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These Cheap Coby Earbuds blew away my expectations!!

  1. audiojun
    I bought them at marshalls on sale for $ 5.99. It caught my attention because they have a big port on the back, I wanted to see how open back earbuds sound so i bought them.
    Wow!! when i listened to them the bass extends very deep like 15hz - 20hz deep, i actually prefer the bass of these buds over my HD 518. The mids are forward, the sound stage is still small considering its an earbud and its a little laid back. The treble is harder as opposed to soft. I let my friends try these and they all thought they sounded great.
    model number CVEM89.
    Best sounding bud's I have ever bought, I haven't bought any high quality IEM's though. But it beats the apple earbuds and some sony, samsung and philips buds that I had. They sound better than my M-50's.
    It also comes with a mic... i never used the mic though.
    Looking for a super low budget value earbud? this is it...
  2. kmhaynes
    Lots of earbuds that have "hard" treble will settle down and smooth out some with playing time.
    Sounds promising and worth trying out at the price.
  3. audiojun
    you are right the treble is not that bad as when I first tried them on a few days ago. I already had them for about a week now still sounding superb. I am even comparing them with my hd 600's and they stack up well considering the low price.
  4. lilboozy
    Hows the bass quantity?
  5. audiojun
    The bass extends deep the deepest I have heard in an ear bud, the quality is great I think it has to do with the big port on the back, it sounds like a open can to me. I can say the quality of the bass is better than the M-50 and HD 518 and the HD 600 (headphones that I own). I can't say the same for the treble though. As I listen more and more I find instrument seperation is lacking, and imaging and sound stage is also lacking, but bass quantity and quality is great, bare in mind I am comparing it to my HD 600 which is kind of not fair and have not heard an high quality IEM before. But I can tell you that these are better than previous buds I have owned skull candy, philips, sony, panasonic by huge margin.
    I hope that answers your question.
  6. lilboozy
    I have 2 other questions:
    1. Have you heard the philips she3580?
    2. Does it have more or less bass than the ath m50?

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