1. Arin7

    I am planing to buy Beyerdynamic A20 amp, can I use My Sound Blaster Zx as DAC?

    I am planing to buy Beyerdynamic A20 amplifier for my Sennheiser HD 600, can I use my Sound Blaster Zx as DAC? If yes which output should I use, the regular stereo which are for speakers or the amplified output for the headphone. Many thanks in advance.
  2. richardallen08

    Are Cans Even That Good

    Ok, so I've been wanting to listen to something better than my iPod earbuds for a while now. I've done a ridiculous amount of reading on this website and a few others. I'm a college student so I just wanted to get the best bang for my buck for now, and one day when I have real money go all out...
  3. Retrias

    Dear Head-Fi Help me Kill my Wallet

    Dear head fi , I am pretty new here , just getting into the better part of the audio world , so far I have a beyer dt 1350, and a fiio e 17, so now I want something to use at home, something that maximize on comfort, you know like a full size headphone, so I am looking for the headphone that is ...
  4. hun009

    Just bought a cheap logitech transporter se, need recommend of amp and headphone...

    Just bought transporter se for $730 after tax. But suddenly found that it don't have earphone output...Could anyone suggest some combinations of headphone and amp(with two earphone output better)? I like rock and new age music. For the headphones, I'm thinking of HD600/650, HE-500, mdr-z1000 or...
  5. renergy

    Why are headphones getting more expensive?

    If it's what thing I'm learning from reading old posts, for sale threads, pricing reports, etc, on this page, it's that many high end headphones are increasing in price as time goes on. What is going on here? Across the board, headphones from Sennheisers to Beyerdynamics are more expensive today...
  6. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  7. 50SEVEN

    Third person opinion on some headphone choices.

    Hello, Currently I am in the market for a new pair of headphones, a pair in which I can carry around with me outside of my house. Currently I have a pair of Sennheiser HD600s, and I must say I absolutely love them! However, they are 300Ω headphones and therefor need some form of amplification...
  8. audiojun

    These Cheap Coby Earbuds blew away my expectations!!

    I bought them at marshalls on sale for $ 5.99. It caught my attention because they have a big port on the back, I wanted to see how open back earbuds sound so i bought them.   Wow!! when i listened to them the bass extends very deep like 15hz - 20hz deep, i actually prefer the bass of these...
  9. StudioTan

    Flattest, Most Neutral IEMs For Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

    I currently own the JH13, but after using them more for this purpose, I'm finding that they're hyped a little in one way or another and wondering if their are IEMs out there that are truer to the source, which is important in my work.  I have a one-room studio and am constantly micing...
  10. Arzach

    Good headphones for jungle/drum & bass?

    After reading lots of reviews, i'm going to try the dt 880 (600) but i'm also open to any advice. p.s. My plan is to buy a xonar STX.
  11. derin38

    Which would suit me.

    Hello Head-Fi!   I'm very new, I started following this forum around a week ago in hope of learning about headphones until the day comes when I will buy one myself. Nevertheless, the day of choosing a headphone has come and I need your advice.   I can begin with introducing my musical...
  12. CogitoErgoSum

    Looking for headphones in the 300-500 range

    So, I am looking for headphones in the 300-500 range. I listen to mostly indie rock and electronic and I have been trying to choose between HD 600's, and the Pro 900's. See, I want to here the " buzz of guitar strings" that the HD 600's offer but my situation doesn't really support open ear...
  13. crowninb

    Noob please help!

    Ok quick back story, i love watching movies primarly and tv late at night. Im a night owl but the wife is a early sleeper. Unfortunately my tv downstairs is right under our bedroom so i literaly have watch tv or movies at 10 out 50. Drives me crazy! A few days ago i thought i wonder if they make...
  14. plainbagel

    DAC and amp recommendation desired

    I'm planning to get the HD - 600s, as I enjoy classical music most as they seem to be highly rated, in my budget, and I have liked some of their more affordable headphones in the past.  I have about $400 I could spend on an amp and possibly a better DAC if it is recommended.  I plan to use my...
  15. M Coupe

    What Over Ear To Get?

    Hi All,   First Post. I am a long time audio nut.  I have had the likes of Levinson, Classe, JM Lab and etc... for my 2 channel needs.  A few years ago, I settled in on my Revel Salon, Jeff Rowland, Transparent set-up and love it.  In that time, I found that having a wide/deep/accurate sound...
  16. captainsolo

    Advice on first decent headphone

    Hi all!   After many years of cheap headphones, tinkering, minute upgrades, radio work and joining audiophile boards I have decided to start upgrading all of my meager system one by one on a budget. I wanted to start with headphones because that is probably the one area where I've never had...
  17. RHythmiie

    Looking for some headphone advice

    Hello to all a ya ;) Hope the days farin well.   I'm in the market for a fresh set of cans/amp , have had a pair of the hd 280's for something like 4 years now, un-amped.   Having spent a fair bit of time browsing and reading, the like, I've still run into a good number of potential...
  18. Arbakadarba

    Looking for new full-size, open headphones - need help choosing between all the suggestions

    I have been looking for a new set of headphones for a while, and have received a lot of suggestions. I have already excluded some, but there is still a good bunch to choose from. I will use my headphones mainly for music, but they will also be used for movies. I prefer detailed, clear and...
  19. Sembiance

    Balanced XDR cable recommendation for HD800 and Isabellina HPA?

    Hello   I've been using a pair of HD600 headphones for nearly a decade now. I've always just plugged them directly into the computer or iPod, never used an amp before.   My HD600 headphones are not sound very good anymore, so I figure it's time to upgrade.   I've done some extensive...
  20. iMusicLover

    Heaphones for 200-250$

    Now i have Sennheiser HD 515 i want to go for something new what about sennheiser hd 598  I like Rock, Pop, R&B, Vocal, Instrumental music. Recomend me Headphones worth 200-250$ ? Huge Diference will be if i upgrade from HD 515 (55$)  to 200-250$ headphones?
  21. Macmuffin

    Need A Middle Ground

    Im looking for something in the middle of the DT800/600 and the HD600.    I love the HD600 because its ease of listening, everything seemed balanced. I like the DT880/600 for it's amazing detail and bright sound, but for me sometimes they can be a bit harsh in the treble.   So to make a long...
  22. serman005

    Best open cans for $225 US

    Hi, all. Interested in people's feedback on this thread. I listen to rock, country, bluegrass, edm, opera, and jazz--in roughly equivalent doses. I am not a basshead. I have several other cans, but none that fits in this precise niche. I appreciate the assistance very much!
  23. The Negotiator

    Need some expert help upgrading cans..

    Hey guys! As this is my source for all things audiophile I figure I'd ask you all for some advice. I need to upgrade my headphones. I currently have Sennheiser HD555 (with the 595 filter mod) I know these aren't the best headphones in the world, however I have grown to love the surprisingly...
  24. glhouse

    High Quality Headphones for Vocals

    Hello everyone!    I haven't owned an amazing set of headphones since the 80's, and I am having a hard time figuring out what to buy.  I have spent many hours reading reviews, forums, etc. and need some help with this.    The easiest way for me to let you know what I am looking for is to...
  25. OnlySound

    fidelio x2 vs grado r2i vs he400 vs others(hd650,hd600,t700) HELP!!!!

    which one should i get?looking for warmth, mids , soundstage , clarity.(do not care about comfort,)