Ultrasone HFI 2200 ULE vs Ultrasone HFI 2400
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Okay, thanks :)
Love my 2400s 

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The hfi-2200 with the aluminum plate on the side is the same as the hfi-2400. The hfi-2200 with the plastic plate is the old driver version
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I don't get the HFI-2400's sound signature or what it is trying to achieve. The mids feel so distant and congested which is very strange for an open model, while the treble is really laid back. Bass has good impact and weight for an open model but I still don't get the sound signature, it doesn't really fit into any genre of music I throw at it.
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Haha, I just bought a used pair from someone here for a very good price. I'm quite excited to hear them, should be a significant upgrade from my hfi-580 :D I think I should write up a review since they are the same as the hfi-2400 after all, hmmm 


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