Ultrasone Fan Club! (Roll Call)
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Aug 15, 2006
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Well, from my searching there has not been an official "fan" thread for Ultrasone.  A huge "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread that was started by dexdexter almost five years ago (I have read that entire thread through the years), is the closest. 
There's various specific Ultrasone threads (PRO900, 2500 etc), so why not start an overall "fan" thread.
I have various brands of phones, but there's just someting about Ultrasones...

So many headphones now floating around especially in the top tier orthos that I'm curious how many folks still have gool ole 'Sones.
Post your favorite, your collection, what you plug them into, favorite genre etc.
Edition 10- 3
Edition 9- 1
Edition 8- 5
Edition 7-
PRO2900- 5
PRO2500- 5
PRO900- 15
PRO750- 4
PRO550/DJ1PRO- 3
HFI-2400- 1
HFI-2200- 3
HFI-780- 4
HFI-700- 1 
HFI-580/DJ1- 11
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Like I read on a thread somewhere around here a long, long time ago, the Edition 10s do look a bit like something that could be found on a kitchen
But when thinking of the Edition 8s, I'd have to say they are not only the most beautiful Ultrasones of all the available models, but I find them to be the most beautiful headphones ever created so far. Beauty is subjective, but that's where my heart is :)
Right now I only have a pair of Pro 900s, but I'm curious about the Pro 2900s, and obviously waiting for what will be the replacement model for the Pro 900s. Also, I'm a bit sad that Edition 7 and Edition 9 were limited models, as I'm curious to listen to a pair of Edition 9.
I've been running my Pro 900s through both an Audio 2 DJ interface and a PA2V2 amp, as well as an older Edirol mixer, and so far they all do their job quite well. Still, I eventually will get a mid to high end desktop amp, either SS or hybrid.
Oh, and since I'm on an Ultrasone dedicated thread, do you guys know of any place where replacement pads can be bought for a good price?
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Great guys....Count has begun (1st post).  Those that have them on their way are in ().
My first foray into the Ultrasone world was the PRO900s.  They had just come out and I was undecided for my first Ultrasone purchase with so many models to choose from, so I just went for the 900s.  Upon plugging them in, I knew I was hooked on their sound and the downfall began...lol....

#1 (First Purchase) (PRO900)

@Roller- I have not purchased replacement pads, however, I read several folks have but don't remember now.  I'll try to dig it up....
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I got a DJ1 PRO, which is basically a PRO550 in white. They are my first pair of decent cans. Loving the soundstage but I sure wish there was more bass though. The PRO900 should fix that 

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I had a pair of Pro 750s, and I liked them, but always found them too cold and thin.  I'm much happier with my slightly modded HFI-780, and don't really feel any need to climb up the Ultrasone ladder any higher than that.
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DJ1 owner XD I prefer the ms1000 (mod'd alessandro ms1) more, but I turn to the ultrasones whenever I need pounding bass/isolation. They are magnificent! 

And, Ed8 is so bloody beautiful
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HFI 780s and Pro 900s here.
900s being my fav of the 2.
There may be an E8 in my future though.....

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