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Does every company have their particular sound?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gustavmahler, Oct 1, 2014.
  1. GustavMahler
    If i have heard an AKG headphones and i liked their sound, will the sound of their other products will be somewhat identical? (I am talking about all companies, In particular i know to know about AKG, Audio technica, Shure and more if possible)
  2. DW75
    Well, certain frequency recession or spike will be common across many brand's line up. For instance, AKG headphones tend to have a spike in the 2K region on many models. That being said though. I have heard the Q701 that a friend owns, and I own the K612 Pro. Both have the 2 Khz spike. The K612 is definitely less bright than the Q701 in the 12 KHz to 20 KHz region though. The K612 Pro also has a little more bass, and a little less wide soundstage. It will sometimes depend on the price level though you are looking at. For instance, a Sennheiser HD 558 (130 bucks ), sounds completely different than an HD 600 (350 bucks). They don't have a similar sound signature at all.
  3. GustavMahler
    Thanks. Is it right that AKG's headphones have a rich sound? And are there more companies with natural rich sound?
  4. dweaver
    AKG has a definite house sound. It is not identical but is noticeable in most of their headphones especially their classic K and Q series of headphones. But they have also branched out into several DJ oriented headphones that have a definite change in signature in regards to having more bass or a more V shaped signature.
  5. SomeGuyDude
    Of course every brand has their sound. At least every good brand. They have their method that they want to maximize and so their products will strive toward that end to varying degrees. 
  6. DW75
    It really comes down to what you define as "rich sounding". The K612 Pro has a very neutral, and slightly warm sound. It is not lacking in any of the frequencies. If you want something with a more beefy low end, you could look at the Hifiman HE-400, or the Sennheiser HD 650. It all depends on what sound signature you like. I like neutral, or neutral to slightly warm myself. Too much brightness up top really hurts my ears. That was why I ended up buying the K612 Pro instead of the Q701.

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