Left side of headphones significantly quieter than right?
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Dec 27, 2012
So I've had my set of Astro A40 headphones for over 3 years now, and just over 4 or so months ago the went on me :/ So Thanks to the community here, I got myself a pair of Sennheiser HD 518s and love them, but It got me thinking as to what may be wrong with my A40s. So I popped them open and there appears to be no physical damage. No holes in the driver, no burnt or ripped wires, nothing! But the left side is a LOT quieter than the right. It still plays audio, but very quiet and sorta muffled. Any ideas on the cause of the issue, and / or fixes? I am not opposed to any soldering, so any advice is appreciated.
EDIT: It's also almost as if it's lost its mids and highs but retained bass.
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Softer sound are not contact related. If the contact is off there is no current so there will be no sound. I do not think the following is related but can try. When I first got my MS2i, I realised the right is always softer and when I shake it, I can hear something rattling so I open out and check. I realized the magnet on top of the speaker driver (button looking thing?) was loose. I press it down and indeed the volume are now balance. They was hold on by epoxy so I apply some epoxy to fix them in position and they are all good ever since then.
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Are you plugging the headphones all the way in? does it happen when you plug your headphones to a different source? 

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