Need some expert help upgrading cans..
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The Negotiator

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Jan 26, 2011
Hey guys! As this is my source for all things audiophile I figure I'd ask you all for some advice.

I need to upgrade my headphones. I currently have Sennheiser HD555 (with the 595 filter mod) I know these aren't the best headphones in the world, however I have grown to love the surprisingly vast sound stage and crystal clear highs. The drivers have recently blown out and the very little bass these headphones had is now very distorted. Quite annoying, especially since I can't find replacement drivers for them. I love the lightness, the open back and the complete and full circumaural fit.

I just purchased a set of Velodyne V-Trues as a replacement. I run nothing but Velodyne subs in my home theater set-ups and swear by them. I know they are a company that sells quality stuff. I wanted to switch it up a bit and have some good bass in my next set of cans. I figured the V-Trues would be excellent based on my experience with their home theater equipment. I was very wrong. Although I am one of the few that actually love the style of the V-Trues and aside from very good bass and excellent build quality sonically they were junk. My Senns blow them out of the water with sound stage (I realize the open back makes a huge difference) as well as the very good highs. The velodynes were way too dark for me.

So what do you all suggest? I would like to keep my price range at $300 and under. I consider myself a semi-audiophile. I can most definitely hear the slightest of changes in audio quality, and I simply can't listen to music unless it gives me goosebumps. I don't mess with amps or anything like that, so I suppose I'm not a true audiophile lol. I use my headphones to listen to my ipod classic that has 160gb of my favorite tunes. I would love to find a good set of cans that have the clarity and highs if my Senns and the lows of the Vtrues all with being comfortable and under $300. I want to feel music in my spine.

My music tastes are mainly Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Acoustic Rock and EDM.

I hear good things about VModa M100 but I'm leary on trying another unknown. I've always wanted Sennheier HD600 but I honestly don't think the bass will satisfy my craving. On paper there are way too many options that look great, but without anywhere I can try them out I'm stuck with trial and error.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!
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Apr 24, 2012
Hi The Negotiiator and welcome to Headfi. Sennheisers HD580/600/650 are super headphones that can be used without amplification. They need amplifiers to deliver their maximum performance however. The HD650s are a bit more euphonic than the others with slightly more bass and colouration. Beyerdynamics DT990 might suit you as they are colourful also. They have a circular design which some people dislike. They are available in different impedances 32, 250 and 600 ohms. You might want to look for a better source than an iPod Classic 160gb especially if its an earlier 6th generation model. These players are great with IEMs and earbuds but don't perform well with full size headphones. Something like a Fiio X5 or iBasso DX50 might be preferable or perhaps a DAC connected to a PC. The 'problem' with these sorts of headphones is that although they do scale well they really require an excellent source that can be expensive and difficult to find.

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