1. RevinNerd

    I need to buy 2 pairs of earbuds for under 35 bucks?

    Head-fi has never let me down before, and I'm in a little bit of a pickle here.   For earbuds I've been using skullcandy titans I got at Marshalls for $12 (normally $40), but recently one of the earbuds literally snapped in half while in my pocket and I've just been just using them with...
  2. audiojun

    These Cheap Coby Earbuds blew away my expectations!!

    I bought them at marshalls on sale for $ 5.99. It caught my attention because they have a big port on the back, I wanted to see how open back earbuds sound so i bought them.   Wow!! when i listened to them the bass extends very deep like 15hz - 20hz deep, i actually prefer the bass of these...
  3. ZooBooBooZoo

    Decent In-Ear earphones for ~10$ ?

    Hi all, I've just upgraded my humble home studio and got myself a pair of BeyerDynamic 770.   So I'm low on cash but that didn't stop my iPhone's earphones from dying out on me. I need a new pair of in-ear earphones for on-the-road listening (I have no intention of getting the BD770...
  4. Dpgriff

    cheap iems for small ears

    I know this question probably gets asked fairly often but I have a small budget. I am desperately hoping to find a pair of in ear phones that cancel noise and sound good but will fit my ears. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I won't know if they will fit until I get them. I am...
  5. The AudioPhile

    Great In Ear Headphone Under $50

    Hello,   After deciding to dump the choice of the ath m50, and instead going to buying a combo of the aurvana live and a $50 or less earphone, i thought this is a better choice since i have a chance to get the best of both worlds, and also, take earphones to the gym.   All I can tell u...
  6. Mops123

    [Help] Budget Iems In argentina

    hi, i am planing on buying sony mdr-v6 for listening in home/library, and i need a decent low cost iem for travelling (bus and subway ) i am currently using sansa clip+ and a 32gb sd card.   the options i found but cant decide between them are:   1) philips Shh 3580 ( i dont like the...
  7. sahildev

    {Help} Sony MH-1C

    Hey guys..   I have heard a lot of appreciation of these earphones and I am looking to buy it.   It comes around $33 in India through ebay Link...
  8. Pedro Oliveira

    Amazing IEM's for the smallest price

    hi guys....   Sorry to bother but i would love to have some suggestions about really great sounding iem's for the smalles price, or at least a cheap one (20 25 pounds tops but the cheaper the better, since like that i would probably get more than a pair).   Last iem's i have been using...
  9. dtao114

    Philips SHE3580 vs Klipsch s4i

    Which one do you prefer?
  10. Mkilbride

    Best Earbuds under 15$?

    Prefer them on Amazon. I'm looking and torn. I don't want to spend alot, I mean, they're earbuds, I plan to use them with a Handheld system, maybe a MP3 player while I'm on the go, I do not need super high fi 100$ ear-buds. I got expensive audio equipment at home for that.   I was looking at...
  11. flamefox850

    Cheap basshead IEM - help me choose

    Hi, i would like to buy an IEM that can give good sub-bass, not midbass hump alone. Bought Soundmagic E10 sometime ago which already faulty (damaged by my son LOL) and like the sound signature. To replace the E10, i give a shot and buy a portable (portable?? haha) headphones that is Superlux...
  12. lisward

    Creative hitz ma2600

    Hi guys, i'm a long time lurker, never post anything, but i always read head fi for reviews and impressions, mostly for earphones. I really earphones with a 'v-shape' sound, owning the she3580s,5105s, MOE audio ss01s, from reccomendations here. My headset broke, steelseries siberia v2s, so i...
  13. augustao

    IEMs with good soundstage and clarity

    Hello,   I have a pair of Denon AH-D5000 and I really like its clarity, soundstage and instrument separation. When compared to the Koss Porta Pro, Philips SHE3580, Shure SE115, these all sound congested and muffled to me. I'd like IEMs close to the Denons. What would you recommend?   Edit...
  14. suman134

    Review of soundmagic es10 , es18 , creative ep600 , cowon ce1 , jbl tempo in ear , review of philips she 3590 , feat the she 3580 rp-hj3 120 and panasonic rp-hje355 . and more .

             i was think of doing this for a long time , but i was hesitating a bit , cuz these guys lacks weight on their own , brands not much people care about , at least as earphones . but they have good track records in my opinion at least . philips , panasonic , cowon soundmagic have some good...
  15. jbarrentine

    Cheap, widely available, and good for usage with a Nintendo 2DS?

