1. Djinnenjous

    IPod Classic + FiiO e11 vs FiiO X3 vs iBasso DX50

    I've been looking at the possibility of replacing my iPod Classic, which has started wigging out on me lately.  It's a 2005 model so I think it's about time for an upgrade.  There are three DAPs I'm considering in the same general price range, all of which I'd be listening to through my HiFiMan...
  2. prez

    Good Portable DAP for use with M4U1

    Hey everyone,   I ordered a set of M4U1 headphones, and have been wrestling with what DAP to go with as a good pair. I've been looking at x1-x5 fiio and dx50-90 ibasso so far.  But to be honest, I am lost in the reviews of all of them.  Maybe information overload at the moment.  My initial...
  3. The Negotiator

    Need some expert help upgrading cans..

    Hey guys! As this is my source for all things audiophile I figure I'd ask you all for some advice. I need to upgrade my headphones. I currently have Sennheiser HD555 (with the 595 filter mod) I know these aren't the best headphones in the world, however I have grown to love the surprisingly...
  4. ItsXatu

    I can't make up my mind

    Hello! I have been reading up about good recconendatuons and reviews here on Head First. Currently, I own a Sony Nwz-e384 and a RHA Ma750, and I was thinking of upgrading my portable setup. For the mp3 player, is the current one I have considered "high resolution"? And are there any other...
  5. radi9red

    NEW ! Stormbolt earphone from apollo audio lab - thread

    last month,my brother who knows I had a quirk for unique earphones bought me a unique xmas gift. it was a pair of stainless steel earphones -from a company - Apollo audio lab.   I have never heard of this brand before, nor seen it in audio stores in hongkong or japan.   My brother said this is a...
  6. E

    Fiio X3 / iBass DX50 / Astell and Kern AK100 / Cowon D20 / Colorfly C3 Review

    Hi,   I wrote this for my work but thought it might be of slight interest to some users on here as there's potentially handy info amongst the waffle (please excuse the apocalypse aspect as this was written to specified theme):           Introduction   Yes, that’s right, the time has...
  7. BucketInABucket

    TotL closed-back suggestions

    Title says it all. Wish to have some suggestions for TotL closed-back headphones for my next upgrade over the summer. I prefer a smooth warm-ish bassy sound signature. The most important thing about the sound signature is the treble has to be good-quality (not fatiguing or peaky) as I'm young...
  8. drbluenewmexico

    BASSAWARE: A NEW BASS AUGMENTATION DEVICE FOR HEADPHONES that delivers true visceral response...

      BASS AWARE comes ALIVE!  photos from BassAware.com   Here on Head-fi.org head-fiers (as we are affectionately known) are always interested in improving our sound quality through upgrades There is resurgence in headphone sales worldwide with many companies putting out new models and new...
  9. jordannn15

    Headphone recommendations for under $600?

    I don't care if they are open or closed but I want to be able to drive them relatively easy. I listen to mostly hip-hop/rap so I want very good and powerful bass but don't want it to overpower the mids and highs. Other genres I listen to would be rock, r&b, and some pop I guess. I am also...
  10. KT66

    O2 power switch frustration

    Love using my DX50 with Epiphany O2, however when I reach to my bag to use it , it's invariably already switched on thanks to the silly push button. Anyone have any tricks to avoid this ? It's the amps only flaw IMHO Should I get a hard case ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. HeatFan12

    The Full-Size Headphone Amp & Portable Source Thread!!! (Pics, Discussions, Impressions)!!

    Do you give your full size amp any portable source love???   I love external DACs, CDPs (Compact-Disc Players) and computer audio, but nowadays there are so many options in the portable market that connecting them to a full-size amp is a great option.  As well as sounding great!   Portable...
  12. babs

    iBasso DX50 MODS

    I start this thread  about iBasso DX50 modifications by users   I will describe my personal intensive DX50 mods journey, beginning 4 month ago   But, I will begin with a DX50 PCB description (its my personal gess):   Notes: I didn't find my pictures of the unmodded PCB, so the following...
  13. Djinnenjous

    HiFiMan RE-400 Waterlines + iBasso DX50: A Poor Match?

