1. solomon

    HD650 uses HD580 drivers??

    Recently saw a pair of HD650s new from the box. Took a close look at the drivers, and guess what I found ... The drivers say they are HD580! Anyone can explain this to me? Do HD580,HD600 and HD650 use the same drive model called HD580?
  2. JefferyK

    HD-650 burn-in?

    FedEx brought me a nice present today: a pair of Sennheiser HD-650s and a HeadRoom Maxed Out Home amp. Yahoo! One question, though: Any estimates on how long it takes HD-650s to burn in? Straight out of the box, connected via my Cardas cable, they sound a bit muffled. I know they'll open up...
  3. Magsy

    Like SA5000 but better..?

    I've read through some previous but I'm still not sure which direction to go. My experience with the SA5000 is like most others...mixed :)   I tried a pair I was recabling for someone and laughed openly with my GF about how bad they were for $400-500. I sent them back to the owner and...
  4. thevisi0nary

    sennheiser 380 pro is better than dt 770?

    I have the dt 770 but im still looking for others as i feel these are too heavy on the bass, i tried the 380 pro's and wow they seem very balanced. Anyone else share this opinion?
  5. tgeml

    Another Buying Advice Thread, 900 usd budget(Sorry!)

    I've been reading the forums for a few hours gathering information, and I'm unable to determine if an upgrade would be  worthwhile for myself, with my current setup. Currently I run the below setup.   - Asus Essence STX  w/LME49990 dual op-amp upgrades on the headphone amplifier section...
  6. The Negotiator

    Need some expert help upgrading cans..

    Hey guys! As this is my source for all things audiophile I figure I'd ask you all for some advice. I need to upgrade my headphones. I currently have Sennheiser HD555 (with the 595 filter mod) I know these aren't the best headphones in the world, however I have grown to love the surprisingly...
  7. harlw

    Help Identify This Headphone (Sennheiser HD600 vs HD580)

    Greetings friends.   I recently responded to a Craigslist ad with these headphones in them. They were listed as HD 580s but as you can see in the photo below they seem to have the blue tag and speckled plastic leading me to believe they are actually HD 600s. I've searched around and can't...
  8. PatrickT

    Closed, $200-$300, Similar to HD580/600

    My setup: Computer/iPod Source (Lossless), Schiit Modi, Schiit Valhalla, Sennheiser HD580.   I love this combo, but I'm in need of some closed-back headphones to prevent sound from leaking out. Some coworkers I work near are getting a little annoyed :)   So, recommendation for a closed back...
  9. mrkangpae

    Stanford Head-fiers

    Hi guys, spike33 and I are thinking of doing a comparison between the 501, 880, 5k, and 650. We already have the 501/880 in possession. I'm considering purchasing the 650 for the comparison, but I'd like to audition it before I do. Is there anyone at Stanford who has a burnt-in 650 and...
  10. Joseph8011

    Sennheiser is charging $93.81 to fix my HD580's intermittent cable problem

    Contact cleaner and distancing the springs was no longer working effectively. So I asked Sennheiser's customer service for new gold springs and cables to fix the problem; they would only send the cable not the springs. Instead, they insisted I sent in my headphones for a "fair and reasonable...
  11. flargosa

    How bad is sound leakage of Grados?

    I want to get a SR225 for work use, but I'm worried it will leak too much sound and bother everybody in the other cubicles. Anyway, how far away can you hear the music of someone using Grado's at medium to low volumes? And how is sound leakage compared to Senn 580/600. Thanks.
  12. Tr12Tr1

    Not happy :(

    Hi. This is my first post so a warm hello to everyone ! I have been gleaning info from this forum for years and have bought amps/headphones/IEM from recommendations. I hav been happy with suggested buys such as my Ety 4S and also a pair of Senn 580.....Different sound granted but happy none...
  13. iPoopDaily

    Sennheiser build problems anyone?

    On both my HD518 and 558 the headband pad is starting to peel off and the sound cuts out on the 558's if I move the wire just a little. And this has happened just with normal use and I always handle them carefully. Anyone else have build problems with Sennheisers?
  14. bluzeboy

    replacement earpads ?

    I just ordered replacement earpads for my SENN 580,i have never replaced pads before are there any tips i should know,how do install? thanks
  15. thisuser

    Headphones and ear pain

    Three years I purchased a set of Sennheiser HD590s. I was happy with the sound and the physical comfort of the ear cups and the headband. However I found that regardless of the type of music I listened to, even at low to moderate volume levels, my ears would hurt after 20 minutes or so. I was a...
  16. fewtch

    Received AKG K240s...

    Received my AKG K240S today (55 ohms). First impression... they sound nothing like what I was expecting. From certain posts, I was expecting a muddy/loose bass (ala Portapro-ish) along with plenty of coloration, but there's nothing of the sort to be found. They are much closer to neutral than...
  17. souperman

    HD580 paint job, take a look!

    Well...after a few weeks, I've decided that my HD580's needed a makeover. I just wasn't digging the looks as much as I was digging the sound. The Sennheiser logo was also bothering me. Don't ask me why, I just hated it. I had the HD600 grills on at first, but i liked the more closed sound of the...
  18. nashking101

    Where to buy replacement sennhieser drivers

    I've just brought a pair of hd580s and there is a possibility that one of the drivers is broken... Is there anywhere in the uk you can buy them?
  19. marios_mar

    The best bang for your buck first audiophile quality headphone (IMO)

    For people wanting to buy a first GREAT headphone for home use while being money conscious. and to spare fresh headphone audiophiles save time on their decision and research here are my thoughs: The Sennheiser HD580 and the Grado SR-60 are the best bang for your buck audiophile headphone...
  20. deeza

    Best Headphones for Metal?

    Price isn't an issue. I currently own the HD580s and 650s, but people here say they aren't good for metal (even though I don't find them to be bad in any way). Any suggestions? I listen to: Symphonic Metal (Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Xandria, After Forever, and Haggard) Melodic...
  21. marios_mar

    Help me spot the sonic signature I am after. Beyer bass, Senn mids, non-harsh highs

    Deep (like DT770) and punchy lows with a decent soundstage (at least similar to HD600)   The HD580/600 seem to roll off at deep lows, but their midrange is not recessed to the degree the beyers are.    I love the mids the Senn HD600 have. Actually if they had deeper bass like the Dt770s or...
  22. Euripides

    Where is a good store to demo headphones in Manhattan?

    Where is a good store to demo headphones in Manhattan? I went to J&R MusicWorld this evening and was completely disappointed with their setup. The HD580 right ear was not working. The HD555/595 was no where loud enough to get a good sampling. Same goes for the HD600/650. I also wanted to try...
  23. lamski

    Where have all the ear buds gone? (non-isolating)

    It seems that ever since the IEM came out the non-isolating ear buds of the 90's have just about gone extinct. While the sound isolating IEMs are superior in most cases, there are some situations when I need an ear bud style set up such as during casual late night computer use for watching...
  24. jameswhw

    Is anyone who still have an hd580 made in Germany,please taik about it...

    Compared to the version in the to differ them?
  25. C

    What is your favorite sound signature (i.e. what kind of sound are you really after?)

    I think this might be a useful discussion. We all talk about our favorite headphones, but because we all hear in different ways we have rather different takes on them. So, let's take headphones out of the picture for a second and see what we're really after in a system. Then, we can put them...