    I would rather have small headphones of some kind that the 2DS can actually power well enough.   Emphasis on cheap. I know, I know, at that kind of price it's just junk...but I want the best junk for my money.  ;)   Let's say nothing above $35
  16. wngusans

    do u know LG quadbeat?

    this is original quadbeat.   and this is revision model.   i think its great, and this headphone...
  17. JCH-19

    IEM With Lots Of Bass

    Hey guys so i'm in the market for a new pair of IEM's. Right now I have the Philips SHE 3590/3580. I like them but I do have a few problems with them. First, I'd like some more bass. I'm definitely a bass head and i'm pretty much looking for as much bass as I can feasibly get. Next, the SHE 3590...
  18. z28dreams

    IEM's under $40 with only a slight "v shape" / mostly neutral

    What do people like for their favorite IEM < $40 that meet this criteria?   1.  Mids that aren't too subdued   2.  Punchy bass but not overwhelming (The VSonic GR02's were WAYYYY too bassy for me) 3.  Want good isolation.  (The M9 dual flange tips were great).   Of the JVC Marshmallows...
  19. Zatagi

    Deep sub bass gears under $100

    Hey, I'm new here, I'm looking for gears(headphones, IEMs, anythings) that have a good sub bass sounding, not boomy but deep bass, consider upgraded from a good old SHE3580. My DAP is already good, a SH-06e with Wolfson chip WM5102, so I wouldn't need anything else. An ATH-WS77 is also an...
  20. GigaFi

    Multiple Budget IEMs Reviewed - [22] Total - (Samsung Stock EHS44 Added)

    Note     This is going to be a running impression of all the IEMs I’ve listened to. Everything will be written from a budget conscious consumer’s perspective rather than an audiophile because a) I don’t have expensive gear b) I’m not experienced enough to write detailed write ups…yet c) I...
  21. IEMagnet01


    As a life long afficionado of heavy metal and hard rock, I've listened to heavy music though literally hundreds of headphones and IEM's in my lifetime. Most recently I've settled in on JVC HA-FXT90's and Philips SHE3580's as my go to heavy metal IEM's. I still haven't received my recently...
  22. ganeshrajarajan


      some1 compare the SQ of philips she3580 and brainwavz beta given that both are available for same price??   i heard philips is great bang for buck iem but i can get brainwavz beta also nearly for same price since we ve offer going on in mp4nation..   also compare the SQ of hje180...
  23. 1clearhead

    PHILIPS SHE3580 -How to up-grade your Philips SHE3580/90. Note: Once up-graded, they're hard to beat!

    Are you still searching for the so called "giant killer", especially in the sound region? Well? Change the original in-ear tips from your Philips SHE3580 and replace them with the medium "sky-blue" in-ear tips from the VSONIC color selected tips. You can order them on Ebay or Amazon. Or if you...
  24. ritvik93

    should i go for sony mdr ex220lp?

    I'm thinking of buying the Sony Mdr ex220lp : Should i go for it or should i look at any other options of similar price bracket?
  25. JosephL

    Does it make sense to buy IEM's that match the DAC?

    Hello,   I'm researching inexpensive IEM's that would work well with this DAC.   Which one of these below would you suggest given that DAC?   Senn cx200 Phillips SHE3580 Monoprice 8320 Sony MH1C Koss KSC75s Philips SHE3580...