1. dece870717

    Which headphones to get based on my just bought AMP/DAC AND main music genre I listen to?

    Couple months ago I sold my Nuforce Icon HDP and Sennheiser HD650, sort of wanted to start fresh and with a set of headphones and amp/dac to match my main music genre. I mostly listen to dance/electronica music and that music really didn't seem to go well with those HD650's. I'm assuming the...
  2. Mops123

    [Help] Budget Iems In argentina

    hi, i am planing on buying sony mdr-v6 for listening in home/library, and i need a decent low cost iem for travelling (bus and subway ) i am currently using sansa clip+ and a 32gb sd card.   the options i found but cant decide between them are:   1) philips Shh 3580 ( i dont like the...
  3. astroid

    Got new cans , what to expect?

    I managed to get a new set of Ultrasone Pro 750's for the princely sum of £79, i had the ULE 2200 and remember liking the sound a lot but i needed a closed set at the time so they went.   Anyway the Pro 750 doesnt get much coverage on Headfi, is that because they suck?
  4. LazBro123

    Ultrasone HFI 2200 ULE vs Ultrasone HFI 2400

    Hey guys,   Just wondering... Are there any differences between the headphones in the title?   Thanks,   LazBro123
  5. MRiNiCK

    Best headphone when going to bed.

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to know what kind of headphones would be best for going to sleep with. When i go to sleep with my 1964T IEM, it fairly gets uncomfortable. Looking for some nicely detailed range, or it doesnt have to be that. Sound can be more on the fun side.. But mainly it has to be...
  6. Bersercci

    Street cred with hipsters and overears, $500?

    New job, and new rules for me. I'm 40 years old and going to join a bunch of younger tech savvy hipsters that all look sooo cool. Office rules say that listening to music with cans must not bother others and is a aign you want to work in privacy. So in this setting I need overears a) with...
  7. astroid

    got my first ultrasone coming tomorrow....

    What can i expect? Its a well burnt in HFI2200, i have HD600, ZX700 and TDK, WR700 (very impressed with Kleer audio!). Is S-Logic effective, or. Nonsense?
  8. HeatFan12

    Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)

    Well, from my searching there has not been an official "fan" thread for Ultrasone.  A huge "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread that was started by dexdexter almost five years ago (I have read that entire thread through the years), is the closest.    There's various specific Ultrasone...
  9. indy1314

    Which Headphone is bassy and goo sound!!!!! (ultrasone or shure or v-moda)

    ultrasone hifi 2400 ultrasone hifi 580 ultrasone dj1 pro v-moda crossfade shure 750dj   which headphone have the most base and decent sound quality and noise isolation. or do anyone have any other recommendation. i want the headphone to have removable cable.
  10. livemau5

    Open-Ear Cans for the Office for Under $300? (No amp)

    I posted in the "Buying headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE" thread but did not get much traction due to the influx of advice posts. I did get one suggestion and found a few others I was interested in, so I thought I'd post a shortened list so I could get...
  11. hellomoto170

    Ultrasone 2200 vs 2500?

    hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and in all honesty new to headphones in general - I am certainly not an audiophile but my interest and knowledge is growing!   basically I am a complete amateur, I've never owned any headphones and the only earphones I've had have been Sennheiser CX 300...
  12. MichealAngelo

    Ultrasone Hfi-2400 vs Pro 2900

    I was wondering how the 2400 stack up against the 2900. I got a chance to hear the 2400 and they sounded great I hadn't heard headphones sound this good straight from an mp3 player before and I've owned a few of the popular headphones said to sound good unamped. I was wondering if the 2900 have...
  13. TheJackhammer

    Buying head phones, and possibly an amp.

    Hello I'm new to this web sight so please bear with me. I'm looking a set of head phones for around $250 CAD, that have strong but not overpowering bass, but also withe descent mids and highs.(i listen to alot of different genres) I don't really care weather there open or not but i would...
  14. TheJackhammer

    Help me buy my first good pair of headphones.

    Hello I'm new to this web sight so please bear with me. Now I own lots of relatively good ear buds but i think I'm ready to buy a really good set of head phones. I listen to just about all genres of music, from dub step to orchestra. My budget is not the largest at only $250.   I'm...

    HELP me to find the right ULTRASONE headphone .

    hello people!   I have to buy a new headphone from ULTRASONE , I 'm thinking about some new model like 2900 or 2400 etc.., or even 2200 a lot more affordable than new ones.(someone say 2200 own the same speakers as the 2400 ,confirmed by Ultrasone CS),in advantage this new models come out...
  16. csokane

    Quick Questions About the Ultrasone Pro 650s

    Do these cans retain the sound signature of the hfi 2200/2400 but in a closed design? Are the mids recessed and how are these in terms of detail, imaging, and separation?   These can be had for $140 right now, so I'm strongly considering them.
  17. CC Lemon

    HFI-2200 vs ATH-ESW9A

    I was pretty much settled on getting the ESW9A's but found a decent deal on the HFI-2200's and now I'm kind of torn. I have HFI-780's and absolutely love them. The fact that I enjoy those a lot gives me hope that I'd really like the 2200. The 2200 would also have the benefit of being an open set...
  18. Crooks141

    HFI-780 or HFI-2200?

    Im considering buying either of these headphones, HFI-780 and HFI-2200. I know the difference is mainly open vs closed, but i would like a more detailed answer about how differently they sound. This would be my first expensive pair of headphones and I want to get the right one. If youve heard...
  19. Katun

    Interesting. The HFI-2200 sounds better than the UE-10.

    Check this out:   This is from CNET's Ultrasone HFI-2200 review:   "To finish up, we plugged the HFI-2200 into our iPod. We were instantly wowed--the sound was big and weighty with exceptional clarity. The iPod had enough power to play the HFI-2200 fairly loud, but nowhere as loud as our...
  20. thinkpol

    Comfy ~$200

    These headphones will be used for watching DVDs (movies & series) as well as listening to music (flac). Genre: Rock/indie. They are for my girlfriend and will be her first pair of high quality headphones. I want them to sound good unamplified but may be able to squeeze in an inexpensive...
  21. eclectic

    Complicated Question!

    I feel like I'm missing something, but don't know what.  I believe it is the mids.  I would get 1 more headphone (really).  So-what am I using:  Ultrasone 2200, Beyer 770, HARX 700-at times and portable k 420.  I also can use A700.  Now, admittedly, I don't know all that much, but I think the...
  22. Dexdexter

    There's Something About Ultrasone…

    (Original thread title: "Ultrasone PROline 750, 2500, or HFI 2200 ULE?" Dear Reader, This thread has evolved substantially since I started it as a simple newbie request for information about what was then a little-known and oft-misunderstood brand of headphone, at least within the...
  23. skunk3

    Replacement cups needed for Ultrasone HFI-2200 ULE

    Hello people! I am looking for replacement cups for my Ultrasone HFI-2200 ULE headphones. I have looked everywhere I can think of and cannot find replacements. I emailed Ultrasone and they wanted some ridiculous price for replacements, but I'd rather find some third party knock-offs. Does...


    Listening to the HFI-2200 ULE will make you think you are sitting in the sweet spot of your own personal concert hall. These open, dynamic headphones use a 40mm gold driver that provides a rich, warm sound with extremely lifelike ambience. And with a detachable cable and soft velour earpads...