combo, then i'll be getting: https://geizhals.at/eu/377935476 which i heard was very good for the price (if i need one).
    I do not have a modern A/V receiver.
  4. Nada190
    AKG's take forever to burn in, about 3 months of regular listening and they start to really open up. Headroom(headphone.com) recommends 300hrs worth of burn in for AKG's. Only thing I don't like about AKG.
    Hope you really get to enjoy them once they burn in.
  5. Mjolnir125
    I don't think I have ever picked up a pair of headphones and listened to them and though "these sound the same as what I was using before." A new pair might not be better than what I was using, but they always sound noticeably different to me...
    The K612 measure pretty flat, but they should still sound different than other headphones.

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