1. vcboost


    guys please suggest ..a Sennheiser PX 360 or a HD 518!!
  2. Dawzy11

    Sennheiser 518 vs 598

    Hi Everyone,   I am having a bit of a dilemma....   I need to decide between the 518 and the 598, I apologize because my research has shown many of these threads already, but I still cannot make up my mind.    I bought my father the 518 for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. I...
  3. audiojun

    These Cheap Coby Earbuds blew away my expectations!!

    I bought them at marshalls on sale for $ 5.99. It caught my attention because they have a big port on the back, I wanted to see how open back earbuds sound so i bought them.   Wow!! when i listened to them the bass extends very deep like 15hz - 20hz deep, i actually prefer the bass of these...
  4. apex209

    NEED help picking out headphones

     here are the choices ive come down to ( if you know if any different ones pls throw it out there). by the way my music preference is rap with decent amount of bass at least although i dig all types of music. notice these are in the same price range.     Sennheiser HD 518   OR    ...
  5. draacor

    New Grado's and my son

    Well got my new Grado SR80i's in the mail, had em on for like 5 minutes before deciding to put them on my 19 month old.  Now he loves them and cries when i try to take them off haha.  I think I have a young audiophile in the making :)   Sorry for the awful quality of the photos they were...
  6. Kipland

    How much should I spend on headphones if I have no amp or dedicated soundcard?

    Hi everyone, if it isn't obvious I'm kind of new here and I'm looking for gaming headphones. However, unlike most people here, I don't have any sort of amp or dedicated sound card. I've been looking into getting some HD 518s but I was wondering if spending that much would even be worth it if I...
  7. brat

    Sennheiser HD-518 pre-appreciation thread

    I wonder when the head-fiers will discover the HD-518. Great cans! In fact one of the most enjoyable headphones I've ever heard. And maybe the best price/performance ratio at this time. Warmth, speed, detail, impactful, tight and extended bass, incredible musicality...
  8. captainsolo

    Advice on first decent headphone

    Hi all!   After many years of cheap headphones, tinkering, minute upgrades, radio work and joining audiophile boards I have decided to start upgrading all of my meager system one by one on a budget. I wanted to start with headphones because that is probably the one area where I've never had...
  9. nicholars

    Sennheisers - Please advise

    At the moment I only have a budget of < £100 for some headphones, currently I have the CAL! which are ok but I miss my old HD650 sennheiser open sound etc.   So I was thinking of getting some of the new sennheiser line... Either the 518 or 558...   I am leaning towards the 518 due to...
  10. Boosh96

    I guess I don't get it.

    I've been putting some consideration into getting a pair of Sennheiser HD 558's or HD 518's. But I think I heard somewhere that you can't just plug the headphones directly into the available headphone jack on a mobile device and you have to get a different sort of music file or something in...
  11. Faceman

    [US] Sennheiser HD518 - $65

    I'm a relatively new member here, and not sure if this is in the right section, or if this is even allowed, so please move it or teach me where to put it in the future.  This deal is too good not to share though.   Sennheiser HD518 - $65   Use promo code: EMCANKP68
  12. deltawars

    Please help me chose a headset/headphones!

    I have a Asus H87M-Plus motherboard, it has a on board Realtek ALC887 chipset and 8 Channels audio jacks.   I want to get a headset/headphones for gaming, the main feature i want is to be able to hear the exact direction where gunshots come from and if a player is walking i want to hear the...
  13. Boosh96

    Still need suggestions, I guess.

    I'm still looking for the right headphone model to get. Can someone give me some suggestions? I'm looking for entry-level audiophile headphones that cost less than $150 and are good for listening to classic rock. I don't really care if they're open or closed, but either way I'd like a model that...
  14. MBerger

    Audiophile Beginner - Portable Gear

    I just began to dive into hi quality sound/equipment a few weeks ago. I'm amazed at what I've been missing out on and how much apple has basically ruined music quality without their consumers even knowing about it. I recently sold my Bose Quiet Comfort 2's and I'm looking to invest in a decent...
  15. Moonkist

    Looking for a decent headphone with emphasized bass under $200

    I'm relatively new to the audio world, I usually listen to genres that favor bass (All kinds of EDM) and i'm trying to look for a pair of headphones i can walk around with in public. I currently own the v-moda crossfade lp, sony mdr-xb500, jvc ha-m5x, sennheiser hd 439, hd518, and ihome ib50b. I...
  16. RGBER

    AKG K44 and Sennheiser HD 518 Excesive bass!

    This is my first post in this excellent Forum.  I have been designing and comparing speakers for over 50 years -in an amateur way- and my only contact with earphones had been, time ago, with some Sennheiser HD 424 which I liked.   Recently I bought a pair of AKG K44 that seemed to me very...
  17. Autoimmunity

    Buzzing in brand new headphones?

    Hey guys, I figured this would be a good place to ask this question since I can't seem to find an answer by searching.   Today I received my new pair of Sennheiser HD 518 headphones.  They sound great, except for one possibly fatal flaw.  Whenever there are no highs or mids to hear, and a...
  18. oTurtlez

    Left side of headphones significantly quieter than right?

    So I've had my set of Astro A40 headphones for over 3 years now, and just over 4 or so months ago the went on me :/ So Thanks to the community here, I got myself a pair of Sennheiser HD 518s and love them, but It got me thinking as to what may be wrong with my A40s. So I popped them open and...
  19. satow

    Sennheiser HD 518

    I got my first pair of Sennheiser HD 518 and boy, I really like them. Extremely comfortable and neutral sounding. I don't know why some say they are warm or dark sounding. Very clear detailed treble and good bass. Not too expensive for the awesomeness you get.
  20. Povell42

    Differences between Ultrasone Pro and HFi lines? + Gaming headphone requests.

    I could not find a thread that clarified what separates the different product lines from Ultrasone.  Mainly the HFi vs Pro.  Anyone know? 
  21. jonnyp11

    Best headphone ~200 (pref. less)

    Should be getting some extra money soon and looking to replace my hd428s with something with a fabric or whatever cushion and more bass preferrably. Looking on Amazon i've found a few sennheisers i'm interested in and depending on what i get, I am also looking at some portable amps. Here's my...
  22. margam

    Can i upgrade to 50 ohms/112 db headphone?

    Hi guys , my 2 year old  32 ohm/106 db philips closed headphone is dying ,now am looking for open headphones. but im confused whether i need a dac because my source is a dell laptop (15r turbo) using conexant  audio codec.   When i asked dell support about on board sound card they replied...
  23. iPoopDaily

    Sennheiser build problems anyone?

    On both my HD518 and 558 the headband pad is starting to peel off and the sound cuts out on the 558's if I move the wire just a little. And this has happened just with normal use and I always handle them carefully. Anyone else have build problems with Sennheisers?
  24. Biblow

    Noobie needing some experienced advice

    I've been using an fairly decent headset with my laptop for gaming/movies/music which I've had for about 5 years now. I've realized how much I do actually use them and I figure it would be worth the money to pick up a nice pair of over the ear headphones (I can attach a mic to the headphone wire...
  25. Boosh96

    Bose QC15 comparisons?

    Alright, so the current pair of cans I own are Bose's QC15 cans, for those of you who don't already know, and basically I'm in pursuit of something bigger and better that also costs less. I'm considering Grado's SR60i or maybe Sennheiser's HD518 or 558. I'm going to try and test any pair of...