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Best headphone when going to bed.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mrinick, Jul 19, 2012.
  1. MRiNiCK
    Hello everyone.
    Just wanted to know what kind of headphones would be best for going to sleep with.
    When i go to sleep with my 1964T IEM, it fairly gets uncomfortable. Looking for some nicely detailed range, or it doesnt have to be that. Sound can be more on the fun side.. But mainly it has to be able to stay comfortable when laying on my side.
    price range would be around the 100-200$
    No need to spend too much on headphones for going to bed.
  2. staticfi
    Does closed or open matter? I think one of the most comfortable and soothing is the AKG K240s, but it is semi-open. Even the low mid hump is sounding great to me lately. Just one awesome relaxing headphone.
    Don't know of any comfortable over the head headphones for laying on your side though. 
  3. ZARIM
    The Sony ZX700, M80 are pretty good for that pupose and they sound great.
  4. fabio-fi
    Going to bed with headphones is not a good idea..stay with Iems. 
  5. rustablad
    i have gone to bed with my ultrasone HI-FI 2200's for 2 years [​IMG]   , doesn't mean its a good idea though.
  6. obobskivich
    IEMs in bed, sounds scary.

    I liked my HD 580s but can't sleep with music blaring so I'd end up waking up and taking them off after a while. Haven't bothered trying with my newer sets (especially with the ESPs which would require a nasty chain of extension cables). I used to watch TV in bed with my K701s also, but that wasn't trying to sleep, that was to keep my action movies from waking my roommate. The solution there was to get rid of the roommate. :p
  7. MRiNiCK
    any cheap IEM then in the 50-100$ i can use when going to bed
  8. BattleBrat
    This man speaks wisdom..... The MEElectronics M6 earbuds are AWESOME for sleeping in, great isolation, comfortable, even when laying your head on its side. With custom tips (I had some made for something else, but they work perfectly w/ the m6's) they are EPIC, but you might NOT hear your alarm clock, unless you are using a dap/source that has an alarm... I like using the sleep machine app for iOS.
  9. rustablad
    SHURE SE-215 IMO, flat, perfect for sleeping...
  10. biggbenn74
    Ok, so this is going to sound bizarre, but bear with me. The Monoprice 8320's are actually great for sleeping with. They don't fall out of my ears, they don't push into my ears when I sleep on my side, and they sound great. All for under 10 bucks shipped. I know it sounds weird, and trust me, it was for me too at first. But after you get over how large they are, they are actually quite good for sleeping.
  11. barid
    I like laying down with my IE8's.  shallow insertion so their comfy, and they don't protrude from the ears.  Might be able to find a used pair on the forums for cheap now that the IE80's are out.
  12. VeXun
    My Klipsch X10i's are incredible for sleep, they melt in your ears and are perfect for sleeping on your side, they go in so deep and are so small the pillow doesn't push against them when the side of your face is on the pillow, they isolate great! I always wake up with them still in my ears and I leave them all day.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Yeah I've used Klipsch x10 while laying on my side, they work fairly well, you still get that feeling you're going to break them though. My majority of listening is done laying down at night as I find it helps me sleep so this is right in my area The best IEM I have used for this is GRO7. Absolutely perfect.
  14. syfjhz22
    Strongly recommend do not sleep with headphones if you wish your current hearing last longer...
  15. Rope
    Vsonic GR07s are very comfy for slumber time.

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