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Fiio X5 or DX50/DX90

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by honestabe, May 31, 2014.
  1. HonestAbe
    I am looking to get into the HD music player market (mainly for the storage capacity) and I am having a hard time deciding which one I should get. I do plan on using my AKG 240s with it as I understand they all have enough power to drive them. Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Mshenay
    Hmmm... well I think in the long run you'll be happy with DX90 it is the best sounding of the 3
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  3. HonestAbe
    Would it sound good with my 240s? The DX90 is the more neutral sounding one correct?
  4. Mshenay
    indeed, many of the reviews claim that the 240 is a very neutrual and balanced headphone, some reviews mention it having creamy mids and a balanced sound signiture.
    That said, a balanced headphone sounds well with a balanced DAP,  
  5. HonestAbe
    Thank you for the advice I'll probably start looking into financing one of these puppies. The only downside I've heard about it is the battery life. How does it's battery compare to an iPod classic? and does it support 2 micro SD cards like Fiio x5?
  6. Mshenay
    well simply put an iPod classic won't have the amp power to drive the AKG 240, and battery life is a down side to most audiophile player as they are designed to high powered headphones
    I would recommend that you get an amp such as the Fiio E11 or better yet the E12 to go along with your new DAP, at the very least save up for both the DAP and the Amp [it runs about $120] 
    I'm not farmillar with the sound of the AKG 240, but I've had "hard to drive" headphones in the past and they do not sound at all good when under driven 
  7. jazzman7
    I would wait a couple days until Monday June 2 to see what Apple says at WWDC.  Rumor has it that they will announce hi-res downloads from iTunes, and this could come with some form of hardware announcement.  The iPod Classic disappeared from the online refurb store, so some change is afoot.  
  8. Mshenay
    Huh that's a good point, I still have some skepticism about the apple devices being able to drive headphones like the AKG 240, but how ever you might be able to simply purchase an amp to use with an Apple Device, 
  9. Ivabign
    While you may be on to something - As far as I've noticed, they haven't had a refurb Classic available for many months....
  10. williamchiawq
    Actually i just addicted in high res music, start from learning about the headphones then the music file types... At last, I,m studying right now about the DAC, amp and DAP. Since, you all are really well experienced on portable high res audio. Now i finally have my Sennheiser momentum[​IMG], I bought it because of good outlook design and one of the best portable headphone in market. After bought my momentum, now i start to feel like no so enough to use my Iphone 5 + hippo cricri amp drive momentum... I just hope someone can suggest the best DAP for the Sennheiser Momentum. 
    So Fiio x5 or dx90? or any other suggestion... (The only criteria is SQ)
  11. iBeyerX90-COP

    I taked the dx90 myself, so I say take the dx90 ! But I don't think you can go wrong with any of the two. Hard choice, if mp4nation didn't offer free iems, I will probably always wondering which one to chose :p
  12. Arturoo123
    Both are excellent is a difficult decision, try to hear them. I used to own both, but just sold the X5 and keep the DX90.
    I prefer the more neutral and wider sound stage of the Dx90.
  13. Ben Dover
    I haven't heard the X5, but I just went from the X3 to the DX90, and wow..

    There's that presence I was missing. The music feels "rich" coming from the X3. Vocals are clear and commanding, without becoming "shouty". Right out of the box.

    I can't wait for this thing to burn in a bit.

    Hooked it up to the O2 as well, and the difference is even more obvious. I can't see anyone being disappointed with a DX90.
  14. vinodt1347
    I can also endorse X90 over the X3. Havent heard the new X3 or new X5 either...
  15. 7keys
    What about the Pono, by the reviews it seems to have have great sound and you can use balanced headphones. 

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