[Help] Budget Iems In argentina
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Jul 3, 2011
hi, i am planing on buying sony mdr-v6 for listening in home/library, and i need a decent low cost iem for travelling (bus and subway )
i am currently using sansa clip+ and a 32gb sd card.
the options i found but cant decide between them are:
1) philips Shh 3580 ( i dont like the mic but cant finde she 3580 )
2) Philips She3570
3) Panasonic Rp-hje290 ( there is good review on 395, but there are a few good comments on 290/295 , no serius review)
4)Philips Sho 2200 O´neill ( excellent build quality, not that good sound )
5) Philips SHE3575
6) sennheiser Mx 400
i can buy earphones from this page ( if anyone fells to search if i missed one). the link its already filtered to the earphones i can pay, zone, new, ordered from high to low, you would just have to look for the name of the model in the title, 2 pages: http://electronica.mercadolibre.com.ar/auriculares/sin-vincha/_OrderId_PRICE*DESC_ItemTypeID_N_PciaId_Capital-Federal_PriceRange_100-210
I listen :
Punk rock ( bad religion, rise against, nofx, ramones, etc)
Rock (acdc, led zeppeli )
Reggea (bob)
Ska punk (ska-p)
i want them to be:
3/5 build quality
3/5 isolation
6/10 sound
(taking into accoutn what ive read from the shootout and the iems long list review here)
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por los reviews de aca hace poco compre un She3570 banco ( la ficha me hace ruido al moverla y el cable es un chiste,  muy floja la calidad pero suenan ok) Rp-hje290, (sonido un poco inferior, muy confortables no pesan nada, tampoco aislan mucho, muy buenos cables) y she8000, ficha de oro, buenos cables, facil de guardar,  sonido es similar al 3570 pero con un bass demencial y tienen muy buena aislacion     para el tipo de musica q escucho (electronica) este ultimo es el mejor de todos  lejos, no se si tanto para escuchar rock pero es el mejor iem q tengo hoy  incluso comparado con un Sennheiser CX 300-II,

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