The Full-Size Headphone Amp & Portable Source Thread!!! (Pics, Discussions, Impressions)!!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 15, 2006
Miami, FL
Do you give your full size amp any portable source love???
I love external DACs, CDPs (Compact-Disc Players) and computer audio, but nowadays there are so many options in the portable market that connecting them to a full-size amp is a great option.  As well as sounding great!
Portable sources have come a long way. With hi-rez playback, great built-in DACs, line-out, coax out (plug into an external dac) etc… also with a variety of file formats that can be played. The possibilities are great and plentiful for home use as well as on-the-go.
How many pair a portable source with a full-size amp (tubes, solid state, all-in-one)? (iDevices, Android, PCDPs etc.).....
I have been on an iBasso DX50 kick recently.  Great player!!!
DV336SE & iBasso DX50 (line-out) & Grados SR225 (ALAC & FLAC)

Audio-GD FUN (A) (Moon OPA) & iBasso DX50 (coax out) & Grados SR225 (ALAC & FLAC)


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