    I've been researching the DX50 extensively for the past few days and since everyone is seems to be drooling over firmware 1.2.8's sound quality and (relative?) stability, I'd made my decision to buy it.  Then, in the middle of my elation I stumbled into a forum post saying the RE-400s are a poor...
  14. HonestAbe

    Fiio X5 or DX50/DX90

    I am looking to get into the HD music player market (mainly for the storage capacity) and I am having a hard time deciding which one I should get. I do plan on using my AKG 240s with it as I understand they all have enough power to drive them. Any help would be much appreciated!
  15. Jason36

    Mini Coaxial Cable for DX50 to DB2??

    Hi guys,   Ive just bought and received an iBasso DB2 to pair with my DX50 and Duet Amplifier and have realised that the provided mini coaxial cable provided with the DX50 is not really suitable (To short and to stiff).   Can anyone recommend an aftermarket cable or source where I can look...
  16. funkforfood

    Really confused: iBasso DX50 or Fiio X5?

    These days I read in the forum hundreds of pages related to the X3, the X5, the DX50 and DX90. Based on my needs, I realized that I should probably buy the DX90, but at present, buying in Europe, this DAP is out of budget for my pocket. I have rejected X3 (perhaps wrongly) as from your...
  17. mfst23

    More range of Ibasso dap for wider appeal

    Till today, there are only 3 dap models to choose from which has high power output which are suitable to drive demanding headphones. With the small form factor and high power amp, all the current models playback time are very short and none cannot even reach 20 hours. It may looked like it is a...
  18. HeatFan12

    Pictures Of Your Full-Size Headphones & DAP (Digital Audio Player) Setup!!!

    The DAP market has definitely changed in the last few years.  Hi-rez players, great built-in DACs, great HOs (headphone out), line-out, coax out etc. and a variety of file formats that can be played.  The possibilities are great and plentiful whether it's at home or on the go.  Plugging in a...
  19. Nick Ryan

    Anyone using Beyerdynamics DT1350 with the iBasso DX50

    Hi, I am new to this forum and headphones/Players, I have just ordered the iBasso 50 and am wondering which is the best set of headphones to pair with it? I like the looks and reviews I have read of the DT1350's, anyone married these two together, I listen to Jazz hires mostly.   Thanks, Nick
  20. Aktersnurra

    Ray Samuels SR-71B - matching headphone, going for end game!

  21. TekeRugburn

    DX50 S3 Anker Battery Thread. Poll: which one do you want

    This is a poll to see which one people are most interested in.  Anker wanted to know which one everyone wants so they can figure out which product to give a coupon code for.   This is not a group buy;  It's merely a code that will be able to be put in via amazon checkout.  I believe it will be...
  22. Fungus

    opinions needed for better portable setup

    Which combo would be better suited for iems? Don't necessary require a lot of power.   My main priorities is to have no background noise/hiss at any volume, channel unbalance (at low volume) or IF interference when outdoor.    I already own the Fiio E11 and using it with a L9 LOD to my ipod...
  23. Aurion

    Sd to micro sd adapter extender

    Another way of using an SD card with the DX50 is this adapter extender: http://tinyurl.com/mbdfpk2 Inexpensive at $15.99 and shipping is free. Perhaps it is a bit unsightly, but should do the job.
  24. artguide

    recommendations please-- DAC/DAP players portable

    I am thinking of getting a fiio X3/X5 - Dx 50 or Ak,-- i want to listen to my hires music AS hi res music on my Grado ps 500's and also on my car stereo.   can any one guide me in this choice..   I would like to spend less and get more, obviously, but  i am really confused by al the internet...
  25. SongJiHyo

    SONY WALKMAN NW-ZX1 vs Basso DX50

    Hi everyone!   Just curious whether SONY WALKMAN NW-ZX1 and Bassao DX50.... are they comparable in terms of sound quality?    Which one should I get????